Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pirate News TV broadcast investigated by FBI as 'domestic terror threat'?

UPDATE: This third speech was graded a "99%", 2nd speech was updraged from "Zero" to "70%" after filing Informal Academic Appeal, first speech still graded "Zero", Final grade "D" not "F", Formal Academic Appeal filed at Pellissippi State -- download full text of RODP Academic Appeal

Broadcast 10 August 2013 on Charter Channel 6, Knology Channel 6, Comcast Channel 12, ATT Uverse Channel 99 in Knox County Tennessee, and live internet stream worldwide on CTVknox.org.

JFK on secret societies, Denali music video "Live Free or Die" from Operation Paul Revere film fesitval, Commie cannibals on campus versus F.I.R.E. Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Ode to Deals Gap Dragon with music by Ministry's Vampire the Masquerade: "Bloodlines" Soundtrack.

Cannibals on Campus versus F.I.R.E. speech given for Regents RODP web class at Pellissippi State, "Fundamentals of Speech Communication", same day the FBI called to make an appointment at its Joint Terrorism Task Force HQ in Knoxville Tennessee. Previous speeches in that class were graded "0"/"F" with "instructors" refusing to read/view homework, grading assignments "0"/"F" sometimes weeks in advance of the due date, in violation of the Student Handbook contract, the First Amendment and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Other students who completed the assignments before deadlines also received 0/F grades, regardless of the quality of their work, according to a mass emailing by one of the instructors. An official complaint has been filed with the US Dept of Justice for violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which carries a $50,000 fine per event. This speech was also banned by several student organizations at University of Tennessee in Knoxville, and by a mega Church of God.


Pellissippi State Community College Student Rights
Tennessee Board of Regents Online Campus Collaborative Grade Appeals
Fundamentals of Speech Communication

See previous post for details on this same topic.


Bridget Glackin [bridget@thefire.org]
Sent: Monday, August 12, 2013 4:29 PM
To: MLee, John D

Mr. Lee,

Thank you for submitting your case to FIRE. I have reviewed all the information that you submitted, and I have discussed the situation with my colleagues. Unfortunately, FIRE is not able to assist in this case due to the narrow scope of our mission and work. Please do not interpret this as a judgment on the merits of your claim. FIRE simply has limited resources and receives a remarkable amount of requests for assistance. You are certainly not without a means of recourse in this situation.

First, if you have not done so already, we suggest that you review both your school's Student Handbook and FIRE’s Guide to Due Process and Fair Procedure on Campus. The latter is available for free download at www.thefire.org/guides. We hope that this will aid you in better understanding your rights on campus and determining whether or not the school has deviated from its stated policies in this situation.

Second, given the involvement of the FBI and the many layers to your case, we would suggest you consider obtaining counsel. FIRE itself does not litigate or provide legal advice, and I'm not an attorney. If you are interested in finding a specialized attorney, we suggest you go to the American Bar Association lawyer referral network at http://apps.americanbar.org/legalservices/lris/directory/home.html.

We wish you the best in your pursuit of justice.



Bridget Glackin
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Philadelphia, PA 19106
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Case Submission # 21531 has been added to the database.


Name: Mr. John Davis Lee, II
Address: 437 Highlander Road
City: Grandview
State: TN
Zip: 37337
Phone: 865-332-5715
School: Pellissippi State
School City: Knoxville
School State: Tennessee
School Type: Public
Affiliation: Student
Heard About: Web search

Notes: At Pellissippi State Community College main campus in Knoxville TN, I accidentally enrolled in a web class on "Fundamentals of Speech Communication" administered by Tennessee Board of Regents, using teachers at Chattannooga State Community College and Volunteer State Community College near Nashville.

I risk losing $10,000s in grant money if this F grade is allowed to stand.

Basis of Claim: Yesterday, I got a phone call from Special Agent Randall L. "Randy" Piedot, to set an appointment today to meet at the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force HQ in Knoxville. Yesterday was the day my speech assignment was due, which was "promoting a non-profit organization via a persuasive speech" -- a PSA TV spot I produced for F.I.R.E., also to be broadcast on my public access TV show this weekend, which may be viewed here:


I suspect this sudden interest by the FBI is not due to the theft of $400,000 from my father, but due to my speech topic concerning F.I.R.E.. My previous speech in that same class was initially graded a zero/F, and when I complained to my instructor, that instructor reported me to the dean of students.

I explained to the dean of students that I was planning to sue my teachers and school in US District Court, for violation of their student handbook contract, and violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The dean still refused to investigate my academic complaint or ADA complaint, and explained that it was I who was under investigation, not the teachers.

I currently have a 3.69 GPA, on the Deans List and member of Phi Theta Kappa honors society.

Counsel: Local ADA attorneys failed to return calls to set intake appointments. Will file a lawsuit in federal court pro se within the next 3 weeks before the start of next semester.

Documents: Academic grades with many "zeros" and Midterm "F".

Teacher emails illegally banning my speech topic about "redlight traffic cameras" and promising zero/F grades on multiple assignments.

Dean of Students emails naming a replacement teacher who also banned my assignments and graded zero/F on multiple assignments.

This new teacher eventually capitulated on the banned speech and graded it 70% the last week of the semester, but still graded many other assignments at zero/F.