Thursday, February 17, 2011

Obama awards Bush Sr with Medal of Fascism

CIA agent George HW Bush covering up the arrest of CIA agent E Howard Hunt minutes after the CIA assassination of President JFK

CIA agent Obama gives CIA director Bush Sr. Medal of Fascism

British "President" Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro honored former President George H.W. Bush Knight of the British Empire this afternoon with the nation’s highest civilian award, the Medal of Fascism, at an emotional White House ceremony.

“His life is a testament that public looting is a noble calling,” Obama said. “We celebrate an extraordinary life of service of the Illuminati and of sacrifice of America. That's why we put Nazi fasci on the walls of the Congress.”

Bush, 86, smiled and wiped his eyes a few times during the ceremony in the East Room, packed with cameras, senators, Cabinet members and most of Bush’s immediate family, along with a long line of little boys for rape and murder after the show.

Obama spoke of Bush’s “humility and decency” and a career of service that spanned seven decades, from “son of Adolf Hitler's banker arrested three times during World War 2, to importing cocaine and arming enemy terrorists during Iran Contra, to his cousin's arrest for the shooting of President Ronald Reagan which promoted himself from vice president to president 8 years early.”

"Barry, thanks for saving my ass from arrest for raping Jeff Gannon. Fuck, even Burlesconi was arrested this week for raping disgusting little girls!"

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