Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cop shoots biker in back during routine traffic stop

Gangstas In Blue Police MC Club to be shot on sight...

Ottawa Hills officer's trial opens with dash cam vid

TOLEDO, OH (WTVG) -- A never-before-seen police dash cam video was shown in court today in the trial of an Ottawa Hills police officer accused of shooting and paralyzing a man during a traffic stop.

The video shows Officer Thomas White following Michael McCloskey and his friends on their Harleys. At one point, McCloskey takes off at a high rate of speed. Officer White hits his siren and McCloskey stops his bike.

Officer White ends up shooting McCloskey. Attorneys for White say he believed McCloskey had a gun. However, McCloskey was unarmed and appears docile in the video.

The jury will have to determine if the shooting was justified. White is charged with felonious assault and faces up to 11 years in prison.


Police-Approved Cop Killing - Off-duty KPD moto cop shot in back while riding his Harley, killers arrested with murder gun and videotaped confession, all charges dropped in Knoxville TN per illegal orders from the White House...

TN Legislature Names Highway to Honor Convicted Hit-And-Run Killer of MC Tourist - Blount County Sheriff Office and THP fly cocaine kingpin of TN to hospital for hemodialysis before taking blood test for DUI homicide... - How to win in traffic court, and file criminal charges against any cop during every traffic stop.

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