Monday, March 14, 2011

Alex Jones dances on Derry Brownfield's grave

IDES OF MARCH -- Today it was announced by Joyce Riley on the Power Hour Radio show that GCN radio host Derry Brownfield had died peacefully in his sleep Saturday morning. She reported that his 11 am radio show on Monday would be a tribute replay.

However, the GCN website on Monday (today) had already deleted Derry's radio show from it's lineup, which also deleted access to March 2011 mp3 archives, including Monday's tribute broadcast. I wanted to listen to that broadcast. Derry's podcast links were deleted from Derry's archives are listed "for a limited time" as a mere footnote in the fine print at the bottom of the page, where most listeners would never find it.

Last month website changed to a new format, identical to Alex Jones' websites, presumably because Alex Jones' British webmasters are now in charge of

Today the #1 news story on -- out of all the news stories on planet Earth -- was "Alex Jones being picked to speak at a dinner party" for talk radio hosts. The #3 story was a tiny tribute to Derry Brownfield, without link to Derry's final tribute broadcast today. Screenshot of Page 1 news page.

Derry was fired from his previous radio partnership after reporting on evil Monsanto destroying American farmers and genociding planet Earth. Brownfield had previously claimed that 9/11 Truthers like Jones were "crazy", but changed his mind later.

Derry had just announced his plan to start a new radio network for agriculture news, when he died suddenly. Medical doctors have been reporting since 1969 that it's very simple to assassinate anyone by simulating a "heart attack".

Alex Jones made no mention of Derry at the start of his radio show on Monday. Jones' show immediately follows the Derry Brownfield Show.

Jones has a long history of getting GCN hosts fired, RBN hosts fired or sued, patriot radio networks banned, micro pirate stations raided, and public access TV shows banned. Jones is the "king of patriot radio" -- and the Jew World Odor's #1 most-successful attack dog for destroying patriot radio.

Last month Alex Jones' interview cost Truther Charlie Sheen his $2-million per day job and made him the laughingstock of the kosher media mafiya

Jones vehemently attacks dead patriot radio hosts like William Cooper, and Jones tells vicious lies about the content of their websites. Jones repeatedly tells the story that Cooper cussed at him, hurting Jones' feelings, therefore everything Cooper says is "lies".

One example Jones falsely cites is Cooper's best-selling book Beyond A Pale Horse, where Cooper says he has no knowledge that UFOs are real, only that he saw them, and that UFOs may be US military and the military may have used disinformation on Cooper in his military job to make him falsely believe the UFOs are illegal aliens from outer space. Cooper's website, in an article titled MAJESTYTWELVE, apologizes for being tricked by US Govt's disinfo campaign regarding space aliens and UFOs, and says NASA's "moon" walks were faked to make space aliens seem real. Jones viciously attacks every person who says otherwise, claiming his "inside sources at NASA" assure Jones that NASA has secret technology to go to the "moon" and the "moon" walks really did why does NASA need secret technology?

After the US Govt's false flag bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building, Cooper was called "the most dangerous talk radio host alive" by President Bill Clinton Blythe Rockefeller. Jones never cites Cooper when Jones discusses OKC.

Jones falsely claims that Jones was the first host to make the claim that Bush business partner and CIA employee USAma Bin Laden would be blamed for a false flag attack on USA, broadcast in July 2001, citing Pentagon's declassified Operation Northwoods. Cooper had made his prediction about Bin Laden in June 2001. The CNN reporter who met with Bin Laden was jew John Miller, who works for CIA and LAPD.

While Jones was broadcasting on 9/11, blaming the Bushes for perping the attack, Police State death squads were preparing to raid Cooper that same day.

One-legged Cooper and his chained dog were gunned down by Police State death squads immediately after Cooper reported that George W Bush attacked USA in a false flag attack on 9/11/2001.

Jones danced on Cooper's grave, too, and never mentions that the sheriff who ran the death squad on Cooper was later indicted for felonies, and the deputy who assassinated Cooper had a little boo boo and killed himself, without witnesses.

Alex Jones has a jewish wife, jewish kids, jewish employees, jewish webmasters, and makes $2-million salary from his jewish sponsors. Jones was invited by jew Jon Ronson to "infiltrate" jewish Bohemian Grove ("limited hangout" for the NWO's Satanic religion of babykilling for the jew god of Molech). Now jews completely control GCN radio network, where criticism of jews and Israel can only come from Jones and certain jews.

BTW, Pirate News is banned forever from Comments and forum at Jones' Pirate News' email uses Jones' email service, which Jones cut off all users without warning, then reinstated 1 month later with massive advertising banners. Pirate News uses the webhost in the British Empire, after US-based hosting ISPs surveilled and censored all email, and cancelled prepaid webhost service without notice nor appeal, for sending a single email of a news article from Associated Press...copied from Now Pirate News has been unable to access updates to for the past 3 months.

Et tu AJ?

Derry Brownfield RIP. We miss you. Thanks for fighting the fight up to your last day on Earth.

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