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The terrorists hate us for our Academic Freedom

The terrorists hate us for our Academic Freedom -- Pirate News TV broadcast 27 July 2013

KNOXVILLE, TENN. -- Pirate News TV and Radio Show executive producer John Lee's Informative Speech titled, "Engaging Governmental Employees’ Cooperation in the Legislative and Judicial Environment through Effective Communication," was banned (BANNED!!!) by the Tennessee Regents Online RODP Orwellian class on "Fundamentals of Speech Communications".

Instructors forbid Lee from making this speech, apparently because it briefly mentioned red-light traffic cameras -- a subject Lee is extremely familiar with, speaking on television to the current governor at city council when he was mayor of Knoxville, and broadcasting from inside the courtroom at the world-famous Redlight Camera Sniper Trial where a Knox County deputy sheriff confessed to the crime -- so Lee made the class speech anyway. What good is a First Amendment if The Government says you can't use it?

Before this speech was given Lee was graded a "ZERO" on that speech by 3 different RODP "instructors", without any reason given. This is a violation of civil contract for Academic Freedom in Pellissippi State's Student Handbook. Pellissippi has zero authority over RODP web classes which are allegedly run out of Nashville by instructors allegedly from Vol State and Chattanooga State.

Lee told his instructors he wanted to give his speech to Knoxville City Council, broadcast live on TV -- similar to several speeches he had already made to the council. But his "public-speaking" instructors vetoed that public speech.

RODP instructors/graders have given Lee zeros in 90% of the Speech assignments, usally without even reading or watching the homework. Lee has a 3.5 GPA after 90 hours at Pellissippi, is on the Deans List, and is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honors society.

The following video also received a zero grade in this class, after 3 "instructors" refused to even watching the video, in violation of RODP contract:

To quote a wise Pellissippi instructor, "RODP is of the Devil."

A formal appeal has been filed by Lee, after meeting with the Dean of Students at Pellissippi, who apparently has zero authority over RODP. RODP then replaced its original instructor with two new instructors, whom both rubber-stamped all opinions of the first instructor, without reading the homework assignments. RODP is now pressuring Lee that the only solution is Withdrawal from the course, or take an "F", which may require Lee to repay $1,000s in grant money for Summer semester, plus potential loss of $10,000s in future grant money.

After Pellissippi cancelled all Summer classes in his degree programs, Lee signed up for web classes, not knowing what RODP was, that it wasn't part of Pellissippi.

Watch the video and discover what They don't want you to know! You might just put a lot of money in your pocket using these communication techniques. John Lee did -- hundreds of thousands of dollars. It also might save your academic and professional career...

Lee previously won a $15,000 first prize for Pellissippi in a state-wide collegiate website deisgn contest, and is a past Vice President of the student body at Hiwassee College. He was in charge of maintaining supersonic bombers and detonating nuclear bombs for the United States Air Force, where he also identified billions of dollars in Fraud, Waste & Abuse, and his wife was subsequently offered a job to work directly for Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney at the Pentagon. John Lee and his websites are featured on History Channel's 9/11 Conspiracies Fact or Fiction, and on Asahi TV in Japan. Lee won two awards in Hollywood for his public access TV show, and that music video was personally banned by the commander of Guatanamo Bay, Cuba, during Support The Troops Tours. He currently hosts a radio show on Truth Radio WBCR 1470 am in Alcoa, Tennessee.

This is an example of what Academic Freedom looks like for John Lee's Campus 4 final project at Pellissippi State last semester, entered for the $100,000 first prize in the Operation Paul Revere online film festival, that apparently received a "shoutout" from NBC TV's Saturday Night Live on its May 3rd spoof of "Knoxville Public Access TV":

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