Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Heavy Metal Watchmen

Who watches the Watchmen? Dirty Den with his dork hanging out?

I've not read the graphic novel yet, don't know how they compare. But the book writers refused to watch the movie, partly because Fox sued them and got a cut of the profits.

WARNING: Not something you want to see with your wife, kids or parents. Was the book really gay porn like the movie? I doubt it. Strange that none of the "reviews" mentioned this.

I've seen the 3-hour gay porn version of Watchmen, where the US Govt assassinated JFK and the Illuminati nuked New York City in a false flag terror attack to get their global New World Order dictatorship.

Anyone who disagrees will be shot by superheros...including pregnant wives and babies of superheros.

Tons of predictive programming, with a dose of whistleblowing. Rape with a happy ending. 100% of psychopaths are homos, for real.

Watchmen is often compared to Batman The Dark Knight movie, that censored 100% of The Dark Knight Strikes Again, where the US Govt nukes USA in false flag terror attacks, so Batman assassinated the US president and the entire White House administration by ramming his robot Batjet into a skyscraper...published 1 DAY BEFORE 9/11/2001. Using "THERMITE", Batman killed Robin - a/k/a The Joker - a mind-controlled terrorist slave for the president. 9/11 Truth is censored from Frank Miller's interviews by History Channel and NPR, who think it's funny that Batman assassinated President George Bush, er, Dick Tater Cheney.

Filming the Unfilmable: Behind the Scenes of the Watchmen Movie

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