Saturday, November 28, 2009

Global Warminggate: Obama to overthrow USA in 9 days at Hopenhagen

Didn't Arnold ban LED TVs to reduce Global Warming? Note Illuminati eye of Lucifer...

Obama to overthrow USA in 9 days at Hopenhagen

"The New York Times is reporting that President Obama will stop in Copenhagen on his way to Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize. Obama has already set a goal of cutting emissions by 83% by 2050; along with the 2020 pledge, the White House is also setting targets of 30% by 2025 and 42% by 2030."

"Requires reversing the trend of increasing global greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 at the latest. For this purpose, the Parties shall collectively reduce global emissions by at least 85 per cent from 1990 levels by 2050."
-United Nations Framework on Climate Change Treaty, 15 Sept 2009

85% deconstruction of all industry, farming and travel by 2050 according to Hopenhagen and the United Nations Communist dictatorship.

Without "fossil" fuels, it's impossible to grow food, thus sheeple starve to death by the billions. Do you own your own garden? If not, you and your family will soon be dead, forever, if Gore and Obama have their way with you. If you do own your own farm, property taxes will soon be so high the govt will seize your land for non-payment of taxes, as seen in 100s of hours of infomercials every week (ethnic cleansing Amerikan Style).

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