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Treatment by John Lee
Campus Broadcast 3


LOGLINE: The previously untold true story of the “terrorist” attacks committed in the United States of America on 11 September 2001, and the terrorists’ ties to Knoxville, Tennessee, as told by John Lee, an investigator for the Knoxville lawfirm that in 2011 won a $1-trillion class action lawsuit on behalf of the victims of 9/11.


History Channel reports: (1) that President FDR ordered the US Navy to stand down before and during the attack on Pearl Harbor to start World War 2; (2) the Pentagon hired mobsters to “protect” New York City from Nazi sabotage during World War 2, after those same mobsters sank a ship in New York harbor in a false-flag terrorist attack; (3) the US Navy was never attacked by North Vietnam at the Gulf of Tonkin, a fraud to “justify” the Vietnam Wars; (4) the Israeli navy and air force attacked the USS Liberty to blame Egypt during the 1967 War; (5) Knoxville-based BFI partnered with University of Tennessee Knoxville graduates at Controlled Demolitions Inc to bomb the Oklahoma city Federal Building, and CDI bombed over 7,000 government buildings in USA for the government; (6) the United States government has already detonated 1,050 nuclear bombs in USA.

From 1983 to 1992, John Lee and his wife Tami are soldiers in the United States Air Force, stationed overseas in England. John went to high school at Tennessee Military Institute, then joined the military to get to England to drive racing cars, appearing on television with some of the highest paid racing superstars on TV today. His job for the US Government is loading nuclear bombs on supersonic bombers in the alert bunkers, targeted at allied forces and US soldiers in West Germany, under the command of NATO. His job also included the explosive controlled demolition of 100 nuclear bombs on the USAF base in a highly populated area, located 10 miles from Oxford and 40 miles from London. This is a routine job for 1,000s of US troops, to nuke every nuclear US military base. John’s wife Tami is a First Sergeant and squadron superintendent in charge of writing military contracts, who blew the whistle to Congress regarding theft and fraud by senior commanding officers, and filed felony charges against them for giving illegal orders, leading a successful mutiny by more than a dozen men and women. As a result of the Congressional investigations, the highest ranking USAF general was fired while leading Desert Storm in Iraq, and the man who fired him -- Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney -- then offered Tami a job to work directly for him at the Pentagon. Tami turned down that job offer to retire, since it was Cheney who had given the illegal orders, using stolen US military supplies to arm Iran and Iraq, as part of Iran-Contra.

From 1993 to 1995, the New York Times reported on the trial of Muslims accused of bombing the World Trade Center in 1993. The FBI’s star prosecution witness was Emad Salem, who was given immunity and paid $1.5-million by the FBI to build the bomb that killed six people in a false-flag attack.

In November 2000, George W Bush “won” the presidential election in the US Supreme Court, despite losing the vote to Tennessee senator Al Gore. Bush is a member of Skull and Bones Secret Society that eats off Adolf Hitler’s silverware, where his fellow cheerleader and college roommate at all-male Yale was Knoxville mayor Victor “Victoria” Ashe (announced in San Francisco on NBC TV as “the gay mayor of Knoxville”). Bush was previously arrested, jailed and convicted of drunk driving, cocaine possession, AWOL and desertion during the Vietnam War. Bush’s choice of VP, Dick Cheney, had two arrests in jail and convictions for drunk driving. Bush, Cheney and Ashe are members of Bohemian Club in San Francisco, which has its annual gathering at Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, California, the homosexual nudist compound where US presidents and world leaders perform ritual “mock” human sacrifice to a giant idol of Molech (Satan), and where snuff kiddie porn was videotaped by Hunter S Thompson (according to criminal and civil court verdicts).

In December 2000, as a student at Pellissippi State, John Lee filed a class action lawsuit under Section 1983 of the Ku Klux Klan Act, and was the paralegal investigator on a second class action, suing City of Knoxville Municipal Corporation, employees of Knoxville Police Department and its towing contractors for stealing his cars two parked cars, and running a massive cartheft conspiracy, under color of law. The Knoxville-based owner of one of these towing companies was also owner of the garbage hauling cartel of Browning Ferris Industries and Waste Management, which reportedly had dozens of its contractors convicted under the RICO Act for membership in the Gambino and Genovese Mafia families in New York City, and who perpetrated a “Mob tax on garbage” at the World Trade Center. John Lee also filed felony charges against these government employees and contractors with the Tennessee State Police.

On 1 May 2001, ABC News reports on OPERATION NORTHWOODS, a written warplan declassified by Congress and the National Security Agency in 2000, signed by the chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon and delivered to President John F Kennedy in 1962, seeking approval for the Pentagon and CIA to carry out terrorist attacks inside the United States, and the hiring of foreign military soldiers to attack US military bases, to “justify” starting World War 3. NORTHWOODS included sniper attacks in USA to blame innocent patsies, hiring Communist Cubans to attack the US Navy base in Guantanamo Bay, US Air Force bombing fake US airliners by remote control to blame Cuba in false flag attacks. When JFK vetoed NORTHWOODS and fired the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, NORTHWOODS was used to assassinate JFK.

On 10 September 2001, Frank Miller, creator of Batman comics (“graphic novels”), submits a manuscript to his New York City publishers, for “Batman The Dark Knight Strikes Again”. This crossover script included Lex Luthor (Superman’s nemesis) controlling the White House and attacking Metropolis (New York City) in a false-flag air attack by remote control, and Batman intentionally flying his Batjet into a skyscraper to assassinate US President Lex Luthor and all his official government employees in the White House. Batman the murders his sidekick Robin using Thermite, after Robin was mind-controlled by Lex Luthor to carry out false-flag terror attacks in USA. (Miller went on to direct the Hollywood production of “Batman The Dark Knight”, starring Heath Ledger, and was featured on History Channel and NPR radio for Batman’s assassination of the president of the United States. The movie used a poster of the Batjet crashing into a skyscraper, yet this scene was not in the movie.)


September 11, 2001: The World Trade Center is hit by a large jet aircraft. Television coverage is spectacular of the smoking building during morning prime time, putting Hollywood disaster movies to shame. Weather is “severe clear” – no way was this an accident…

John and Tami Lee watched TV live in Knoxville, as the World Trade Center was impacted -- attacked -- by a second large jet aircraft. Then both Twin Towers exploded and collapsed by what appeared to be a controlled demolition.

Then the Pentagon – the most heavily defended building on the planet -- was reportedly “bombed”. An aircraft crash was reported in Pennsylvania.

While most Americans were instantly traumatized and brainwashed by the mass media, John remained dead calm, knowing that it was impossible for aircraft to attack USA without scrambling US military jets and missiles, and it’s impossible for skyscrapers to collapse without tons of pre-wired explosives detonated by remote control.

At 11 am EST, John drives into downtown Knoxville, while listening to his police scanner. Knox County Sheriff Office reported an FBI BOLO – Be On The Lookout – for Israeli Mossad agents dressed as Arabs driving white delivery vans fleeing New York City to the Mexican border.

At 5pm EST, World Trade Center Building 7 collapses – yet was never hit by an aircraft.


On the morning of 9/11/2001, John knows the only way for the US military to not intercept those aircraft was if the military was ordered to stand down. This could only happen if USA was NOT the most powerful nation on Earth – and not even in control of its own military -- but what is this unknown organization, and does it have a name? This is an Earth-shattering revelation

John Lee immediately goes on the offensive, using the newfangled “internet” search tools invented for intelligence gathering and military communications by DARPA – the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency at the Pentagon. For the first time, billions of pages of data and millions of video clips are now available instantly to anyone in their own home, with instant communication to anyone else on the planet via computer. The 9/11 investigation goes viral as patriotic Americans awaken from their slumber.

As winner of the $15,000 First Place prize for “Best Collegiate Website” for Pellissippi State, John Lee put his website design skills to work archiving published corporate news reports and government documents to aid investigation researchers of the 9/11 attacks.

John’s websites – September 911 Surprise and -- are featured monthly on History Channel’s “9/11 Conspiracies, Fact or Fiction”, and on Asahi TV in Japan, for his investigation that United Airlines Flight 93 was admittedly shot down by Top Gun F16 pilot Colonel Rick Gibney of the North Dakota Air National Guard, based at Langley, Virginia on 9/11/2001. Colonel Gibney was the only US soldier named in the Congressional Record for his “heroism on 9/11” and was also awarded by the governor of North Dakota in a huge ceremony on TV at the state capitol, for saving the Capital building from suspected attack by “Flight 93”.

John’s first broadcast of Pirate News TV on public access in Knoxville featured his original production of the documentary “September 911 Surprise”, which won two awards in Hollywood (and was banned at Gitmo during Support The Troops Tours). Pirate News is broadcast on Charter Channel 6, Knology Channel 6, Comcast Channel 12, and ATT Uverse Channel 99 in Knox County, and live worldwide via the internet. Over 10-million Pirate News videos have been downloaded on the internet, including millions of views of September 911 Surprise.

John traveled to Los Angeles, California, to broadcast the 24-hour press conference by “American Scholars Symposium: 9/11 And The Neocon Agenda.” Speakers included a 9/11 heroes, survivors and eyewitnesses, a US combat fighter pilot and Congressional candidate, a history professor who authored “The Unauthorized Biography of George HW Bush”, a physics professor who discovered Thermite incendiary explosives in the molten steel at the World Trade Center, and Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen (the day that began the assassination of his career).

John hosts the Pirate News Radio Show on WBCR 1470am, broadcast throughout East Tennessee and Western North Carolina, and live worldwide via the internet and satellite radio, with delayed broadcast on public access TV.

2012 by John Lee
All Rights Reserved

TRUTH OR JEOPARDY -- Celebrity Edition

Treatment by
John Lee
Campus Broadcast 3


LOGLINE: A television game show parody. Rather than asking inane trivia of zero importance in the world, contestants are required to answer questions of life or death for survival of the human race. For every question answered correctly, contestants win $1-Trillion for the American people. For every question answered incorrectly, 1,000 Americans will be killed.


Three contestants answer questions from host Alex Trifecta -- Rosie O’Donnell, Ed Asner, Charlie Sheen.


Categories include Political Corruption, Election Fraud, Racketeering and Organized Crime.


Categories include Religious Myths, Historical Myths and Myth Makers.


Categories include Famous Christians, Famous Deists, Famous Muslims, Famous Jews, Famous Atheists, Famous Satanists, Famous Pagans.


Categories include World War 3, Medical Genocide, False Flag Attacks.


Categories include Secret Societies, Pedophile Religions, Child Sacrifice Cults.

2012 by John Lee
All Rights Reserved

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