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New NBC TV series: False Flag crash of airliner into White House

Blair Underwood joins NBC pilot 'The Event'

NBC Picks Up 'Love Bites,' 'The Event,' 'Outsourced'

NBC to air new series with Maryville connection

May 10. 2010

TENNESSEE - Julia Campbell, the daughter of Maryville native Bill Campbell and his wife Peggy, will have a role in a new series NBC is expected to announce today.

Julia Campbell, who recently appeared on CBS’s “CSI,” told her mother Sunday that NBC has decided to picked up the pilot episode of “The Event” and will air the series starting in the network’s fall lineup.

The Spoiler TV website describes the plot line as “a group of highly disparate people find their lives intertwined by an extraordinary event.”

The event involves a secret government conspiracy and an attempt to crash an airliner into the presidential retreat in Miami.

The HitFix website is reporting “‘The Event’ is a conspiracy thriller focusing on a normal guy whose search for his missing fiancee pushes him deeper and deeper into one of the biggest cover-ups in American history.”

Other shows television shows that Campbell has appeared in include “Dexter,” “House M.D.,” “Scrubs,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Friends” and “The Shield.”

The Event - NBC Pilot Show - Casting Call and Plotline

A group of highly disparate people find their lives intertwined by an extraordinary event...

[SEAN WALKER] 25 to 29 years old.. a handsome all-American guy, athletic, outgoing and charming, Sean is an MIT graduate and a a self-proclaimed geek who designs video games. A champion swimmer, smart, impulsive and occasionally stubborn, Sean always wears his heart on his sleeve and is not afraid to be a goof and an old-fashioned romantic when spending time with his girlfriend Leila. Sean is on the verge of proposing to her during a Caribbean cruise when Leila disappears under mysterious circumstances and his life changes radically, probably forever. A few days later, as he investigates Leila's kidnapping, Sean is being chased by the members of a secret government conspiracy, smuggles a gun onto an airliner and tries to stop Leila's father from crashing the plane into the Presidential Retreat in Miami...SERIES REGULAR (1)

[LEILA GASIOROWSKI] 25 to 29 years old.. beautiful with a radiant smile, Leila is Sean's girlfriend. Spirited, athletic and smart, Leila is an MIT graduate with a background in bio-chemistry who works for a pharmaceutical company. Friendly and frank, Leila is curious by nature, sometimes overly so. Leila comes from a close family, and she heads off for a romantic vacation with Sean (a cruise to the Bahamas), unaware that Sean intends to propose to her. But Leila disappears during the cruise, part of a complex conspiracy, possibly designed to force her father Mark into crashing an airliner into the Presidential Retreat in Miami....SERIES REGULAR (3)

[SIMON LEE] 35, athletic and rugged, Simon has a dark edge and is a man on a mission. Focused and always in control, Simon is a government operative who appears to be secretly helping Neil McMann, one of the inmates at the Facility in Alaska. When a desperate Sean Walker tries to stop Mark Gasiorowski from assassinating the President of the United States, Simon is right there. But is he a good guy or a villain?.sptv050769..SERIES REGULAR (8)

[MARK GASIOROWSKI] A man in his 50s, affable and outgoing, a country-club regular with Marlboro good looks, he is Leila's father, an airline pilot who is happily married to Karen and is also the father of 7 year-old Samantha. A caring father who knows that Sean intends to propose to his daughter Leila, Mark approves of the marriage and gives Sean his blessing. But a few days later, when his daughter is kidnapped, Mark attempts to deliberately crash the airliner he is piloting into the Presidential Retreat in Miami....SERIES REGULAR (4)

[PRESIDENT ELIAS MARTINEZ] A poised Hispanic JFK in his late 40s, decisive and strong-willed, Martinez is the recently-elected President of the United States. Smart, honest and confident, he does a good job at hiding his relative inexperience. Martinez is a family man and a man of faith who truly wants to do good and believes in humanity. Married to Christina and the father of twins Sandra and David, he's stunned to learn that his own government is keeping secrets from him. Informed of the existence of a secret facility in Alaska where suspects are detained without warrant, Martinez orders it closed and the detainees released -- and soon finds himself the target of a spectacular assassination attempt....SERIES REGULAR 10 OF 13 (25)

[PAULA DIXON] In her late 20s, petite and unassuming (but driven), Paula is an MSNBC reporter who can charm or bulldoze her way into anything. At the retreat to interview the President, she catches the story of a lifetime when she and her crew are present for an assassination attempt. Open to all nationalities and accents...SERIES REGULAR 10 of 13

[CIA DIRECTOR BLAKE STERLING] Male or Female. Early 50s, fervid and brash, the Director of the CIA, whose expertise at keeping secrets extends to keeping them from the President of the United States. A member of the cabal determined to keep the secret Facility in Alaska up and running, Sterling joins forces with General Mullendore to stop President Martinez from opening the secret facility and releasing the inmates...SERIES REGULAR 10 of 13 (31)

[NEIL MCMANN] Male or female. Mid-40s, calm and controlled, with subdued charisma. Neil is one of the inmates at the secret facility in Alaska who is acting as a leader and spokesperson for the other detainees. A mysterious figure, he secretly uses Simon as his link to the outside world. Open to all nationalities and accents...SERIES REGULAR 10 of 13 (11)

[VICE PRESIDENT MASON JARVIS] Male or Female. 60s, the Vice President of the United States, Jarvis is dignified, steely but tactful. A member of Blake Sterling's cabal, Jarvis believes that the President must not set free the detainees in The Facility in Alaska...SERIES REGULAR 10 of 13

[VICKY] Mid 20s. Fit and model hot. Greg's girlfriend, Vicky accidentally (maybe) falls off the side of the cruise ship, and is rescued by expert swimmer Sean. Later, over drinks, she and Greg buddy up with Sean and Leila -- but their stories don't precisely tally, and Sean comes to suspect that the accident was in fact staged. Open to all nationalities and accents...SERIES REGULAR 7 of 13

[GREG] In his mid 20s, with frat boy looks and a cast on his arm, Greg is on a cruise to the Bahamas with his girlfriend Vicky, and he befriends Sean and Leila after Sean saves Vicky from drowning. But Greg's story doesn't entirely hang together, and a suspicious Sean soon has reason to believe that Greg is lying about -- pretty much everything...SERIES REGULAR 7 of 13

[GENERAL MULLENDORE] A stately man in his 50s, Mullendore is the military man in charge of the secret facility in Alaska, and he works closely with CIA Director Blake Sterling. Completely convinced that Martinez has made a foolhardy decision to release the detainees in The Facility, he appears to be a member of an intra-government conspiracy to prevent the President from executing his decision...SERIES REGULAR 7 of 13 (11)

[CHRISTINA MARTINEZ] In her early 40s, beautiful, understanding and supportive, she is the First Lady. Married to President Elias Martinez, and the mother of twin children Sandra and David, she has a spirited temper that occasionally goes unchecked -- but her children are her Number One priority. In Florida for a vacation retreat, Cristina finds her family under attack...SERIES REGULAR

The Event - NBC looking to hire the 24 team to run the new political thriller

Same plot as X-Files Lone Gunmen pilot episode on Real World Operation Northwoods, 6 months before 9/11. Whistleblowing? Damage control by the NWO? Predictive programming for a domestic police state?

September 911 Surprise

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