Friday, December 11, 2009

Al Gore says Global Warming caused by Earth core at 'millions of degrees', North Pole will melt in 5 years

Gore demands new tax to fund cooling of the Earth Core

Earth Core Temperature

Not only did Al Gore invent the internet, he has also redefined earth science. The puffed up phrophet of the phony climate change movement went on the Conan O’Brien Show in mid-November and told the world the temperature of the interior of the earth is “millions of degrees.” O’Brien didn’t flinch.

In fact, the Inner Mantle of the earth is 5400 ºF (3000ºC) and the Outer Mantle is 2520 ºF (1400ºC) and 5400 º F (3000ºC). The Core of the earth is between 9032 – 10832 ºF (5000-6000 ºC).

This is an estimation. Nobody knows the exact temperature of the earth’s interior. The estimate of the temperature is derived from theoretical modeling and laboratory experiments, but no scientist believes the temperature is anywhere near a million degrees.

The above video demonstrates that Al Gore is a carnival huckster for the globalist movement peddling junk science and has no idea what he is talking about.

Al Gore braves blizzard at COP15 Global Warming Con, says North Pole will melt in 5 years:

Al Gore's Climategate Christmas Music

BTW, Blood & Gore's Hopenhagen Climategate Global Tax Scam will pay Al Gore billions of dollars and genocide billions of starving sheeple. HAHAHAHAHA! (evil laff)

Commie China demands all nations agree to 1-child genocide law in Hopenhagen Treaty

Canadian newspaper demands mandatory 1-child genocide law

Organized Crime in Charge of EU Carbon Trade, Europol Says

UN landgrab annexes 90% of Earth surface for Global Taxes

EU Wants Global Transaction Tax To Fund More BanksterBailouts

Psychiatrist calls liberals 'mentally ill' with 'Psychological Causes of Political Madness'

Global Warming Xmas music

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