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Bill Clinton is sterile, Chelsea Clinton is a bastard, Hillary Clinton is a lesbian whore

Faceoff bastard spawn of felon Chelsea marries son of convicted felon Nigerian scammer, ditches Webster Hubbell's horseface in plastic surgery miracle

Chelsea Clinton, Or Is It Chelsea Hubbell?

Dear Friends, Patriots and Warriors of Truth:

Tuatha has posted an editorial by one John Derbyshire of the National Review: that is a publication which I used to keep near to me, until they finally revealed themselves as being, essentially, "stooges" or tools of the New World Order, particularly in their bombastic affection for phonied-up "free trade" deals like NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement), and that hideously utopian "big Ape," the World Trade Organization. They shill for the owner-operators of the Global Plantation while espousing "conservative" ideals. That kind of misdirection flat out makes me sick, and sick in my heart.

So Derbyshire hates Chelsea Clinton? So @#$%^&&$#@(** what?

One of the less-discussed aspects of the meteoric rise of William Jefferson Caligula has been the awkward circumstances surrounding his birth. He was, as all must surely recall, a posthumous child, born after some poor chump named Blythe was killed in an automobile accident. Among others, the great physician and prophet Michel de Nostredame spoke to us, in The Centuries, of posthumous sons and their peculiar, almost Biblical, powers and in their destinies. It has occasionally been bruited about, that one William Jefferson Blythe was actually the 'bastard' son of Winthrop Rockefeller. That certainly explains the ease with which an otherwise unremarkable but highly intelligent young man was able to obtain passage to Georgetown University, from Arkansas.

Now fast forward to the late 1970's. A certain W. J. Clinton is the Attorney General of Arkansas. He gulls a very likable and attractive married woman named Juanita Broadderick into letting him visit her in the hotel room where she is staying. There, according to her videotaped account, he either assaults her sexually or actually does rape her (that seems most likely). Given his personal magnetism and unerring ability to find 'willing' female partners, one wonders why such an assault was necessary. Like the beauty queen Elizabeth Ward Gracen, this Broadderick reports that Clinton mashed her face with his "kissing" and bit her lip, perhaps more than once, bruising her.

On taking his leave of this unwilling (or, at least, unhappily persuaded) lady, Clinton turns to her and says that she needn't worry about getting pregnant, as he is sterile. Hello!?! Earth to the Rumor Mill News Agents!! Do the mathematics. This event happened before Chelsea Clinton was born.

The fact that Obergruppencommandant Clinton never would allow his medical records to be released, not even if they were "parsed" before publication, a certain rumor about his health acquires a certain cachet and validity. If, as has been suggested, Mr. Clinton was afflicted with the Mumps at a tender and pubescent age, and if those Mumps developed into a certain well-known secondary inflammation called Mumps Meningitis, then some of the ex-President's known physical characteristics can be explained.

In the course of l'Affaire Lewinsky, we learned that the willing and submissive intern from Beverly Hills was called on to "service" her Presidential master while he was standing -- as he often experienced serious lower back pain. And it has long been public and common knowledge that Clinton is partly deaf (in at least one of his ears), and uses a hearing aid. Two of the known complications of Mumps Meningitis are persistent, life-long pains in the lower back and partial auditory impairment, i.e., a kind of deafness. Sterility or a very low sperm count also occurs in a certain percentage of those who suffer from the high fevers associated with Mumps Meningitis. Now, in his favor, it must be said that this complication of the Mumps has a low incidence, and that of those who do get the fever, deafness and sterility are lower on the chart than the back pain. A friend who has treated this complication of Mumps also remarked that "Priapism" is another rare side-effect of Mumps Meningitis. Those who don't know what this is can look it up, 'cause I ain't going no further with that one!

Therefore, should a person accept what Juanita Broadderick said? If one accepts it as being true, then who actually fathered the unfortunate Miss Chelsea Clinton? Was it Webster Hubbell? He of the bugling lips and sallow cheeks? Is that where Chelsea's remarkable "kisser" came from? Or was, as has been suggested in various tabloid scandal sheets, Vincent W. Foster the long-time paramour of Mrs. Governor Clinton? And who really cares?

Derbyshire brought it up. It is my duty to hammer this one down and then to toss it back on the scrap heap of the many bad -- no, stupidly foolish -- ideas foisted on us by the National Review.

John Derbyshire wrote:

"Chelsea is a Clinton. She bears the taint; and though not prosecutable in law, in custom and nature the taint cannot be ignored. All the great despotisms of the past ? I'm not arguing for despotism as a principle, but they sure knew how to deal with potential trouble ? recognized that the families of objectionable citizens were a continuing threat."

There has hardly been a time in my life when I have read anything which is more blatantly un-American, more blatantly contrary to the fundamental principles of our founding fathers and of the union of sovereign States which they created. It reeks of neo-colonial pandering ... it stinks like the English aristocrats of the Tudor era ... it is sick and it is morally repulsive. Then he adds -- "[in] Stalin's penal code it was a crime to be the wife or child of an 'enemy of the people'. The Nazis used the same principle, which they called Sippenhaft, 'clan liability'."

I hope that I may never meet Mr. Derbyshire in this world, so long as I shuffle through it, attached to this mortal coil: it will be all I can do to refrain from breaking his rotten teeth by smashing his de-calcified jawbone with the butt of my 9 .... oh well, you get the picture. What a reprehensible lout he is. But, not content with evoking the spectre of two of the greatest monsters ever to stir from the bowels of humanity, he adds --

"In Imperial China, enemies of the state were punished 'to the ninth degree': that is, everyone in the offender's own generation would be killed, and everyone related via four generations up, to the great-great-grandparents, and four generations down, to the great-great-grandchildren, would also be killed."

There's more to this rotten screeching but why bother to quote it or to further illuminate these psychotic fulminations? The Bill of Attainder is prohibited here, for just the reasons which this idiot has placed on the table. Maybe he thinks he is funny. If that is so, then we now know why NONE of the great comedians of the last twenty years came out of Great Britain. They haven't made a funny man since Peter Sellers was young and hairy.

Maybe this stuff is all a lot of hooey, a lot of phonied-up tripe spewed forth by those people who have a visceral, nay, genetic hatred of all things Clinton. I used to count myself among their ranks, having once been a conservative Democrat, and having been run out of the party by the Two Clintons. But I will not countenance the "attainting" of Chelsea Clinton, nee'Hubbell.

However, given the events of the last few weeks, and the pattern of dissimulation of the last eight and 1/2 years, there is almost nothing bad about this fellow, Billy The Big Creep, that can be written, that doesn't deserve to be checked and verified..

It is, truly, Biblical: he retains power even as he shrinks into a nullity, a political liablity. Friends -- I don't know if Chelsea Clinton should be called nee' Hubbell or not. And, I really, really don't care. Leave her alone.

If and when she offers herself as "the next, best Hillary," then let the arrows fly. Until then, I say -- "hands off Chelsea."

And to John of Derbyshire -- "pal, I got somethin' for you!"

See also:

Is Webster Hubbell Chelsea Clinton's real father?

50 Worst Politicians In America: Edward Mezvinsky - Before becoming Chelsea Clinton's father-in-law, the former Congressman bilked family, friends, and acquaintances out of millions when he became enmeshed in a Nigerian e-mail scam. He served a four-year prison sentence and was released in time to attend the wedding of his son, Marc, to Chelsea.

KARENNA GORE WEDS ANDREW SCHIFF - Al Gore's daughter married a jew too, a Wall Street investment bankster, whose family of traitors banked the Communist Revolution in Russia, by giving $500-million in gold to jews Lenin and Trotsky. - Bill Clinton Blythe III was born jewish, raised jewish, attended synogogue, changed his name to Clinton at age 18. His daddy was trillionaire Arkansas governor Winthrop Rockefeller, his mother was a prostitute. His trillionaire uncle Rabbi David Rockefeller introduced Bill "Clinton" to JFK at the White House. Hillary Rodomski's grandmother spoke yiddish.

Webster Hubbell


Webster Lee "Web" Hubbell (born 1949), is a former Arkansas lawyer and politician. He was a lawyer in Pulaski County before serving as Mayor of Little Rock from 1979 until he resigned in 1981. He was appointed by Bill Clinton as chief justice of Arkansas State Supreme Court in 1983. When Clinton became President, Hubbell was appointed as Associate Attorney General, which is the third most powerful person in the Justice Department. His wife is Suzanna "Suzy" Hubbell (née Ward).

In December 1994, Hubbell pled guilty to federal mail fraud and tax evasion charges in connection with his handling of billing at the Rose Law Firm, a firm with partners that once included Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster. Hubbell admitted he had defrauded former clients and former partners out of $482,410.83. On June 28, 1995, Judge George Howard sentenced Hubbell to 21 months' imprisonment.[1]

Federal Government career

After the 1992 election, Hubbell was one of the Clinton Administration transition's senior officials responsible for vetting appointments to the Cabinet and other top positions,[2] including George Stephanopoulos.

After Clinton's inauguration, Hubbell became White House liaison to the United States Department of Justice,[2] arriving at Justice on January 24, 1993.[3] During the period before Janet Reno was confirmed as Attorney General, Hubbell worked out of the Attorney General's offices[4] but reported to Bush appointee Acting Attorney General Stewart Garson. Clinton floated Hubbell's name for the Associate Attorney General job on January 30, 1993, after Zoë Baird had withdrawn her nomination to be Attorney General but before Clinton nominated Janet Reno.[5] Hubbell was formally nominated on April 2, 1993.[6] After his nomination, Hubbell was attacked for his membership in the Country Club of Little Rock, a golf club that critics said did not admit blacks. Hubbell resigned his club membership on the day of his Senate confirmation hearing.[7]


In January 1993, Hubbell's former partners at the Rose Law Firm discovered irregularities in Hubbell's bills to clients. The Independent Counsel later found that Hubbell had billed clients for services he never performed, and that he failed to report that income on his tax returns. Shortly after Independent Counsel Robert Fiske opened a criminal probe into the matter, Hubbell resigned as associate attorney general on March 14, 1994.[1]

The day before Hubbell announced his resignation, there was a meeting of senior White House officials, including President Bill Clinton, First Lady Hillary Clinton, and Chief of Staff Mack McLarty. At the meeting, McLarty told Hillary Clinton that White House employees would "be supportive" of Hubbell.[1] This meeting garnered suspicions that, as a New York Times editorial put it, there had been "a possible effort to obstruct justice by securing Mr. Hubbell's silence on crucial elements of the Whitewater case."[8] During the sixteen months after Hubbell's resignation, he received seventeen consulting contracts totaling over $450,000 from supporters of President Clinton. While the Independent Counsel, found that Hubbell "did little or no work for the money paid by his consulting clients," he determined there was insufficient evidence to conclude that the money was intended to influence Hubbell's cooperation with investigators in the Whitewater investigation.[1]

Criminal charges and associated litigation

On June 28, 1995, Judge George Howard sentenced Hubbell to 21 months' imprisonment.[1] Hubbell had pled guilty. As part of his guilty plea, Hubbell entered an immunity agreement with independent counsel Kenneth Starr in exchange for his cooperation in the Whitewater investigation. He entered Federal Correctional Institution, Cumberland in August 1995, and was released from a half-way house in February 1997.[9] Hubbell exercised daily and dropped nearly 100 pounds while he was in prison.[10]

On April 30, 1998, Hubbell and his wife were indicted on 10 counts of conspiracy, tax evasion and mail fraud.[9] District Judge James Robertson threw out the charges on July 1, 1998, ruling that Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr had overstepped his authority in bringing forth the Hubbell indictment. Robertson also ruled that Starr had violated Hubbell's Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination by building a case that relied on materials collected under an immunity agreement with Hubbell.[11] The prosecutor appealed to the Court of Appeals and the District Court was reversed. Hubbell then appealed to the United States Supreme Court. In an 8-1 decision (with Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist the lone dissenter), the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hubbell. See United States v. Hubbell, 530 U.S. 27 (2000).

On November 14, 1998, Hubbell was indicted by Kenneth Starr for a third time, this time for fraud and lying to the House Banking Committee and federal banking regulators.[12]

On June 30, 1999, Hubbell entered into a new plea agreement with Starr, resolving the second and third indictments. Hubbell pleaded guilty to two charges and was sentenced to one year's probation.[13]

Excerpts From the Tapes of Webster Hubbell's Prison Phone Conversations

New York Times
May 02, 1998

Following are excerpts from telephone conversations of Webster L. Hubbell recorded in 1996, while he was in Federal prison for tax evasion stemming from the bilking of the Rose Law Firm of Little Rock, Ark. The discussions were transcribed by the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, which had subpoenaed tapes of them from the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Those with whom Mr. Hubbell conversed in the excerpted passages were his wife, Suzanna, an Administration employee; Laura Shores and John Nields, his lawyers; Michael Schaufele, a financial consultant, and Marsha Scott, a White House aide.

March 25, With Mrs. Hubbell

MRS. HUBBELL Marsha says they have really got you in a box and they have totally destroyed your reputation in Little Rock. They are all over, saying this, that and the other. Of course, the point that everyone is concerned with is that if you sue them back, it is going to look really bad for you. It is going to look worse. It will look like you have no remorse, no repentance. I asked her if she had been talking to Kennedy. She said, well, partly. She said one of the sticking points is there has been no apology on your part. And by suing it really makes it look . . . that you are opening Hillary up to all this.

MR. HUBBELL Well, honey, I keep telling you. Sometimes you have to fight battles alone. You just can't worry about other people. I know what I am doing. If you don't want me to, I won't.

MRS. HUBBELL No. I want you to. I am the one that bears the brunt of this up here. I am the one that has to explain this to Marsha. She says you are not going to get any public support if you open Hillary up to this. Well, by ''public support'' I know exactly what she means. I'm not stupid.

MR. HUBBELL And I spent Saturday with you saying I would not do that. I will not raise those allegations that might open it up to Hillary. And you know that. I told you that.

MRS. HUBBELL Yes. Then I get all this back from Marsha, who is ratcheting it up and making it sound like if Webb goes ahead and sues the firm, then any support I have at the White House is gone. I'm hearing the squeeze play.

MR. HUBBELL So, I need to roll over one more time. . . .

MR. HUBBELL There are four types of expenses. One I owe the firm.

MRS. HUBBELL Could you hold on a minute, please?


MRS. HUBBELL I know you think I am crazy, but I have to take notes. I am tired of not being able to figure it out. The one overbilling is an offset if they have paid them back.

MR. HUBBELL No, you are confused and trying to think ahead. One is for time and overbill for time. Where I have a contract with the client for time and the overbill was a markup of the bill. The beneficiary is the firm.

MRS. HUBBELL You didn't actually do that, did you, mark up time for the client?

MR. HUBBELL Yes, I did. So does every lawyer in the country.

MRS. HUBBELL That would be one thing that you would look into the firm for.

MR. HUBBELL Suzy, you are getting ahead.

MRS. HUBBELL No, I am just thinking out loud. That's an area where Hillary would be vulnerable. Not unless she overbilled by time, right?

MR. HUBBELL No, you are talking and not listening. We are on a recorded phone. So I am trying to explain. . . .

MRS. HUBBELL I've got to keep this job. I have to have the support of the people, of my friends at the White House to keep, not necessarily, but if anything happened. I need that to keep this job. When the election is over and things are better, I need to have done a good job and have friends there who will let me get a better job. To that extent, I need to worry about it. It is just like any other job you have, whether it is the White House or whoever else it was. I don't mind it. It is just part of the game. It is just what you do. Whether you work for a variety store or anybody, you have got to do the politics of your job.

Aug. 28, With Mr. Schaufele

MR. HUBBELL Well, you know it was all about '85 and '86. I was telling Marty that, if you don't remember: that if you speculate, you're speculating, but if you don't speculate, you're not cooperating.

MR. SCHAUFELE Is McDougal saying things? Is that what they were asking about?

MR. HUBBELL Well, it's pretty clear, at least they're speculating that someone -- I was doing the work, because I was advising Seth. Everybody knows Seth, and knows I couldn't have not advised him. So I was billing it, but for some reason -- I haven't figured out why -- Hillary billed it, my time, as hers. That's kind of the theory.

MR. SCHAUFELE That's a good theory. Did I get brought up?

MR. HUBBELL You got brought up a little -- about who I talked to. Specifically about the option.

MR. SCHAUFELE The only thing I told the F.D.I.C. guy was that, yeah, when Seth was in trial, that when you and I walked in the morning that we talked about the trial. I told Laura the same thing; she called me the day after I had the F.D.I.C. examiners there. ''I distinctly remember calling Webb on the phone with Seth, to see if he could do it after we left McDougal, and he said that he could not do it.''

MR. HUBBELL Was that about the option?

MR. SCHAUFELE It was about representing Mr. Ward in anything -- I never even knew the option existed.

MR. HUBBELL I didn't either. I mean, I've seen it, but it's drafted in the name of Seth and Anna Ward, Bonnie Anna Ward, Yvonne Anna Ward. I'd never address anything to Anna; I always did Yvonne D. Ward.


MR. HUBBELL I know. My only speculation is, I was out of town.

MR. SCHAUFELE The only time I saw it was when the guy from the firm Pillsbury et al. from San Francisco sent me a copy of the option and asked me if I'd ever seen it.

MR. HUBBELL I remember him trying to avoid taxes, and this was one way to do it. I didn't remember him ever doing it. But it's highly possible that he walked into Hillary's office when I was out of town and said to Hillary, ''I need an option.'' And she had her secretary pull up the form.

MR. SCHAUFELE Yeah, it's highly possible.

Oct. 12, With Ms. Scott

MR. HUBBELL I know they're trying to make a big deal out of Riady. There's nothing there, just press, or John would have called or left word. They were saying I made a lot of money, which I wish I had.

MS. SCOTT They said about $250,000, and I said that's off by a few zeroes.

MR. HUBBELL I told somebody the other day that I think soon they will have me identified on the grassy knoll. And they've got me and Giroir being back great buddies.

MS. SCOTT John Huang.

MR. HUBBELL They're just saying that Riady took care of me and paid me money I wish he had.

Oct. 15, With Ms. Shores

MR. HUBBELL I wanted to touch base because of all this Riady stuff.


MR. HUBBELL And I don't -- I assume that John's been getting a bunch of calls, but I don't know.

MS. SHORES Well, I don't know either.


MS. SHORES Which is not surprising. He hasn't mentioned anything to me. I would have assumed that we would have heard something from somebody.

MR. HUBBELL Yeah. They tried to call Suzy.

MS. SHORES Oh. Did they really?

MR. HUBBELL The press did.

MS. SHORES Well, then they must be calling John, and he's just not telling me.

MR. HUBBELL You never know. They may have just given up on it.

MS. SHORES They could have.

MR. HUBBELL Well, you know, the stories are kind of outrageous. Answering them leads us down the slope that we don't want to.


MR. HUBBELL It's the same dilemma.


MR. HUBBELL And I talked to Suzy a little bit last night. And I just had to say, ''Suzy, there's a reason why we're not going to say anything.''


MR. HUBBELL ''And my own reaction is not to say a word about anything.''


MR. HUBBELL But people, you know, our friends are waiting to know certain answers.

Oct. 23, With Mr. Nields

MR. NIELDS What's different now is that they now have reason to believe that they now have more reason to think that Lippo liked making large payments to important people in government in order to get some access and influence. . . . They are looking at obstruction of their investigation. . . . I suppose someone who liked to use money to help Clinton so that he can be treated more kindly by the Government might pay a witness not to testify against Clinton. . . .

MR. HUBBELL My question is, If we start down the road, is there a time that we can stop? I just have such a resistance to not tell them anything. Especially in this case, because I know we're talking about lots of money, but I also know that there's nothing wrong. My only worry is forgetting something.

Oct. 30, With Mr. Nields

MR. NIELDS I very much want you, if this ever should be challenged, to be able to say that this time you looked at the return and compared a list that we'll prepare with the numbers on the return to make goddamn sure it's right. We're going to do this time what you didn't do last time.

MR. HUBBELL Which I should have done last time.

MR. NIELDS There is some chance that the day after Election Day they will make a move that moots everything. And I don't want to discourage it.

Charlie Owens says it is customary to include an explanation of why the return is amended . . . in favor of doing this, because it is normally done. . . . I would like to make a record of complete and unvarnished forthrightness at every step of the way. And Laura said you did not react favorably to this. I want you to make a record of why it slipped through the last time . . . and why it came to our attention now . . . make reference to in preparing to respond to governmental inquiries. . . .

MR. HUBBELL The part that concerned me was that on the other hand the I.R.S. is used to people putting things in the best possible light, and I want to be totally candid, but at the same time I want to appear more negative than reality and talk about the circumstances of the timing when I went in versus the filing of the return. And that I delivered to Mike everything that I had. Now we don't know if it was everything that was mailed or that was filed, but it was everything that I had.

MR. NIELDS There was a reference in The New York Times that said you called Huang three times and left three messages after pleading guilty but before you went to jail.

MR. HUBBELL He was in town, and he was a friend. And he had nowhere to live, and I would probably be checking just to see how he was doing. If one was in December, it was likely to make a phone call to apologize. As I was calling other friends.

MR. NIELDS This is not ongoing work-related?

MR. HUBBELL No, it had nothing to do with work.

Welcome to the family: Chelsea Clinton's future father-in-law revealed as 'one man crime wave' just days before £3.2m wedding

London Daily Mail
29 July 2010

Her family are one of the most respected political dynasties in the United States.

But when Chelsea Clinton gets married on Saturday, a less then savoury character will take his place by their side.

Miss Clinton’s father-in-law Ed Mezvinsky is a convicted fraudster who served five years in jail and was branded a ‘one-man crime wave’ by prosecutors over a £7million scam.

Convicted fraudster: Ed Mezvinsky served five years in jail and was branded a ‘one-man crime wave’ by prosecutors over a £7million scam. He will become Chelsea Clinton's father-in-law on Saturday

The 73-year-old former Congressman was released in 2008 and claims he is remorseful and has paid his debt to society.

But on Saturday, when his son Marc, 32, weds Miss Clinton, 30, eyebrows will be raised when he joins the inner circle of a family that includes former U.S. president Bill Clinton and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Family tensions were exacerbated over a snub to Miss Clinton’s only uncle on the groom’s side when Norton Mezvinsky was not given an invitation.

A family feud over a book Ed Mezvinsky wanted to write about his life is blocking him from coming, leaving him deeply upset.

‘I am not surprised, but extremely hurt I was not invited,’ he said.

The wedding will cost up to £3.2million and will be the society event of the year and will allow Ed Mezvinsky to mingle with the kind of people who would find his dark past unsettling.

Luxury location: Preparations are well underway at Astor Courts in New Jersey, where Miss Clinton will marry her fiancé Marc Mezvinsky on Saturday

When it was first mooted in 2006 that Miss Clinton and Ed Mezvinsky would get get married, his father was still serving his jail sentence for stealing from friends and family after losing millions to Nigerian e-mail scams.

At the time the Mezvinkskys were close to Bill and Hillary Clinton and were frequent guests at White House state dinners.

Yesterday he said the wedding was 'a rather special occasion and I'm grateful I can be part of it.'

Of his past he said: 'It was a terrible time, and I was punished for that. And I respect that and accept responsibility for what happened, and now I'm trying to move on and am grateful I have the opportunity for that.'

Outside the ceremony, questions are also being asked about the security arrangements after it emerged a no-fly zone will cover the entire area.

Away from prying eyes: Miss Clinton has chosen a rural location for her nuptials

Regal: Around 500 guests are expected to attend the ceremony in upstate New York

All flights will be banned around Rhinebeck in upstate New York by aviation authorities for 12 hours as a ‘temporary flight restriction for VIP movement’ during the ceremony.

Miss Clinton has already irked locals by refusing to pay for the extra policing the event requires. Residents say they have been kept them in the dark and such is the paranoia being spread that one hotel has allegedly banned staff from saying ‘Clinton’ under threat of being fired.

Details of her wedding to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky have been slowly leaking out and now it appears there will be a series of cocktail parties around the Rhinebeck area the night before the wedding.

Hillary Clinton looked relaxed as she arrived outside Chelsea's apartment (left) yesterday. She was accompanied by an assistant carrying a large dress bag

Extra gravel is being put down along the driveway to the sprawling former estate of millionaire businessman and inventor John Jacob Astor IV, the wedding venue.

According to reports, Miss Clinton has chosen a mixture of U2, Michael Jackson, the Black Eyed Peas and Motown classics as the soundtrack to the party.

No expense will be spared and the equivalent of £6,400 will reportedly be spent on each of the 500 guests including £7,000 on the cake alone.

President Obama has revealed he will not be attending and said that he did not want two presidents at the party, a nod to Miss Clinton’s father Bill.

The happy couple: Miss Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky have been friends since they were teenagers

The no-fly zone begins at 7pm on Saturday evening and ends at 7.30am the following morning. It bans flights below 2,000ft, making it near impossible for paparazzi to get pictures of the event.

But some residents have begun breaking their self imposed silence to criticise the operation as it encroaches on their lives.

At a meeting of the local council which approved the £1,600 bill for the extra policing, one resident went so far as to shout out that the extra expenses should be paid for by the father of the bride.

Preparations have been continuing regardless and Miss Clinton has been spotted outside the New York studio of designer Vera Wang, who is thought to be making her £16,000 wedding dress.

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