Sunday, March 21, 2010

Police State death squads to arrest 'Super Speeders' to fund Healthcare Tax Bailout

Locals react to proposed 'super speeder' legislation

March 21. 2010

TENNESSEE -- State lawmakers are considering a bill that would create stiffer penalties for speeders, a move that local law enforcement agents said could be beneficial.

“What we've seen here in town is an increase in speed increases the severity of the accident,” Alcoa Police Chief Ken Burge said. “Anything the state can do to help hold the speeds down is greatly appreciated.”

Funds raised from speeding fines would support state trauma centers.

As introduced, the “super speeders” bill would mean a $200 fine for motorists traveling 15 mph above the speed limit, but Sen. Jack Johnson, R-Franklin, said he plans to rewrite the bill to target drivers caught driving 25 mph above the limit.

Some area residents said heftier fines for anyone driving 25 mph above the speed limit is more reasonable than 15 mph.

Maryville resident Christopher Lonske said he rarely speeds and if he does it is only about 5 mph over the speed limit. He'd welcome stiffer penalties for extreme speeders.

“As a nonspeeder I wouldn't mind at all, especially in residential areas chock full of schools and parks,” he said.

“I think officers would need to be out in force to drive the point home to the public that they are serious about the matter.”

Super speeding

According to the Tennessee General Assembly's Web site, the motorists would be charged with super speeding if driving at a speed of either 75 mph or more on any two-lane highway or 85 mph or more on any other public road or highway.

Increased penalties would also apply to anyone caught speeding through areas where department of transportation employees or construction workers are present.

Under present law speeding is a Class C misdemeanor, but the “super speeder” bill would make a violation a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by a $200 fine, according to the General Assembly's summary of the proposed legislation.

Sgt. Randy Huckeby, with the Tennessee Highway Patrol, said people react in various ways to law enforcement methods. For some, the threat of a large fine is all it takes to make them slow down, he said.

“If they have to pay a fine, they do think about it,” he said. “Some people, the only way it really hits them is if it's in their pockets.”

Lonske said the threat of a fine is what keeps him driving at the speed limit.

“I usually slow down for fear of ticket over safety reasons,” he said.

Ralph Nader and scientists for USDOT say speeding is 6 times safer than driving a posted "speed limit".

$200,000 salary for traffic cops force cities to file bankruptcy

Constitutional Right to Travel without a Driver License Contract nor Speeding Tickets

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pirate News WINS in court, back on TV!

UPDATE 11 MARCH 2010: Uncensored video of entire court hearing

Pirate News WINS in court! CTV Board of Knox County puts Pirate News back on TV, illegal CTV producer contracts will be re-written to comply with the constitutions and law.

PNTV producer John Lee represented himself pro se, after ACLU turned down the case.

Pirate News TV had been "banned forever" for broadcasting Obama Coronation, with included Episode 1 of NeoCons Gone Wild.

Full hearing:

"Are you aware that at 1:00am Saturday morning your station was showing a cartoon which showed animated US presidents having sex, Dick Cheney wearing a Nazi arm band, severe cursing, naked women...basically an animated porn! I am very upset with this program choice. I have contacted Comcast to make them aware. I am certain that I was on your station because I have a DVR and was in such shock I rewound it for my husband. Immediately after this obscene program, a normal shot of the sunsphere appeared! What is going on at your station!!! Please protect our community from such filth in the future!!!!"
-Jennifer Atkins, email contact to CTV of Knoxville, 31 January 2009 1:46am (first viewed 9 March 2010 at CTV office)

"After my conversation with you on Saturday about the pornographic cartoon you aired, I have reread your producers manual and the FCC's laws and know that this should not have been allowed. You mentioned that these types of programs have moved to Youtube..well, the trailer to "Neocons gone wild" is on Youtube...check it out to see what you are allowing the community of Knoxville to be exposed to...Youtube won't even allow the full video."
-Jennifer Atkins, email contact to CTV of Knoxville, 31 January 2009 3:54pm (first viewed 9 March 2010 at CTV office)

"I was shocked at the general dismissal of my complaint. So, I have decided to go ahead and send the burned DVD of your programming to the FCC along with the complaint already sent. I am also going to tell every parent I know to parent block your station...I teach so I know A LOT of parents. The minister at Central Baptist of Bearden, Central Baptist of Fountain City, Grace, Cooksbury, and Cedar Springs will also be warned to not allow children access to your station. They may not act on the information that I give them, but I feel that the community needs to know the danger your station puts our children in."
-Jennifer Atkins, email contact to CTV of Knoxville, 31 January 2009 3:54pm (first viewed 9 March 2010 at CTV office)

"I am 100% for protecting our amazing constitution and bill of rights, but my duty as a mother and teacher in this community are also important. If [Knox County district attorney] Randy Nichols is the perso nto talk to, maybe I should send hi ma copy as well. I also feel that your auction sponsors would be very interested in seeing the program. I feel certain that family businesses such as the Blount Mansion and Oak Ridge museum would find this cartoon as disturbing as I did."
-Jennifer Atkins, email contact to CTV of Knoxville, 31 January 2009 3:55pm (first viewed 9 March 2010 at CTV office)

The law is very clear that no censorship is allowed for such a cartoon. In fact. Comcast shows full-frontal human nudity during primetime on normal channels, not counting their dozens of porn channels.

But the Powers That Wanna Be threatened/extorted CTV to ban me, or risk losing its $800,000/year govt contract/grant. Not even CTV Board knew how much that grant was, and demanded copies of that CTV P&L spreadsheet. Obviously somebody is stealing/embezzling most of that money...

National radio host Jack Blood was fired for merely taking advertising from NeoCons Gone Wild.

UPDATE: Reporters Committee on Freedom of the Press reports on the ban of Pirate News

Kosher pedophile SPLC attacks Public TV for 9/11 Truth - John Lee at Pirate News TV and September 911 Surprise was threatened with "loss of inheritance" for speaking with Jersey Girl stars of 9/11 Press for Truth