Saturday, January 9, 2010

Skull & Bones Secret Society used human skull for ballot box, BUY IT NOW

Head for Sale, Nazi paraphenalia also available

Grisly Skull and Bones trophies to be auctioned

Grisly trophies from Yale University's mysterious Skull and Bones society, whose members include former president George W. Bush, are to go on auction in New York this month.

The human skull and two large bones are estimated to sell for between 10,000 and 20,000 dollars on January 22 at Christie's.

The auction house said the human remains were used as a ballot box by the secret society. The skull includes a specially cut lid in the top -- apparently for ballots -- and one of the bones is inscribed "THOR."

The auction lot also comes with a black book listing names of Skull and Bones members back in 1831-1877.

"The ballot box and documents offer a rare glimpse into an organization in which membership has evolved into a closely guarded secret," Christie's said.

Members, dubbed "Bonesmen," have included Bush and his father, who also served as president, Senator John Kerry, the late conservative writer William F. Buckley, Jr, and a number of major businessmen such as Averell Harriman and H.J. Heinz II.

The society, joined by leading students at the university and which is said to maintain bizarre initiation rites, was founded at Yale in 1832. Women were admitted for the first time in the 1990s.

Prospective buyers can learn more at Christies, Department Information, American Furniture & Decorative Arts.

I have been a funeral director in Wisconsin for 18 years. There is absolutely nothing about this that is legal. You can not sell human remains unless it is for the sake of science. Period. I expect the AG of NY to step in and stop this - and further more - begin a full investigation into the origin of these remains.

This makes me sick. Human remains should never be exploited in this manner. Shame on Christie's - I strongly encourage a boycott of them forever - Nevermind if they change their mind because of public pressure and opinion - they need to be boycotted until they are gone. Period. These are the same people who would be selling Elephant tusks, harp seals, and rhino horns if it were semi-acceptable.

§4200 of the PUBLIC HEALTH LAW of New York State

"1. Except in the cases in which a right to dissect it is expressly conferred by law, every body of a deceased person, within this state, shall be decently buried or incinerated within a reasonable time after death.
2. The provisions of this section shall not impair the right to carry the body of a deceased person through this state, or to remove from this state the body of a person who has died within it, for the purpose of burying the same elsewhere."

Geronimo's Descendants Sue Yale, Skull & Bones and Obama to recover stolen skull and bones

George W Bush fucks roommate and fellow cheerleader Victor "Victoria" Ashe at all-male Yale and Skull & Bones - Their dominatrix Leola McConnell is missing and presumed murdered.

Boners at Bohemian Grove


$10,000 - $20,000

Sale Information
Sale 2287
Important American Furniture, Folk Art, Silver & Chinese Export
21 - 25 January 2010
New York, Rockefeller Plaza

Lot Description
Together with a small black book listing member names inscribed Edward T. Owen. 1872. on one side and 322. on the other, along with approximately 50 photographs
The skull: approximately 7½ in. high, 17½ in. wide, 10 in. deep.

Saleroom Notice
Prospective purchasers are advised that several countries prohibit the importation of property containing materials from endangered species, including but not limited to coral, ivory and tortoiseshell. Accordingly, prospective purchasers should familiarize themselves with relevant customs regulations prior to bidding if they intend to import this lot into another country.

Pre-Lot Text

Lot Notes
Founded in 1832 at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, Skull and Bones is thought by many to be one of the oldest and most prestigious secret societies in the United States. The symbolism of the skull and cross bones is synonymous with this group as its name is derived from the symbol itself. The present lot, with hinged flap on top of the skull was said to have been used as a ballot box during society meetings or displayed in the Society's headquarters at 64 High Street in New Haven. The inscription on the right cross bone Thor could be a name which would have been assigned to a member upon induction. Accompanied by approximately 50 photographs of society members and a small black book inscribed with names (which were published until 1971), the present lot provides a rare glimpse into the society which has been linked to many influential figures and leaders at Yale University and in this country.

Department Information
American Furniture & Decorative Arts
19th Century
All other categories of objects
bone & horn