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NASA report confessed 9/11 Operation Northwoods Israeli Inside Job 2 months before 9/11/2001

NASA report describes NWO plan to overthrow USA and genocide planet Earth with false-flag "terrorist attacks" and fake "natural disasters", "swarms" of hunter-killer robot drones that "overwhelm" the US military that "does nothing" to defend USA, GMO, sabotaged food and meds, death rays, tidal waves and earthquakes caused by covert nukes...

EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES: Recommendations for Counter-Terrorism, January 2001


Edited by: Joseph Rosen, MD; Charles Lucey, MD, JD, MPH

2025 Combined Bio and Cyberthreats
An Assessment of Biological Weapons: Threat to the United States: Israel is omitted from annual U.S. arms control non-compliance statements because it has neither signed nor ratified any of the non-proliferation treaties, including the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention. It is also omitted entirely in the US Department of Defenses annual report on proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, Proliferation: Threat and Response. No mention whatsoever is made of Israel; in fact, it is not even listed among countries in the report s Middle East section. In any case, what this means is that since Israel is not a BTWC signatory it is technically not in non compliance, whatever the status of its BW program may be. However it is clear that South Africa maintained an offensive BW program in the past, and Israel did so as well, and presumably continues to do so.
Israel has nuclear and chemical weapons, and an offensive BW program.
In September 1997 the Israeli secret service Mossad attempted to assassinate the head of the political bureau of the Palestinian militant Islamic organization Hamas, reportedly with a lethal dose of the synthetic opiate fentonyl. Allan Cowell, "The daring attack that blew up in Israel s face," New York Times, October 15, 1997, p. A8.
is not a signatory of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention and is presumed to maintain an offensive BW program.
Team 4
• Creating a War where the U.S. "attacks itself"
• Our approach results in a covert takeover without involvement against the U.S military
• Taking advantage of the inherent weakness/fragility/culture of the U.S. social system
• Response to the attack creates infringement upon U.S. freedoms which alienate people from government (and eventually the military)
• Offer "a way out" (which is advantageous to us), leaving us in "control" of the U.S.
Key Concepts
• The "best" attack is one you (US) does not detect
- Complex systems and "natural stupidity" are difficult to distinguish from "terrorism"
- Keep US military out of the "problem"
- Put no one in charge (US)
* Confusion between local/state/national governments and agencies as to "whose problem this is"
• Disabling/non-lethal better than destructive/lethal
• Use existing institutions/companies/trade associations to implement means
- Buried/hidden in code and embedded systems
• Inexpensive to do and potentially profitable
- Requires very few people (Red only "lights the match")
- Technology exists; driven by commercial sector
* Red technology will develop faster (much) than Blue
* Low entry costs
Day 12
- Civil war
- Mayor of LA requests for military aid to replace ineffective ARNG; President
denies request
Day 15
• President asks governors to declare quarantine
- Closes commercial travel
- Several governors refused
* Federal troops deployed to enforce quarantine
* New Hampshire agrees to quarantine but refuses federal troops
• Fire fights between local militia and state troopers Day 20
- Congress asks for President s resignation Day 21
• President refuses to resign;
Fourth Week
• Presidential plan fails
- CNN shows footage of robots out of control
• American production plummets
Fifth Week
• US becomes 2nd World Country
• Options
- Red team never announces: don t care
* Red team takes over US industrial production
- Red team never announces: President and cabinet resigns
* Balance of power shifts to more favorable group in Congress
- Red team announces who they are and conditions for surrender
* Control of government
* Or co-opts President
Scenario 1
- (All of this is based, on the concept of "developing globalization")
- Use "a" multi-national corporation as the aggressor
* A la Krupp and/or Daimler-Chrysler
* The corporation is the cover for our amorality
- Create (or exploit) a natural disaster
- Use position in transportation industry and products
* "Created" traffic accidents to confound response
* Create, or corrupt, national data bases and systems (for distribution etc.)
* Disrupt the wheel transportation (big truck) system to prevent distribution of food and other commodities
* "Automate" how to do it so that it is obvious to no one but us
- Corrupt media and network
- Prepare (ITPhase)
* Disinformation and Rumors
• To advance, or counter counter, our purposes
• Corrupt/bend CNN, Reuters, AP, etc.
• Since "anyone, anywhere" can be a reporter use our people to report "what" we want reported
• Tele-presence spoofers and avatars
* Economic
• We provide transportation (Chrysler)
* Earthquake
• Cause (or wait for) one (or more) in Denver and LA
• "Turn" blame on US government for causing it by weapons testing (use avatar)
Who apologizes for having done it
Scenario 1 (Continued)
- Prepare (Damage/Kill Phase)
* Overload the system and cause employment of military assets to handle "crises"
* Contaminate/block major traffic routes in key areas
• Corrupt data needed to assist in decontamination and recovery
* Give impression of major terrorist activity
• Involve RC forces/FBI/FEMA/SBA
* In ITwar
• Corrupt "some" (not all) critical data (blood supplies, and other) needed to handle crisis
• Interfere with the crisis C2 organizations, facilities, and equipment
- Attack
* Employment of Bio weapons/agents
• Venovo virus 5-10 day latency
• Disperse by using public transportation
* Transportation portion of response is compromised
* Telemedicine portion of response is compromised
* Media spoofing creates confusion and distrust
* Miami is a "red herring"
- Done to reduce US to a non-competitor in order to make money
* By definition have to consider what this will cost
• "Go/No Go" decision will be profit based but may have other reasons also
- Technologies Used
* Minimum Human Maximum Robotic/Automated Involvement
• 5% Human 95% Automated
* Maximum deniability
* Minimize costs/dual use of means
* Take advantage of natural/artificial disasters
• Confusion over who is "Red"
Participant Listing July 2000 Conference Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire
Participant Listing September 2000 Conference Washington, D.C.
The Institute for Security Technology Studies is a research institute on security technology studies and is established at Dartmouth to work with the U.S. Justice Department, the
National Domestic Preparedness Office, and other governmental agencies as a principal national center for cyber-security, infrastructure protection, and related counter-terrorism technology research, development and assessment.

page 372:



by Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist - NASA Langley Research Center

U.S. Air Force/SARPA/CIA/FBI/Southern Command/Atlantic Command/Australian DOD and more


Capabilities of the "Enemy After Next"
The 'Bots, 'Borgs, & Humans Welcome You to 2025 A.D.
"Of particular concern: Uncontrolled/Uncontrollable SELF REPLICATION of Brilliant Robots, Nano Replicators, Rampant Recombinant Bio.
"Pharm Animals" [drugs, spare parts].
Spider genes in goats allow spider silk from goat milk for Biosteel Armor.
Brain of sea lampry inserted/connected to body of robotic fish (cyborg).
"Chew-Chew" flesh eating robot that hunt/biodigests "natural foods" (humans) to "live off the land".
Micro Dust Weaponry: Micron-sized mechanized "dust" distributed as aerosol and inhaled into lungs, mechanically bores into lung tissue and executes "Pathological Missions." A "New" class of Weaponry which is legal.
Combat in 2025: Beam weapons increasingly prevalent.
"Volumetric" Weaponry: EMP, Info/Net/Psy warfare, Miniature brilliant sensor/mine combos, RF, Chem/bio.
Antifunctionals/antifauna, Carbon fibers and "Blades", Accoustics etc.
Antipersonnel MW/RF Weaponry: Heating, Brain Interactions [Low Frequency Modulation].
EFFECTS OF LOW POWER MICROWAVES (U.S. ARMY, SRI. WALTER REED): Behavioral performance decrements, Seizures, Gross alteration in brain function, 30% to 100% increases in brain flow, Lethality.
Often "Fingerprintless" Bio Archipelago: Toxins: Natural, Genomic; Hormones: Bio-Hacking.
Some Interesting "Then Year" BW (Biological Warfare) Possibilities: Aflatoxin ("natural" parts-per-billion carcinogen); Airborne Ebola; Binary agents distributed via imported products (Vitamins, clothing, Food); Genomically (individual/societal) targeted pathogens; Long term/fingerprintless campaign (as opposed to "shock and awe" BW biological warfare).
An Existing Bio Calmative VEE (Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis): Ideal Incapcatating Agent; Weaponized by U.S. in 1950s/1960s; Easily transmitted via aerosol; Highly infectious, Low Fatility Rate, Tested on Humans (Operation Whitecoat); No Treatment Available.
What is Apparently "Legal": Microwave/RF Anti-Functional and Antipersonnel Weaponry; Chemical Anti- Funtional Wepaonry; Chemical "Psychological Effects" via Sensory Organs Weaponry (e.g. smell); Chemical Personnel Incapacitation Weaponry ["Non-Warfare" (e.g. Hostage/Terrorism [domestic citizens]) only]; PSYWAR; Accoustic Weaponry; Mechical Micro Dust.
Transoceanic UAVs: Provides Capbility of Undetectable Ultra-inexpensive Swarms against CONUS [USA]; CNTs (Power Lines, "Wire Blade").
Blast Wave Accelerator: Global Precision Strike "On the Cheap"; No Barrell 200 foot notched rails sequntially detonated High Explosive; Mach 21 up to 3,000 lb projectile; Being worked at Aberdeen and NASA MSFC for lofting of "Fuel and Nanosats".
"Slingatron" for Global Precision Strike: 10 Kg projectiles up to 1,000/minutes; Global range; Mechanical "on-the-ground" propulsion via Gyrating Spiral Guide Tube (a multiple "hula hoop"). "Poor Mans" Global Precision Strike/"Takedown Weapon".
ROBOTICS "IN THE LARGE": "Unattended" Munitions, Platforms Air/Sea/Land UAVs; Offense: "The shooter".
Emerging Characteristics of Robotic Systems: Much more reactive than humans, greatly increased tempo; Greatly improved accuracy and lethality; Redefines "risk", minimal casualties, salutes "CNN Syndrome".
Robotic Intelligence: AI Artificial Intelligenceand Experiential - Behavior Based Neural Nets/other "Soft Computing"; Artificial/cyber "life" which will possibly be sentient.
WHAT IS BEYOND ROBOTIC SYSTEMS (SENSORS/PLATFORMS/WEAPONS/MUNITIONS): Autonomous warfare? Little or no troops - "Acme Warfare Ltd."; Demise of "man in the chair?"
"Non-Explosive Warfare": PSYWAR "In-the-Large".
"Natural Warfare": Sensors: Utilize insitu plants/animals/insects as sensor platforms/instruments; Weapons/Munitions: Utilize animals/insects as "delivery systems"/munitions ("feeding", swarming, biting, poisoning); Utilize insitu explosive/destructive capability (e.g. offshore Methane Hydrate, Dams, etc).
Characteristics - Future/Emerging Sensors/Munitions/Wepaons/Platforms: Numerous-to-Hoards/Clouds/Swarms; Both "Explosive" and "Non-Explosive"; Smart-to-Brilliant.
Major (Anti-U.S.) Asymetries: Long "undefendable" coastline; Sensitivity to casualties (greatly enhanced by "CNN Syndrome"); Vulnerabilities to "terrorism".
Fundamental Problem with Future U.S. Power Projection: U.S. Forces "run out of bullets" and die.
Example of "Then Year" Direct Conus Attack Capabilities: Inexpensive "Trojan Horse" "civilian" systems.
"Unconventional" Nuc ed. - [Nuke] Delivery: Sink a ship offshore, detonate to produce Tidal Waves with Radioactive spume; Balloons with GPS sport 'chutes; Ganged Micro rockets (ala MIT); Trojan Horse Everything (ships, boats, planes, cars, trucks, packages, cargo, containers); Trageted "Effects" in clude Tidal Waves, EMP, Earthquakes, Radiation, Blast.
(Civilian) IW Examples/CONUS: (National) Banking Systems computers (attack buildings, power, software, hardware); Interruptions in National/International Payments system irrecoverable; Railroads: Takes down Auto Industry, power grid, chicken farms, all movements of "War Materials" ETC!!!
SOME INTERESTIGN POSSIBILITIES: Surreptitious nano "tagging" (with MW Medium Wave RF interrogation of "everything/everyone" imprinted during manufacture/maintennance etc); Detaonation of offshore seabed methane hydrate deposits to produce tactical/strategic level tidal waves against littoral regions.
Counters to U.S. "Information Dominance": PSYWAR.
Exploit "CNN Syndrome": Sink Carrier(s) via "swarm attacks"; Capture/torture Americans in living color on prime time; "Terror" attacks within CONUS (binary bio, critical infrastructure "takedown", IO/IW, EMP, RF against Brain, etc; Serious "Psywar" (collateral damage exploitation, etc).
Given the Supeerb/Ubiquitous World Wide Sensor Suites and Precision Strike Capabilities "Then Year" the Following WILL NOT BE SURVIVABLE:  Runways, Surface Ships, Manned Aircraft, Manned Ground Vehicles.
Typical Scenario - "Takedown" of U.S. by 10 People and less than $10-Million: IW Irregular Warfare ("unusual" plus physical against key nodes such as Railroads - take down the economy); Selective anti- personnel RF/MW (Towers); Accompanied by SERIOUS "PSYWAR".
Trends summary: CONUS and Logistics Defense increasingly worrisome.
FROM U/.S. COMMISISON ON NATIONAL SECURITY/21ST CENTURY: It will soon be possible to connect human brain cells to silicon chips; Development of genetically engineered pathogens that will thwart our bio detection/defense measures.
"Circa 2025": Machines as creative/"smart" as humans; "Robotics" the "norm"; Battlefield attrition/CNN Syndrome forces U.S. Army to look/act like SOCOM United States Special Operations Command.
Future "Power Projection"? Humans "hold" instead of "take" ground (go in after "Sanitation"); Sanitation via IW/Psywar; Global Reach "Guns" (BWA/Slingtron); "Robotic Everything".
Future(s) of SOF : Become THE (only survivable) HUMAN Strike Force (Army/Marines forced to become Special Operation Force "SOF-Like"); Increasingly The "Overseas FBI" to counter the increasingly capable (IO/Bio WMD) & horrific destructive power of INDIVIDUALS and Groups.
Future "Warfare": Suggested National Defense Approaches: Work and ADVERTISE a REALLY EFFECTIVE RETRIBUTION to deter delivery (ala MAD Mutually Assured Destruction).

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