Monday, September 2, 2013

Knoxville News Sentinel commits suicide by paywall web subscription

Would YOU pay $150/year to read a single web blog full of lies and disinformation? Of course you wouldn't.

At least NOxVillans won't be able to read when the FBI arrests Governor Bill Haslam and The Family.

And with Vol TV blacked out in Tennessee, might as well have a news blackout, too.

OK KNS, hold yourself hostage. Go ahead and commit suicide. Ha.

BTW Pirate News has proudly been banned from Comments on KNS for many years, for daring to bust its disinfo with Fact Checks.

BTW Pirate News has over 10-million video downloads with up to 600,000 daily page views. No paywall, no volunteers who pay. Ain't that Amurika?

Google: Paywall Suicide Newspaper -- 2,500,000 results

KNS to activate paywall

By: R. Neal
25 Aug 2013

Knoxville News Sentinel editor Jack McElroy announced in today's paper that the News Sentinel will activate their paywall tomorrow morning (Monday, Aug. 26).

Web, mobile and app access will be free for print subscribers. McElroy doesn't say in the article how much a digital only subscription will cost. (It's $14/month at the Commercial Appeal.) We've asked if blogs will also be behind the paywall.

Some content will still be free, such as wire stories, traffic, weather and classifieds. Breaking local news will be free for a few hours after it's posted. Only subscribers will be able to comment, and McElroy says subscribers will be "glad to see the trolls turned away."

Online account signup starts tomorrow morning at (This link currently redirects to which is 404 at the moment.)

UPDATE: Jack McElroy said via email that KNS blogs such as Josh Flory and Tom Humphrey will NOT be behind the paywall "at this point."

UPDATE: Jack McElroy says in comments at the KNS article that the online/digital-only subscription will be $12/month.


What a joke. If people will not pay to receive the print edition what makes them think they can sell the digital subscription?

Wow. Two bucks more a month than the big national papers? For what? Will there be digital coupons for grocery stores? What a bizarre price point for the product. I expected around $6 a month for the digital version. It sounds like you pay that 12 bucks to read or post comments and be able to get an archive on KNS stories. Hey Jack, are you going to block a story from Google cache after two weeks? I don't think that pricing model can survive until Christmas. Reminds me of an old joke, why did God make Baptists? Because someone had to pay retail.

The New York Times costs more, but yeah, it does seem odd charging more for KnoxNews than the Washington Post costs.

Not sure why the heads think that people who won't pay a paper subscription would spend money on a digital only subscription. It's piss poor journalism, rachet reporting, and a self serving agenda that is proven irrelevant in this community time and time again. Just ask Timmy Burchett, he'll tell you.

Their news judgment is shot, their accumen to pin political figures down and to follow stories/events/public officials in the manner contemplated by the First Amendment is breathtaking shockingly bad. Not being able to see behind the doors, it may be terrible journalists, it could be lousy editors, it could be just the trend in for profit journalism these days, or a combination of all three. In any event, the KNS is out of gas,its out of talent, its out of touch and in my opinion, the whole damn organization should be run out of town as the KNS is truly an embarrassment and purely a Haslam tool for misinformation and political perception.

But the big picture had better not be paint by numbers, filling only the colors the powers that be say can be filled in. No casual, unbiased reader can look at the Burchett, police beating or Pilot stories and say the paper didn’t work its own slant. The real risk may be the lack of feedback. While the comment sections were generally troll heaven, the occasional deviled truth snuck in. Hopefully, what will become the silence, won’t be taken as acceptance.

Pilot Crashing J -- So does Pilot get 50,000 User ID's for their Friday papers?

So the online Nuremburg Rally will shut down. Who cares?

The paywall appears to be live, but my activation login does not seem to get past it. Oh well.

The availability of multiple sources of information has discredited print newspapers. And as a result lost a huge amount of influence. If the flow of information can be controlled, then so can the people.

When will these old-media institutions come out into the light of day, and realize people will NOT pay to read their site? First, there are too many portals of information that give interested people the same (or better) news. Secondly, Pandora's Box was opened long ago...people have been reading their sports and news for free too long to back to the old system whereby you pay to read the "newspaper." The KNS has tried this before, always without success, and have come back with their tail between their legs. They will be forced to do it again.

I've got to believe that one reason to do this is to force people to pay for their Vol news, which means sign up to their 247 site. Does the KNS actually think that blocking UT football news will lead to people paying to read Wes Rucker?

I will never subscribe until you become a news paper again. When you can report on news like Benghazi, NSA, IRS, and the remainder of this corrupt administration then I would very much consider it.. Until then I will get my news from Knoxville Focus and Halls Shopper..

KNS owns the Halls Shopper, doesnt it?? And Hunley owns, or 'manages', 'edits' the FOCUS, right??.. Seems the insistance that KNS becomes a echo chamber for FOX Noise, or the inarticulate and manipulative partisan hacks, the republican propoganda channel, is a shallow threat, of a few Limbaugh/ Hannity parroting radical fringe, that contribute very little except hatred, predjudice and bigotry.. The playground bullys, that show up 24/7/365, are threatening to 'take their ball' and go home?? Really?? Those that only want to hear republican propoganda, can turn up, FOX Noise. Limbaugh Live, Hannity and Beck, and let the hatred and bigotry flow.. There are many websites that are tools of the radical rightwing, that nutjobs can echo the daily Limbaugh talking points..

No thanks Jack. I decline your invitation. I will never give a dime to a corrupt organization like the KNS. Your left wing agenda has removed you from the ranks of media and moved you to a shill for the liberals.

Just checked out WATE on line news. How refreshing. Easier to read, faster site, more articles, more organized format.... I certainly won't miss the KNS site or a few of it's babbling posters. So I bid adieu to KNS and their endorsement of candidates and policies which are not representative of the majority of east Tennesseans. Bye!

McElroy, just another way for you to control the message and comments. I only look at this rag for the comments anyway, so you are going to add about 20 minutes to my mornings that can be filled with browsing true journalistic products not so driven by the ego of the editor. Thank you.

Congratulations, Jack. You, slong with many other publishers, have been saving a lot of trees due to a decrease in demand for printed newspapers. Now, you are also going to be saving fossil fuel which might have been used to generate electricity.

KNS, you're a few years behind the times. Papers have tried this and many are now in the process of dropping their paywallls. Good bye.

It’s not unusual these days to have nearly 3 million unique visitors to our sites viewing more than 20 million Web pages and posting up to 40,000 comments in a single month. I'll bet those numbers will start dropping about 5 o'clock Monday morning.

I will subscribe and pay only if comments are NEVER disabled or removed for any reason.