Monday, April 15, 2013

Shocking Photos: Human Cannibalism in Communist China Today!

Pirate News TV reports Cannibalism on Campus in Communist China

Guess who you paid your US federal income taxes to today on April Fools Day?

CLICK: Uncut cannibalism in Communist China today

I go to a college where Academic Freedom is banned at Pellissippi State in Tennessee, majoring TV broadcasting, where elections are banned for student government handpicked by administration appointment only. This summer, the only degree classes available are for students who go to COMMUNIST CHINA. My sister the law professor lived in Shanghai China (Shanghaied is infamous for cannibals kidnapping US citizens on ships 100 years ago) and ran Yale's ChiCom exchange student program, and calls herself a "PROUD MARXIST". This shit is comming here -- flu shots, cosmetics and Pepsi cola are already made from aborted human babies. Fox News, Wall Street Journal, Myspace and Facebook are owned by Communist China, which has censored dozens of movies and TV shows in USA, including the latest Red Dawn, when Australian Rupert Murdoch married Commie Chinese intelligence agent Weng Den Di. During the Communist Revolution in China, funded by USA and kosher British banksters, cannibalism of intellectuals andschool teachers was common. We currently have a Communist dictator illegal alien running the White House, taking orders from Communist China to ban all firearms in USA, with no guns or ammo available for sale today in USA's largest gun stores (Walmart). Communist China is now building military bases in USA, buying US residential housing and forclosing on its mortgage of millions of acres of federal land. Are you ready for the current US Civil War, where the average citizen will become a cannibal after only 3 weeks without food or pets for food?


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