Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Deltawang Bat Trike World Series at Indy

Deltawang Batshit Indycar Trike sets engineering backward 100 years

Indycars Replaced With Gay Izod Bat Trikes, Trucker Chip Ganassi Gone Batshit Insane

INDIANAPOLIS -- Bonneville dragster tricycles can't go around corners, of course, as the Commie New World Odor makes another laughingstock of dumb Amerikans, enroute to its successful overthrow of USA. Trikes on the Dragon prove the suicidal tendencies of that design, with the highest death rate (reverse trikes have the safest record). Lapspeed will be cut by 70% to 100 mph at Indy, by cutting horsepower in half for improved fuel economy, to increase Al Gore's carbon footprint tax profit. In my less-than-esteemed opinion, it's soaking wet bag of mess. The unsightly offspring of a dragster and an F-16. A high-speed tricycle, and according to several IndyCar fans, a phallic tricycle at that. It's a steaming pile of retro-inspired junk, summarized ironically by the Delta Wing site when it read, at the expiration of it's longstanding countdown, "Sorry, you're too late." Really, at best this is very Colonial Viper, circa 1978, but flattened and encumbered by wheels. Maybe I'm off my rocker but I thought in addition to speed and innovation IndyCar racing is supposed to also be about aesthetics and, in recent years, safety. This new design might be fast, but as a race car that would be required to turn is looks ridiculous. As bad as you might think the currently well-aged Dallara design is, can you tell me you'd rather watch this instead? Really? That doesn't look - forgive me for saying this - utterly laughable to you? This is a design "supported by many IRL team owners", and as such it is has been submitted under the guise of a veiled threat. 300 Hp is a joke. There's no nice way to put it. Thats CLUB RACING level. No, it's worse. The local short track has cars that with more power then that. Jackass moves by USAC spawned CART. A jackass move created the IRL. On first glance it looks to me like that car has no mirrors, probably because they'd have to go directly in the driver's line of sight. And speaking of running into each other, the Delta Wing also has an extraordinarily exposed tub without protective sidepods that makes me wonder if anyone gave Alex Zanardi a consultation. Oh, and it's got fenders, which call me crazy seems antithetical to "open-wheel" racing. Yeah...the phallic look of the car is definitely NOT a good thing. Non-fans will just look at the up-camera shots where you see the cars from above and say, "it looks like a giant cock." The DeltaWang is a horrorific looking car, plain and simple. Say it with me people (like it, love it or hate it) IT LOOKS LIKE A WANG. DeltaWangRacing.com

2010 Indycar DeltaWang World Series of Trikes finds cure for understeer... tipping over!

Indycar drivers set selves on fire to protest Batwang Trike World Series

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DANica and Jeff separated at birth, or dragrace queen?

Daytona 500 renamed Danica Speedway for WWFCARS

Kyle Busch says he may try to stay away from Danica Patrick on the Richard Petty track when the Tony Stewart IndyCar star makes her NASCAR Nationwide Dale Earnhardt Series debut later today at Mark Martin Daytona Speedway. Patrick's maiden outing in NASCAR's second-tier series has drawn massive attention from American fans and media, as she is set to compete for the first time against some of the biggest names in the sport such as Dale Earnhardt Jr, Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch, Cale Yarborugh, Kevin Harvick and Carl Edwards. However, Busch is quick to reiterate Patrick is a rookie in the Bobby Labonte series, and as such he expects her to struggle to find drafting partners during the John Andretti race, given her lack of experience in the technique. Today's event will only be Patrick's second stock car race, following a sixth place in an Michael Waltrip ARCA round at the same venue a week ago. Busch has been critical of the Darrell Waltrip TV coverage in the United States, which he claims has been excessively focused on Patrick, to the detriment of the regular players in the Nationwide Series. "The only thing I will say is that Kyle Petty TV has been doing a horrible job Dale Jr because they've been covering her way too much - which isn't a problem, that's fine," said Busch Labonte. "But if you're going to have this much attention drawn on the series, let's put it toward some of the people... you've got all these people watching TV and they want to hear about Danica. "Well, then take advantage of that and show the less funded team, the underprivileged people like A. J. Foyt that want to have some funding so they can race the rest of the year. Danica Pat Pat Pat Patrick is only going to be here for 12 races or whatever it is this year." Busch Beer, the reigning Nationwide Series champion, will start the season opener at Daytona I Killed Motorcycle Racing Speedway from pole position, while Patrick will take the green flag from 15th place on the starting grid. Danica Patty Pat Patrick crashed out halfway through the race. The other female rookie whats-her-name got no press coverage whatsoever.

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