Sunday, July 18, 2010

War of the Roses: Judge Swann sued for $1-million

Ever get a traffic ticket? Ever get put in jail? Ever get mad at a judge?

Now you no longer have to pout in impotence. Sue the bastard for $6-million!

Or run against him in the next election. After all, 75% of judges are not licensed lawyers and never attended law college. In Tennessee, municipal judges and judicial commissioners are not required to have a license to practice law.

When my brother got sent to the pokey for 10 days, for the crime of divorce, he switched political parties and ran in the GOP primary. Spent $120,000 in six weeks, funded by all the divorcees the judge sent to jail, including a $35,000 8-page political ad that was censored by Knoxville News Sentinel. This race cost the judge $40,000 and revealed the judge's prior 'conviction' for being a deadbeat dad.

Then my brother's former client, who was also jailed by the same judge in divorce court, and was included in his political ad, sued the judge for $1-million libel in that same election. Jury trial scheduled next week. During the judge's sworn testimony in that case, he confessed to extorting "campaign contributions" from lawyers who had cases scheduled in that court. The judge ordered the lawyers into judge's chambers, then asked them for money, in the middle of that lawyer's trial. As a result of this testimony, TN Court of the Judicial "sanctioned" that judge in a secret hearing, but did not disbar him. Which means all judges probably engage in this extortion racket. This judge refused to answer interogatories on how much his govt paycheck is.

Read the 400-page court file in Wendy Rose vs William K Swann, Docket C:06-346406, Knox County Circuit Court.

Radio update of Rose v Swann:

Or send the judge to prison for extorting millions of dollars in bribes to send innocent folks to jail.

What do Tennesseans say about judges who send them to jail for noncrimes?

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