Thursday, February 25, 2010

Joe Biden's son protected pedophile pediatrician

Cops and attorney general ignored complaints for years to protect pedophile doctor

Delaware attorney general Capt Beau "Babykiller" Biden returned from Iraq War and drops out of campaign for his daddy VP Joe Biden's vacated US Senate seat to continue pedophile pediatrician coverup, and arrest Dictator Hussein Obama's gay lover.

Delaware crime: Dr. Earl Bradley sex case ignites outrage

Indictment: Abuse was so harsh five girls appeared to pass out

Five girls who "appeared to lose consciousness" during sex assaults are shown in video recordings seized from Earl B. Bradley's home and pediatrics office in Lewes, according to a 471-count indictment handed down Monday by a Sussex County grand jury.

"Our worst fears have been realized," said one stunned woman, whose two girls were Bradley's patients several years ago. The new details emerged in the indictment, which accused Bradley of raping or sexually abusing 103 children.

Told that the indictment said some victims appeared to become unconscious or stop breathing during the attacks, the woman was at first speechless.

"Oh my God," she finally said. "He's just pure evil. No one with a conscience could do this."

Now being compared with the worst pedophiles in U.S. history, Bradley was originally charged with raping nine girls in December. Many had been waiting to see how many victims would be found from video recordings seized from Bradley's home and office in Lewes after prosecutors said there could be as many as 100 victims. Attorney General Beau Biden said more victims are being identified through interviews with parents and children.

"Unbelievable," said Patricia Tedford, director of Contact Lifeline, a group that helps abuse victims and families in Delaware and has offered counseling to Bradley's alleged victims. "It kind of gives our lovely state a bad reputation. Not that I don't think this occurs elsewhere, but the scope of it is so unbelievable."

The sex attacks caught on video files seized by investigators in December began in 1998 and continued through Dec. 13 -- three days before his arrest, the indictment said. Most occurred over the last three years. All but one was a girl, and court records have said one was as young as 3 months.

The indictment and other court records accused Bradley, who had offices in Lewes and Milford, of fondling the children and forcing them to engage in oral sex and intercourse, at times with youngsters screaming and trying to escape.


Before his arrest, prosecutors had twice investigated him for improper behavior with patients -- excessive kissing and improper vaginal exams -- first in 2005 and then in 2008, but neither investigation led to an arrest or a report to the Delaware Board of Medical Practice, which disciplines doctors. One pediatrician and former colleague, Dr. Lowell Scott, even told police he referred to Bradley as "a pedophile," though Scott told The News Journal his remarks to a detective were taken "out of context."

"There's a black cloud over this area," said the mother, a Rehoboth Beach business owner who spoke on the condition of anonymity but doesn't think her two daughters, patients several years ago, were victims. "Instead of joking amongst themselves that he was a pedophile, his colleagues should have been turning him in. They dropped the ball."


Seth L. Goldstein, a lawyer and former police officer who heads the nonprofit Child Abuse Forensic Institute in California, said it's not unheard of for pedophiles to have so many victims. He said one study in 1982 found that the average pedophile has nearly 70 victims, but could not recall any specific cases with so many.

Goldstein also mentioned the infamous McMartin case in California in the late 1980s, when several members of a family that ran a day care were charged with 321 counts of abuse involving 48 children. That case, which did not provide prosecutors the benefit of video-recorded attacks, ended without convictions after children's accounts proved inconsistent.

McMartin Preschool Case - What Really Happened and the Coverup

Pedophilia is good for you: McMartin preschool trial

Pedophiles sometimes make video recordings, Goldstein said, as trophies of their conquests as well as a means to fantasize about and "relive their experience."

In one pedophile case he followed, Goldstein said, the predator labeled video recordings with the date, child's age and sex act and other details of the assault.

"They go to great lengths to make records, mostly for their own use, but when they find themselves in contact with others, which is not hard to do with the Internet, they share and exchange files," Goldstein said.

Another woman who said she spoke to police around 2005 about an alleged attack against her young daughter years earlier expects that prosecutors will ultimately find Bradley had hundreds of victims: "This is only the tip of the iceberg."


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Beyond sick. Unspeakable depravity. A pediatrician indicted for sexually assaulting 103 of his child patients, one as young as 3 months old. The case against former Dr. Earl Bradley is described as quite possibly the worst child sexual abuse case by a pediatrician in American history.

Listen to this litany of nauseating allegations. Cops say he held toddlers upside down and yelled at them while committing depraved sex acts. Investigators say they have 13 hours of sickening video of then doctor Bradley taping himself while molesting his tiny victims. The videos were apparently shot in his Bay-Bee`s pediatrics practice in Lewes, Delaware.

Dr. Bradley allegedly bonded with the children by decorating his office quarters with Pinocchio and Little Mermaid scenes.

According to court documents, the six foot, 225-pound Bradley allegedly had a, quote, "violently enraged expression on his face," end quote, as he yelled to a 2-year-old patient to perform sexual acts on him. The investigating officer said that video was, quote, "one of the most violent and brutal attacks on a child of any age," end quote, that he had ever seen.

In one video, police say a 2- or 3-year-old girl is seen screaming and trying to run away.

One distraught parent reacted today on CBS.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There were children being molested probably on a daily basis in that office. He said he was checking her for a bladder infection, and he actually inserted fingers inside of her. And it was very quick. And I didn`t question it because I trusted him.

MICHELLE SIGONA, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER: Now, I spoke with a sergeant from the Delaware State Police a couple of times today, and he told me that his fear is that there are more victims, because Dr. Bradley also practiced in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida. So victims could span all up and down the East Coast.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: OK. I`m going to go straight to my big issue tonight. Why in the heck did this take so very long? I`m going to begin with Delaware attorney general and son of the vice president, Beau Biden, who held an emotional news conference yesterday.

Biden video

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Why so long? One doctor called him a pedophile.

Dr. Bradley, former Dr. Bradley -- they`ve taken away his medical license, thank God. His own sister, who was once his office manager, tried to warn the Medical Society of Delaware. Published reports say the president of that society at the time talked to the alleged pedophile doctor and concluded it`s a family matter.

In other words, this sicko probably told them something like, "Oh, I had a fight with my sister, or my sister is imagining things," and they decided to take his word for it because he wears that green outfit, or a white coat.

The sister also told detectives that parents had complained to her about improper touching. Nobody listened.

Judge Toler, why didn`t somebody interview all these parents? Why didn`t they take action to stop this -- there`s no words to describe this individual -- a long time ago?

Unprecedented: AG Beau Biden hired private lawyers to defend govt doctors accused of "severe abuse" (rape?) of patients

Deleware AG Beau Biden illegally arrested Larry Sinclair during Sinclair's televised press conference at National Press Club in Washington DC

Democratic pedophile pimp Congressman Barney Frank ran blackmail psyop in Washington DC during Franklin Coverup

Pedophile serial killer George HW Bush Sr with kidnapped Johnny Gosch a/k/a George W Bush's gay lover Jeff Gannon

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