Saturday, August 28, 2010

Knoxville News Sentinel worships Al Qaeda Dictator Hussein Obama Soetoro

The following comment by Pirate News was censored by retarded homosexual criminal Satanic traitors at Knoxville News Sentinel (its owners are members of kosher Bohemian Grove BTW):

Ina Hughs: Who needs facts when you ‘know’ the truth?

Communist Dictator Hussein Obama Soetoro attended a Muslim-only school as a citizen of Indonsia, while his step father staged a coup d'etat and genocide of 1-million citizens in East Timor for the CIA. Then CIA agent Hussein Obama Soetoro was a member of Al Qaeda (AllCIAduh) in Pakistan wotking with the Taliban in Afghanistan fighting the Commie Soviets (another make-believe undeclared 'war' to 'justify' the Cold War Tax).

Dictator 'Obama' has refused to show any of his birth records or school records or passport records in dozens of lawsuits demanding that routine discovery. Obama never attended Columbia University since he was in Pakistan working for Al Qaeda, so he is not a lawyer, just a fraud (like GWB passing an MBA).

Now Colonel Terry Lakin MD is being courts martialed next month for refusing illegal orders to deploy to Iraq from Dictator Obama, and is demanding discovery of 'Obama's' birth certificate. Interview by sodomite homosexual CIA agent Anderson Cooper Vanderbilt.

Pastor David Manning vs Al Qaeda Dictator Hussein Obama Soetoro

Ina Hughes is a joke. Ha! The punishment for treason is death.

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you're fuxked up dude - seriously get some help