Friday, April 30, 2010

Fatcat mayor gets bitchy over speeding ticket

Mayor gets speeding ticket, says officer ‘huffy’; officer says mayor ‘arrogant’

Johnson City Mayor Jane Myron was cited April 17 by a local police officer for driving 23 mph over the legal speed limit, and the verbal interlude between the two during the stop does not indicate a friendship was in the making.

Johnson City Police Officer Jason Lewis pulled Myron over around noon that day near Princeton and College roads after she had pulled out of Evergreen Nursery. Lewis said the mayor quickly pulled over. But from that point forward, her attitude was not as courteous as he would have liked, he said.

“She came across as arrogant — as if I was a bother to her,” Lewis said Thursday. “She stated that she may miss a meeting because of the stop. She said she would end up just paying the fine, otherwise it would look bad as mayor.”

Lewis, who said he clocked Myron doing 53 mph in a 30 mph zone, also said the mayor asked him who his commanding officer was, and he told her.

“As she pulled away, she said, “You’ll probably get me again, because I’m going to pull out fast so I won’t get run over.” Myron, who also did not have proof of insurance, faces a $160 fine. She could take the matter to municipal court, where a taped recording of the exchange would be used as evidence, said Maj. Garry Younger.

“Right now, it can’t be made public until the matter is adjudicated — until a judge tells me it can be released,” he said.

The Johnson City Press has filed a Freedom of Information Act Request with the city for access to the recording.

Myron admitted to speeding and said she was “only a human being.” But her version of the stop differs.

She said there is a rise in the road where she was exiting the nursery and the sight distance is “Not too great.”

“I had to pull out there — ‘a little hot,’ as he put it,” she said. “He asked where I was going, which I thought was none of his business. He said ‘sign the ticket.’ (an electronic, hand-held device which is signed on a glass display, not on paper). The sun was in my eyes, and I had my sunglasses on. I told him I couldn’t see the line.”

A copy of the signature on a paper version of the citation is illegible.

“He said, ‘Get back in the car and see if you can see it,’” she added. “He was a little bit huffy about me not being able to sign it. But if I was speeding, I was speeding. I’ve never thrown the fact that I’m mayor in anyone’s face.”

A court date is set for June 14, but Myron said she plans on paying the ticket.

I predict a tit for tat firing in that cop's future.

Laws only apply to the Little People, according to the Police State.

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