Monday, May 28, 2012

Ghost of Victor Victoria Ashe

State: 3 foster children removed from home of Knox Commissioner Jeff Ownby

KNOXVILLE, TENN. -- Three foster children have been removed from the home of Knox County Commissioner Jeff Ownby and further admissions of children to the home have been suspended, a state department spokeswoman said Friday.

Molly Sudderth, director of communications at the Tennessee Department of Children's Services, said the department through the Florence Crittenton Agency had three children in the Ownby home at the time of his arrest Thursday afternoon on an indecent exposure charge.

On Friday morning, they were taken from the Ownby home and put in another home, according to Sudderth. No more admissions are being allowed there, she said.

Return of the children depends on what happens to Ownby's court case.

Defense attorney Gregory P. Isaacs represents Ownby, 45, on the charge. He said his client would be seeking counseling.

"Commissioner Ownby intends to enter a plea of not guilty to the allegation. We are requesting that everyone respect Commissioner Ownby's and his family's privacy regarding this matter," Isaacs said.

The attorney said his client would have no further comment about the arrest. He declined to comment about his client's status as a foster parent.

Ownby is expected to be arraigned next month.

The 4th District Republican first-term commissioner and John McCracken, 53, were arrested Thursday afternoon after police spotted them having oral sex in Sharps Ridge Park in North Knoxville, court records show. Officers made the arrest just after 4:30 p.m., according to an arrest warrant.

"The defendant was observed with another male engaging in oral sex with one another," KPD Officer David Munson wrote in the warrant.

"The defendant did not attempt to hide any of his actions from the public."

Ownby was released from the Knox County Detention Facility later Thursday night after posting $500 bond on the misdemeanor. He did not respond when asked by a reporter if he wanted to comment.

McCracken is charged with indecent exposure and criminal trespass, also a misdemeanor. His bond was set at $1,000, according to warrants.

Sharps Ridge has a reputation as a place where men go to meet other men. KPD's sting was conducted in response to citizen complaints of illegal activity.

Ownby is a married father of two. He has no other arrests. He was elected to represent the West Knoxville district in August 2010.

Ownby is a longtime employee of Comcast. A Comcast vehicle was towed Thursday from the Sharps Ridge scene and taken to the city's impound lot, according to an employee of Clinton Highway Wrecker Service.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

TN governor sues to keep party nominees off presidential ballot

Ron Paul is still winning landslides in the state primaries, with Mittens romney from Planet kolob gettign ZERO votes, but the jew media and jew parties will never report that to the goy sheeple, to overthrow USA for the Jew World Odor banksters.

Maybe I'll vote for the pot-smokin biker governator, but he's not on the ballot in Tennessee.

The Constitution Party will be on all 50 state ballots.

So of course our Republican jew governor, casino owner and convicted oil baron is suing an appeal to keep the Constitution Party and Green Party removed from my ballot in Tennessee.

Sixth Circuit Sets Briefing Schedule for Tennessee Request to Remove Green and Constitution Parties from Ballot

May 16th, 2012

The Tennessee Secretary of State’s brief in the Sixth Circuit is due on June 12, in Green Party of Tennessee v Hargett, 12-5271. The state’s brief will try to persuade the Sixth Circuit to remove the Green Party, and the Constitution Party, from the November 2012 ballot. The U.S. District Court had ordered that they be put on the ballot. The state will probably argue that those two parties have not shown a modicum of voter support.

In the meantime, even though the Constitution Party has filed its candidates with the state, the state’s web page does not include the Constitution Party nominees on the list of candidates. This is having a discouraging effect on the party’s candidates. Their attempts to campaign are injured because they are not found on the Secretary of State’s web page. The Green Party has not yet had its nominating convention.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sleep tight tonight, F22s are on Alert

USAF accused dead F22 of Pilot Error: 'Too distracted by his inability to breathe to fly the plane properly'

When asked why the Air Force had not considered installing an automatic back-up emergency system earlier [costing several billion taxdollars], an Air Force spokesperson told ABC News Wednesday that the service had waited for the results of a scientific board study into the mysterious "hypoxia-like symptoms" -- but that board was not ordered to look into the F-22 issues until June 2011, more than six months after Haney's crash and more than three years after the first "hypoxia-like" incident.

The stealth F-22 Raptor, at an estimated $420 million each, is America's most expensive fighter jet. Despite going combat ready in late 2005, the plane has yet to take off for a single combat mission. The whole fleet, estimated to cost U.S. taxpayers up to $79 billion, was grounded for nearly five months last year as the Air Force investigated the mystery problem, but a solution was never found and the Air Force has cautiously allowed the planes to fly since.

Too bad the dead pilots didn't invest in $10 worth of life insurance.