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Hollywood award winner Pirate News spoofed on SNL, just like History Channel and NBC News, banned by Infowars (again and again)

Pirate News on SNL for censored Operation Paul Revere entries!!!

by John Lee, executive producer
Pirate News TV & Radio Show and
writer of original screenplays like the 50-page September 11 Debrief script for Operation Paul Revere, The Lottery script, Destination Moonbase Tango script, and Neil Armstrong's Deathbed Confession

a brief expression of greeting or praise given especially on a broadcast or audio recording.
-Merriam-Webster Dictionary

"We found another excellent website that details much of the evidence of government prior knowledge and involvement, September 9-11 Surprise. You have got to see this website!"
-Alex Jones, Infowars 9/11 Resources, GCN Radio Network, WBCR 1470AM Alcoa, TN, October 31, 2001

John Lee, and on History Channel's 9/11 Conspiracies Fact or Fiction with Alex Jones

Alex Jones: "We are going to get to a couple of the Honorable Mention films from the Operation Paul Revere contest with David Knight. We are going to conclude the contest today with the $100,000 winner. David Knight was pretty excited, one of our reporters. He's also helped us with administrative stuff on the website In a few minutes we are going to give you the First Place winner. And I wonder if people can guess what this is gonna be? A lot of people have guessed because it's clearly the first or second entry. Let's go to David Knight. A few people are real mad because they didn't win! When clearly they didn't have the best films [that Jones admits he never watched on vacation]. So why enter a contest? Well [3rd Place winner] Political Earth didn't have Infowars at the start."
David Knight: "That's my mistake."
Alex Jones: But the contest says I can give it to whoever I want!"
David Knight: "Right."
Alex Jones: "Try to follow these guidelines. People, some of them, I'm really sad for them."
David Knight: "Yeah."
Alex Jones: "So that's a 'Healthy Distrust' [playing only copyright violations without payment of royalties]. Let's talk about 'New World Order United We Stand' which would have probably been the winner, maybe, but got it in late."
David Knight: "That's right, he didn't get it in until June 23rd. But we put it on the website because it's a great piece of work" (with lots of illegal copyright violations). We can tell a little about why we picked what we did, which is to try to get people to use different types of techniques -- we've done documentaries, we've done news broadcasts, we've done magazines, [we've done "Scanner Darkly" and "Waking Life" fictional movies in Hollywood], we're trying to hit every type of medium to get to the public and wake people up, so we wanted people to act things out." Alex Jones: "Yeah, they shoot Feds! Hahahahaha! The $100,000 winner! Weiner stands up despite criticism, Weiner rises again, Weiner plunges, younger women love Weiner, erection update on I guess I am crazy. And the winner is..."
David Knight: "The Purge." [with lots of copyright violations]
-Infowars radio Hour 3, 31 July 2013

The practice of officially examining books, movies, etc., and suppressing unacceptable parts. ("We're Not Evil") that censored and deleted 100,000s of videos and websites of its users including censoring and deleting 100s of videos and websites by Pirate News, all google/yahoo/blogspot blogs are censored from google search engine, google/youtube censors up to 99% of youtube view counts and censors 100% of other video sites, 80% of viewers of this Pirate News blogspot are from Communist China because google blocks them in USA

Alex Jones announces he is getting out of the news business, wants to be a retired Hollywood producer of fiction with a golden parachute payoff

UPDATE JULY 2013: Alex Jones and his Kosher British Commie Chinese employees/minders have officially censored these two film festival entries by Pirate News, preferring mindless fictional "acting" and cartoons over honest, intelligent news reporting and blockbuster revelations about 9/11. No matter how high their alleged production values, many “winning” entries failed the rule requiring “product placement” of, or failed to meet the deadline. Other “winning” entries violated copyright without payment of royalties, or were composed of little more than an hour of Youtube clips. Some "winners" lacked any video whatsoever (for a “film festival”). Alex Jones had publicly stated the top 300 would be posted out of the 600 entries. The "top 214" contest entries have now been posted at, but the Pirate News entries are missing. This is despite meeting all technical requirements, use of a $1-million TV studio, a $2,000 budget, a production team of serious film students with professional cameras and studio equipment, a professional actress for hire, a Yale professor in architecture who investigated the World Trade Center with dozens of other experts and concluded it was destroyed by a controlled demolition, and a U.S. soldier whose job included explosive controlled demolition of U.S. government buildings using nuclear bombs. Perhaps it's against the psyop mission statement of Alex Jones to mention Israel and 9/11 in the same sentence -- like FBI, Knox County Sheriff Office, Carl Cameron and Fox News did. Youtube has likewise censored the tens of thousands of views of these two filmfest entries by Pirate News, by refusing to count embedded play hits (screenshots proving web statistics included on this page). Did "George Washington's Revenge" pay an Asian web service for 100,000s of fake view counts on youtube, at 10 hits for a penny? But at least SNL said Hello to Pirate News as a consolation prize! I wonder how many other excellent entries were censored by Jones and his minders? That same week as the top 215 "winners" were selected, Alex Jones was on a fishing vacation, and when the top dozen were picked Alex complained on 22 July he was not involved in the judging process, so perhaps his minders and infiltrators made all these decisions? Pirate News is now blocked from the site except by undercover proxy servers, to prevent making comments.

With Operation Infiltrate Paul Revere, Alex Jones has now officially been relegated to the back of the non-fiction bus, preferring the short bus of fiction, unable to produce his own TV show locally (or nationally), unlike Pirate News TV.

Why would SNL in NYC suddenly care about Knoxville Cable Access TV" on 4 May 2013, after 750 episodes over 38 years?

On 1 May 2013 Pirate News' September 11 Debrief Part 1: Interview with Professor David Johnson and Part 2: Interview with the U.S. government's explosive controlled-demolition bomber John Lee, attacked the governments of New York City, Washington DC, Canada, Israel and the British Empire for their confessed false-flag terror attacks in USA on 9/11/2001. The original 50-page script by John Lee was published online in April 2012.

For the first time Darrell is having people over to his house/studio, maybe, just like Pirate News

Darrell/Zack invites Mad Man actor John Hamm, Pirate News invites Infobabe actress Becky Fox and...

Retired UTK professor David Johnson PhD is a Yale graduate, an architect, served as an officer at West Point, and was a city planner in NY City when the World Trade Center was built

Saturday Night Live!
Season 38 Episode 19 4 May 2013

My world-famous public access TV show was allegedly featured/parodied/insulted/gaslighted on SNL tonight -- The Pirate News Psychological Operations Group -- starring The Great Ball of Knoxville. Coincidence? Conspiracy? Conspiracy theory? Or fanboy shoutout? Shoutouts are normally done to pay homage to a cast member's previous show. Yes, this one Pirate News broadcast was an excellent example of what not to do in video editing and direction, thus it was excellent fodder for SNL writers to salvage their flagging careers. Note that free advertising is always appreciated, but do the dumbed-down sheeple notice?

Hosted by Zach Galifianakis, the allegedly comedic son of U.S. Congressman Nick Galifainakis (NC), with excellent music by Of Monsters And Men (from Iceland where banksters nad politicians wear striped jumpsuits). Full credits at IMDB

The Google Glass skit was hilarious for being true, while censoring the evil machinations of the NSA recording audio/video of everything you do and everyone you meet.

Note that Micheals rips off video customers by cutting 15 minutes of prime time SNL, but the Knoxville skit was left in -- twice, with the second a duplicate video recording on a "live" show. Compare 44-minute Amazon/Youtube download with the free NBC stream above of 1 hour. Music and some skits are missing, making the $1.99 "download" (streaming) fee a ripoff.

Youtube should also show over 10,000 video plays per day from embed code on Pirate News websites, but the Youtube server is too slow (or view counts are sabotaged by Youtube). So Youtube was replaced by for embed video on this project.

Pirate News is not your normal public access TV show, though it does feature music, sports, comedy, animation and hot women

Is this double SNL comedy related to the $100,000 film fesitval entry of Pirate News for's Operation Paul Revere -- deadline of 1 May 2013, and the simultaneous theft of $200,000 from the family of Pirate News with death threats from an individual claiming to be an FBI agent? OPR competition is fierce -- 58,700 video entries on Youtube, 3,410,000 results on Google. 99% of entries fail the copyright test of "fair use", or lack original content, or lack product placement as required by the rules. But 1% of entries are serious semi-professional competition. Perhaps 1% of the 1% are investigative journalism. Only the Pirate News entry was targeted by SNL.

Note that Operation Paul Revere may have been counterpsyopped by the false-flag terror bomb drill at the Boston Marathon 'Massacre' using amputee crisis actors, on the anniversary of Colonel Paul Revere's ride through Boston to kick off the Revolutionary War at the Battle of Lexington and Concord, stopping the King of England's gun ban of assault muskets. After the Boston 'bombing', Obama sought to ban all black-powder muskets by unconstitutional executive actions. Propaganda placement in SNL included unsubstantiated claims of 'guilt' against the CIA-employed 'Muslim' American patsies.

Seth Myers was promoted to Jimmy Fallen's Late Night show one week after his Weekend Update for Zionist propaganda in the Martial Law Victim Disarmament Kill Zone of the Boston Marathon Massacre

The SNL episode included skits of "Republican" New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg -- the "billionaire jewish gun-grabber" quoting SNL -- and the SNL lynching of the innocent Boston Marathon 'Muslim' patsies employed by CIA and jew Zibigniew Brezinski (the jewish founder of Al Qaeda for Democrat President Jimmy Carter). Bloomberg is one of the terrorists who can be immediately arrested, prosecuted and convicted for aiding, abetting and conspiring the mass murder in N.Y. City on September 11, 2001. NYPD's kosher police commissioner on 9/11, Bernie Kerick, has already been arrested, prosecuted, convicted and is living in prison for a small portion of his organized crimes on 9/11.

The Pirate News skull logo is more than a trendy fashion statement, its based on PNTV executive producer John Lee's official military squadron logo of a nuclear bomb mushroom cloud, in his US Air Force job of controlled demolition of active US military bases in highly populated areas using 100 nuclear bombs

The Pirate News broadcast was shot on a $2,000 budget in the million-dollar TV studio of Pellissippi State Community College. The original 50-page script was written, published online and approved by the college in 2012, but that 1-hour shoot got cut due to production problems, much like the SNL skit (but audio posted online). The interview of Dr David Johnson became the main event, but the intro had to be reshot in the Pirate News Studio, as were the shots with actress Becky Fox. Reverb was a major problem with Becky after a new shotgun boom mic failed (from phantom power?), just like the SNL skit. Becky also required shoes by Photoshop, just like the SNL skit. The school and filmfest deadlines during Finals Week resulted in many editing malfunctions, just like the SNL skit -- problems that NEVER occurred during 5 years of regular shows with Pirate News (without deadlines). Or perhaps those are just standard challenges and failings in every TV production?

Cropped screen fun on Pirate News and Darrell's SNL

WBIR TV news host Robin Wilhoit visits the $750,000 TV studio at Pellissippi State and chats with John Lee at Pirate News before she interviewed Michelle Obama

Main 50-page script in the million-dollar studio was cut from the PNTV college assignment, though audio upload was salvaged for a 2nd filmfest entry and Youtube. Jan Lomax did a great job on the cold read of the teleprompter, but the teleprompters and cameras were in the wrong place. SNL left out gaffer taped underwear for my moth-eaten suit, and untied necktie -- because that intel was not posted online before the SNL broadcast.

Becky Fox in the Pirate News Studio sans shoes

Becky with Photoshop shoes

No shirt, no shoes, no fear, no problem

Becky says Knoxville's secret history on 9/11 by Pirate News is the reality check you won't see anywhere else -- a shoutout to "fired" Fox Truth reporter Ben Swann and his infobabe Tricia Macke who called MSNBC talking head Rachael Maddow "an angry young man"

NBC's Monsters and Men versus nude models for Pirate News

Greenscreen guest Dr David Johnson PhD in 9/11 Truth vs NY City Lies

Professor Johnson was a panelist at the Toronto hearings on the 10th anniversary of 9/11

Here's the PNTV broadcast of Dr David Johnson's interview, main filmfest entry, and homework assignment:

Alternate video download:

Watch this Pirate News broadcast on CTV, on Friday nights (1am Saturday mornings), 18 May (BANNED?!) and 25 May, 2013. Worldwide live internet video stream at

Charter Channel 6
Knology Channel 6
Comcast Channel 12
ATT Uverse Channel 99

Here's the deleted interview from the published script:

Here's the FBI death threat and theft of $200,000, the same week as the filmfest deadline:

Pirate News is the go-to source for research into government corruption by investigative journalists at Inside Edition TV. Pirate News is routinely featured/attacked/ridiculed on History Channel by Lester Holt of NBC News (no mention of Colonel Rick Gibney nor Operation Northwoods), was featured on Asahi TV in Japan on the first anniversary of 9/11, won 2 awards in Hollywood and has over 10-million video downloads. NBC produces SNL in Rockefeller Center. The Rockefeller family built the World Trade Center, with the apparent purpose of intentionally bombing it in a false-flag terror attack, twice. Rockefellers own the private "Federal" Reserve Bank that counterfeits all so-called "U.S. dollars" out of thin air then loans them to the U.S. Govt at $1-billion/day interest, stealing 100% of the federal income tax revenues to pay interest on that unconstitutional debt.

"And some people seem to have too much time on their hands."
-History Channel voiceover while displaying "John Lee, and" on the TV screen, hosted by Lester Holt the NBC News teleprompter reader, 9/11 Conspiracies Fact or Fiction

Photo by Pirate News of infobabe Becky Fox at the Pirate News video shoot for the $100,000 Operation Paul Revere film festival


Interview with Professor David Johnson PhD, hosted, written, directed and produced by John Lee at Pirate News TV and Pellissippi State Community College, in the Video Production Technology degree program. Production team: Becky Fox, Jan Lomax, Matthew Powell, Cody Alford, Kevin Miner. Student film with $1-million greenscreen studio, $15,000 Sony Z5 HDV videocams, Canon Rebel T2i HDSLR, Panasonic GS120 3CCD, $2,000 budget, $3000 teleprompters plus $700 LCD4video teleprompter, Berhenger 1204FX USB compression mixer, Tascam DR40 XLR 48kHz audio recorder, MXL XLR FR-355K lav mic kit (FR350/351), MXL440 condenser mic, broken Video Gear Direct Pro 14" Ultra Cardioid Condenser Shotgun mic (burned up by phantom power). Video edited by John Lee on Adobe Premier and 'Avid' Pinnacle Studio 15 (sabotaged by Avid Media Composer that can only be uninstalled by reformat of harddrive), audio edited/composed by John Lee on Magix Music Maker 2005 (48kHz) and Magix Music Maker 16 (dumbed down to 44kHz unsuitable for video sync), photography by John Lee, WTC graphics by John Lee in Photoshop, Adobe After Effects by John Lee with BlueFX, virtual studio by John Lee and TubeTape. John Lee received a "B" grade in Campus Broadcast 4 for this project, graded on attendence to 2 other shoots missed in order to invest the 100s of hours needed to complete this project -- content and production values were not graded.

John Lee was a legal investigator for his family's lawfirm of Lee, Lee & Lee that won a $6-billion verdict in U.S. District Court in New York on behalf of the families and victims of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Mr. Lee's job in the U.S. Air Force was explosive controlled demolitions of 100 nuclear bombs on active U.S. military bases in highly populated areas, and his wife was offered a job at the Pentagon to work as an investigator for Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney. Mr. Lee has filed felony charges and class action lawsuits against politicians, police and military commanders, including the Knoxville-based corporations that were paid a $3-billion government contract to demolish the World Trade Center after 9/11/2001, and the 4-star general chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force who was fired by SecDef Dick Cheney while leading Operation Desert Storm.

9/11 Dream Team lawyer JD Lee falls asleep during 9/11 investigation

Saturday Night Live: Zach Galifianakis/Of Monsters and Men (5/4/13)

by Brendan Wahl
Hot Off The Press

COLD OPENING: Fox & Friends (4:06)

I usually enjoy whenever SNL attacks FOX in any way, shape or form but this edition felt like it was lacking a bit. I did like Taran saying he prefers Asian ladies and sarcastically calling himself a hero, Bobby confusing the WNBA for being the Worse National Basketball Association, and Bobby having his sugar meltdown.

Armisen as Michael Bloomberg was a bit of a bore. His segment didn’t really add anything to the sketch. I did like the one line about how gun owners will certainly listen to a Jewish billionaire.

The comically-sized Big Gulp was amusing.

The “corrections” were funny as usual.

MONOLOGUE: Zach Galifianakis (5:42)
RATING: *****

Absolutely hilarious monologue as per usual for Galifianakis on SNL. I especially liked his comment at the beginning for no one to get their hopes up. Also, when the audience was wildly applauding and Zach tells them that he hasn’t really done anything yet… great stuff.

My favourite bits were the charades/tofu joke and the Craigslist urination bit.

Zach’s piano segment was also very funny. I love whenever he gets musical. This time, he had some great bits on stumping Google (“how many Mexicans live in North Korea?”), “helping” people with car trouble, and the bit about the “funky beets.”

Loved his “character” too.

GAMESHOW: Game of Game of Thrones (5:38) [censored by Amazon]
RATING: *** ½

Loved the “you must be home with the flu” opener.

Funny sketch with lots of great details including Bill Hader as O.J. Sampson (“and yes, it’s been a long, hard life”).

Zach was the best part of this of course and his silly dragon costume was terrific. I loved his nerdy outbursts and his initial look of confusion when Hader asked him a real question rather than one about the show.

Taran and Aidy did some solid work as the other players as well.

The dude from Game of Thrones (I don’t feel like typing out his whole name) seemed a little nervous but he was fine and the cameo in itself was funny.


Not bad. I liked Kate’s Martha Stewart impression but there wasn’t a whole lot else to this commercial piece.

The other ladies did a solid job as did Taran as Martha’s suitor.

SKETCH: Jennifer Aniston Look-Alike Contest (5:59) [censored by Amazon]
RATING: *** ½

laughed right away just from seeing what this sketch would be about. Zach was hilarious of course and a lot of the other castmembers did stand-out jobs at Jennifer Aniston impressions.

Zach making the same Helen Keller reference every time he was outraged just got more and more funny. I also liked him referring to Nasim as “Benebitch Arnold.”

Zach also being security was great.

And yeah, I dug the cameos by Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms as the co-winners even if Helms was a little awkward. It was cool just to see the Hangover crew reunited for this silly little sketch.

The ending was great with everyone singing the “Friends theme.”

MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “Little Talks” (4:13)

This reminded me a LOT of when fun. was on the show back in November but I enjoyed this performance a great deal more.

WEEKEND UPDATE with Seth Meyers (12:41)
RATING: ****

Guests: James Carville, Randall Meeks, and the Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party

Best Jokes: self-background checks; NRA/new president; 3 million dollar nickel; Clitoris Awareness Week; overqualified graduates; Rocky musical

It was cool to see Hader bring back his James Carville impression even if it was fairly similar to the other ones he’s done. Still, the bit where Hader was talking to his grandmother’s ghost was hilarious and I like how he’s constantly moving in odd formations.

I actually really liked Fred Armisen’s piece about the Google Glass… like a lot! Fred’s perfect for this sort of subtle physical humour and the ending with the porn video was funny as was Fred twirling his head around so he could reboot.

Cecily’s party girl character has really grown on me throughout her last few appearances and much like Drunk Uncle and Stefon, she entertains me every single time she appears on Update with almost all the lines she has.

SKETCH: Racist Jim (4:59)
RATING: ****

This sketch was so not PC but SO very funny. Just seeing Zach in the M&M costume alone was enough to make me laugh and then as soon as he opened his mouth, I couldn’t stop laughing.

My favourite parts were Zach confusing Nasim for thinking that she is the wrong kind of indian (even though Nasim refers to herself as Pakistani), Zach saying that he often made fun of the gay guys through song, his constant little “no offense” asides to Nasim, and the “please don’t talk over me, this is not a movie theatre” line directed towards Black Joe.

Zach almost cracked up at the line about pointing to a brown M&M and saying, “Hey, it’s Black Joe!”

SKETCH: Darrell’s House (3:39)
RATING: **** ½

Written by Seth Meyers.

Brilliant sketch, especially when combined with the second part which would appear later in the show.

Zach was once again the best part of the sketch and led this with aplomb. My favourite moments were him throwing a glass at Bayer’s character in a fit of rage and when Zach makes his lame Mad Men joke.

All of Zach’s editing directions to the cameraman were hilarious.

MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “Mountain Sound” (3:26) [censored by Amazon]

Another entertaining performance.

SKETCH: Michael Jordan’s Wedding (4:51)
RATING: *** ½

Zach and Jason were pretty entertaining as the coked-up wedding emcees and I enjoyed the other walk-ons from Kenan as Charles Barkley and Pharoah as that huge basketball player.

The best line was from Zach regarding dating a black woman and saying that he didn’t want to be stereotypical but “she had the biggest penis I’ve ever seen.”

In fact, I wonder what effect they used to make Jay so tall. Was it just stilts?

I noticed as well that Zach was even wigging out a bit at the beginning of the show before they started wearing the cocaine powder on their noses. That’s a good character detail.

COMMERCIAL: New Balance (1:11)

Pretty funny little commercial piece. Zach, Tim, and Bobby all did a solid job here.

I liked the ending with Zach grabbing someone’s pretzel. The swimsuits were also pretty funny.

SHOW: Darrell’s House (1:41) [final cut]
RATING: *****

Brilliant and an awesome way to end the show. Paying off the first sketch with all of Zach’s ridiculous editing directions resulting in an actual cut-together show was a great way to pay off the sketch.

Jon Hamm’s cameo was expected but still very funny and I like how Zach was in the background of one of the shots while Jon was talking but then quickly left when he realized he was on-camera.

The winking “effect” was great too as was the stock footage of the Apollo crowd cheering.



Zach Galifianakis


Terrific episode and definitely Zach’s best show out of the three he’s hosted thus far. He was a powerhouse, appearing in almost every segment and delivering every time in terms of his performances. He should be invited back time and time again because he always makes the most of these gigs. The cast all did a solid job this week too and the writing was top-notch.



1. DO YOU WANT SALT WITH THAT EASTER BUNNY? Teleprompter-reading disinfobabes regurgitate anonymous scriptwriters from the bowels of Hell

2. EAT ME -- Infobabes use boobies for product placement



5. GOPRO POET -- The Value of an Original Soundtrack




Monsters and Men: Pirate News wins shoutout from SNL

Operation Paul Revere Contest

Monday, April 29, 2013 10:52 PM

To: ""

9/11 Toronto Report

Interview with Professor David Johnson, hosted, directed and produced by John Lee.

Production team: Becky Fox, Jan Lomax, Matthew Powell, Cody Alford, Kevin Miner.


Re: Operation Paul Revere Contest

David Knight []
Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2013 10:33 PM
To: MLee, John D

Got it

Entry received. If there’s any issues with the entry we’ll let you know. If you’re a finalist we’ll contact you for filmmaker agreement and other paperwork.

Thanks for entering and for getting into the fight, David Knight


TO: David Knight [;]

20 July 2013

>>>If you did not received a confirmation when you sent in your entry contact us at All entries are now closed.


This email is to confirm that the following entries were judged:

9/11 Toronto Report

Operation Paul Revere Contest: 9/11 Explosive Demolition Confession

These non-fiction investigative journalism videos were produced with a $1-million TV studio, professional graphics and animation in Adopbe After Effects, a production team of serious film students, a professional actress on hire, a Yale professor in archetecture who investigated the World Trade Center with dozens of other experts and concluded it was destroyed by a controlled demolition, and an actual U.S. Govt employee whose job it was to destroy U.S. military buildings by explosive controlled demolitions using nuclear bombs in highly populated areas near London, England. Over $2,000 was investing in the production of these two videos, which specifically received a shoutout from NBC TV's Saturday Night Live on May 3rd, three days after their filmfest entry in OPR and subsequent broadcast on local television.

Thank you,

John Lee




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