Monday, March 12, 2012

Ron Paul wins Virgin Islands, media whores claim win by space alien from planet Kolob

Ron Paul Openly Muses About the Possibility of GOP Election Fraud

Ron Paul Wins Popular Vote:

Paul: 29%

Romney: 26%

Santorum: 6%

Gingrich: 5%

Check this out at the VI GOP's website:

Paul gets more votes, but Romney gets more delegates. So, what do you think the headline will say: Paul wins VI... or Romney?

Something tells me the popular vote won't count in this one. (I'm no Paultard, but if they change the rules here it does say something.)

How can you read that Paul gets the most votes but gets 1 delegate, but Romney get seven and not start to wonder if the fix is in.

And from the same GOP website:

Virgin Islands GOP straw poll

Who is your current choice for the Republican Party's Presidential nominee?

Ron Paul (88%, 3,603 Votes)

AP calls it for Romney:

Ron Paul got 6 delegates the AP got it wrong here are the actual names of the delegates selected for Paul:

The delegate count for Ron Paul at the bottom must be wrong since there are 6 delegates listed as Paul supporters:

Robert Max Schanfarber 29 (11 STX, 18 STT) Paul
Joshua A. Schanfarber 21 (5 STX, 16 STT) Paul
Geoffrey Wolfe 18 (5 STX, 13 STT) Paul
Roseann Wells 15 (2 STX, 13 STT) Paul
Michael Wilson 15 (2 STX, 13 STT) Paul
Eddie Jane Simmons 14 (1 STX, 13 STT) Paul

Dirt bag GOP Chairman lies about delegates; NPR is uncritically complicit in the lie:

Romney wins Virgin Islands GOP Caucus

(AP) – 1 day ago

ST. THOMAS, U.S. Virgin Islands (AP) — The Republican Party chairman in the U.S. Virgin Islands says Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney has won the territory's GOP caucus.

Chairman Herb Schoenbohm says Romney can count on seven delegates from the Virgin Islands. He already had three superdelegates before Saturday's caucuses and he picked up three more in voting in St. Thomas and St. Croix. After the vote, an uncommitted delegate switched to Romney.

Ron Paul got one delegate, and one delegate remains uncommitted.

Residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands can participate in primaries but like residents of nearby Puerto Rico cannot vote in the general election.

Why when Paul gets a majority of the delegates do they not call it for Paul?

Texas Rep. Ron Paul on Monday announced that five distant relatives of rival Mitt Romney's family are endorsing his Republican presidential campaign.

A news release from the Paul campaign boasts of having the support of Ty Romney, Travis Romney, Chad Romney, Jared Romney and Troy Romney. Three of the Romneys — who live in Idaho — will speak on Paul’s behalf during the state’s caucuses on Tuesday.

“I support Ron Paul because he defends the Constitution, loves America and understands what it means to be an American, including the right to live your life any way you want as long as you respect others,” said chiropractor Travis Romney, a second cousin once removed from Mitt Romney.

This isn’t the first time a family member of one of Paul’s rivals announced support for the libertarian-leaning candidate from Texas. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum’s nephew, John Garver, penned a column for The Daily Caller endorsing Paul.

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-Congressional Research Service, January 15, 1984

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-Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service v Newman, 159 F2d 848,850 (1947)

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