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Clifford Clark has massive stroke after winning dismissal of redlight camera shooting case

Clifford Clark after being severely beaten inside his own car by suspected undercover police or police informants, one year prior to having 3 massive strokes. The "investigating" detective from Knox County Sheriff Office was the same dick who arrested him for "assault" by self defense inside his own home of unidentified undercover deputies in Metallica t-shirts...


By John Lee
Pirate News TV
Pirate News Radio Show
Knoxville Tennessee

Pirate News Radio Show on 9 October 2009 - After winning his trial for not shooting a redlight camera, Mr Clark suffered a massive stroke, requiring brain surgery to remove blood clots. WBIR TV and Knoxville News Sentinel file secret motions against Pirate News, prosecutor seeks arrest of Pirate News after secret exparte hearing, judge files secret order against Pirate News.

Cliff Clark was stalked and beaten on the head by a gang of undercover cops or informants whom the Knox sheriff refuses to arrest and Knox DA refuses to prosecute. Did this beating cause 3 massive strokes AS CLIFF WARNED MIGHT HAPPEN

"If I’m found floating face down in the river or murdered ('apparent suicide') in a jail cell on some bogus charge, you’ll know it was the sheriff’s department working in concert with the University of Tennessee."
-Clifford Clark,

UPDATE 9 OCTOBER 2009 - Clifford Clark has now had a "massive stroke" and was in ICU after brain surgery on 23 September 2009. His other trial dates were cancelled in October 2009 and moved to January 2010, or later. He may have had the potentially fatal side effect of hypertension spike by serotonin syndrome from normal use of prescription meds. Such is the stress of an innocent person framed by crooked Big Brothers who refuse to obey The Law.

Why does Judge Liebowitz refuse to dismiss false charges until one week before trial? Because government "cannot dismiss charges against innocent people without risk of being sued" for false arrest, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution, says Judge Wayne Henry.

New Trial Date Due to Stroke page 1
New Trial Date Due to Stroke page 2

PHOTOS OF ASSAULT ON CLIFF CLARK - Cliff Clark was also stalked and severely beaten on the head by a gang of suspected undercover cops or informants who hitchhiked a ride in his car last year, who Knox sheriff refuse to arrest and Knox DA refuse to prosecute, as suspected retaliation for Cliff defending himself during home invasion by unidentified undercover deputies in Metallica t-shirts. Did this beating cause 3 massive strokes? Cliff's Medical Records of Assault

"If I’m found floating face down in the river or murdered ('apparent suicide') in a jail cell on some bogus charge, you’ll know it was the sheriff’s department working in concert with the University of Tennessee."
-Clifford Clark,

Satanic vampire sucks blood of Cliff Clark in Knox County Criminal Court

Secret Order for Sanctions Against Pirate News 17 Sept 09
Page 1 -- Page 2 -- Page 3 -- Page 4
Secret Order written by lawyers for WBIR TV, after secret motion by WBIR and secret ex parte hearing where Pirate News producer John Lee was threatened with arrest if he argued his motions, appeals or against sanctions. Note the lack of certificate of service upon John Lee, prima facie proof of perjury and contempt of court by attorneys for WBIR, Knoxville News Sentinel, City of Knoxville law director and court clerk, which is a $125 fine plus court costs for each unserved document, paid to John Lee, per TN Code 22-2-103. This order is a violation of the Tennessee Open Records Act, TN Code Title 10 Chapter VII, TN Code 10-7-505. John Lee first obtained this order on 9 October 2009, after reading the file of State v Clark at the Knox County Criminal Court clerk office, but this order was not in the file. Upon asking the clerk to check the judge's chambers, this order appeared, without cost (no cost is allowed for "served" documents). Entry of judgment cannot take place until the order is served, which is 9 October 2009, not 17 September 2009. On 24 September 2009, Cliff Clark's lawyer Ron Newcomb was notified that Mr. Clark had a stroke, and a motion for continuance of trial date was filed on 30 September 2009. John Lee was first "notified" of Mr. Clark's stroke on 9 October 2009, by reading the court file.

Motion to Reconsider - By John Lee. Filed in State of Tennessee v Clark, 9 November 2009

Affidavit - By John Lee. Filed in State of Tennessee v Clark, 9 November 2009

Brief - By John Lee against sanctions and investigation to arrest for alleged contempt of court. Filed in State of Tennessee v Clark, 9 November 2009

Proposed Order - By John Lee for sanctions against WBIR, Knoxville News Sentinel, City of Knoxville, State of Tennessee. Filed in State of Tennessee v Clark, 9 November 2009

DEFENSE MOTION TO SUPPRESS AND DISMISS PROSECUTION 28 AUG 2009 - Page 1 -- Page 2 -- Page 3 -- Page 4 -- Page 5 -- Page 6 -- Page 7 -- Page 8 -- Page 9 -- Page 10 -- Page 11 -- Page 12 -- Page 13 -- Page 14 -- Page 15 -- Page 16 -- Page 17 -- Page 18 -- Page 19 -- Page 20 -- Page 21 -- Page 22 -- Page 23 -- Page 24 -- Page 25. If Judge Liebowitz had done her job and dismissed this malicious prosecution, and used her power in the judicial branch to protect innocent people from an executive branch police state run amok, Cliff Clark would not have had 3 strokes with massive brain damage on 23 September 2009.

STATE OF TENNESSEE v. ROBERT JONATHAN HARRISON - Criminal trials require a civil competency hearing when a defendant is disabled. When a defendant is disabled, no trial can take place. Tennessee Supreme Court, April 1, 2008

Premier broadcast of Pirate News Radio Show on 9-11-09
Music by The Gitmos: Yo Gubmit Is Lyin

Judge burns 1st Amendment on Constitution Day, reads Miranda rights to Pirate News

Knoxville Journal: Accused Camera Shooter Says Cops Did It - All charges were dismissed against Clifford Clark for allegedly shooting a redlight camera in Knoxville. KPD and Redflex testified they destroyed all ballistics evidence (bullets and camera housing with bullet holes), and destroyed all audiotapes of alleged confessions and consents to search which Clark vehemently denied. Clark never got a redlight ticket nor traffic ticket, and is a retired millionaire and military vet. Frame job.

Trial archive

Traffic camera news archive

"See in L.A., people would say, 'why not just shoot them out?' In L.A., a day doesn't go by you don't see a styrofoam cup stuck over the lens of the speed camera."
-Jay Leno, BBC TV Top Gear


Today in the mail I received a letter from the clerk for Knox County Criminal Court, including a signed order from Judge Mary beth Liebowitz, in State v Clark. This is the first and only order or motion I have received by proper service of process, regarding my motions and appeals for media access in State v Clark. This order claims that I have no right to purchase CDs of court hearings, not for my appeal of denial of media access, nor as a citizen -- to Hell with the Tennessee Open Records Act, Tennessee Rules of Court, Tennessee Code and Tennessee Constitution.

Convicted felon editor of Prison Legal News sues private prisons under Tennessee Open Records Act - The American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee (ACLU-TN), joined by five national journalist groups, filed a friend-of-the-court brief in support of efforts by a monthly prisoners’ rights magazine to gain access to documents in the possession of Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the Nashville-based private prison company that operates prisons and jails across the country. The amicus curiae brief, also signed by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, the Society of Professional Journalists, the American Society for Newspaper Editors, the Associated Press, and the Association of Capitol Reporters and Editors, urges the Court of Appeals in Tennessee to uphold the lower court’s ruling that CCA must comply with the Tennessee Public Records Act (TPRA) and provide access to certain documents. Alex Friedmann, an associate editor at Prison Legal News (PLN), sued CCA last May for refusing to respond to his requests under the Tennessee Public Record Act (TPRA) for documents regarding pending litigation involving CCA. CCA argued that because it is not a public agency, it did not fall under the jurisdiction of TRPA. But Davidson County Chancery Chancellor Claudia Bonnyman ruled in late July that CCA is required to abide by TPRA’s regulations because by running the state’s jails and prisons under a contract with the Tennessee Department of Corrections, it performs a public duty.

Convicted felon editor of Prison Legal News wins appeal that private prisons must obey Tennessee Open Records Act - COURT OF APPEALS OF TENNESSEE AT NASHVILLE, ALEX FRIEDMANN v. CORRECTIONS CORPORATION OF AMERICA, No. M2008-01998-COA-R3-CV, Filed August 5, 2009

Jail guard chokes prisoner, prisoner dies by blood clot to brain - Hartfield also admitted to using a choke hold, and stated he was not trained in applying such holds. Conveniently, there were no surveillance cameras in the area of the jail where the incident took place. Another Harris County jail guard, Travis Vaughn, arrived on the scene in time to see both men on the floor. According to Vaughn, Freeman was on his stomach when he arrived. Vaughn helped handcuff Freeman, and the two guards then escorted the injured prisoner to the jail’s clinic. Freeman complained of difficulty breathing, and medical staff sent him to the Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital. Shortly after giving authorities his statement, Freeman developed a blood clot, lapsed into a coma and was placed on life support. On January 9, 2008, doctors declared him brain dead; the next day they pulled the plug. The county medical examiner ruled Freeman’s death a homicide resulting from respiratory failure due to compression of his neck. Freeman’s written account of the incident, given shortly before his death, described an entirely different scenario. Freeman insisted that Hartfield had choked him, without provocation, until he couldn’t breathe and lost control of his bodily functions. “On the way to lockup, the officer put his hands around my neck to throw me to the ground. I never resisted,” Freeman wrote in his dying statement. Between January 2001 and December 2006, more than 100 prisoner deaths were reported in Harris County jails. Most were pretrial detainees. Twenty-one prisoners died in 2008.

FYI: Here's one of sevaral ways to get the State to pay court costs and defense lawyer fees in criminal cases, for example $10,000 in firearms stolen by Knox deputies from Cliff Clark's locked gunsafe in hsi attic:

TN Code Title 40 Criminal Procedure

TN Code 40-33-215. Cause of action against seizing authority in cases of bad faith.

(a) A person who has property seized in accordance with the provisions of this part shall have a cause of action against the seizing agency if the seizing officer acted in bad faith in seizing or failing to return property seized pursuant to this part.

(b) A person who prevails in an action against a seizing agency pursuant to this section shall be entitled to:

(1) Reasonable attorney fees and court costs necessarily incurred in seeking the return of the seized property and in bringing the action pursuant to this section; and

(2) Monetary damages resulting from the improper seizure of the property

(c) Monetary damages recoverable under this section shall be limited to the rental value of property similar to that which was seized for the period of time it was seized but in no event shall the damages exceed the value of the seized property

(d) For the purposes of this section, a seizing officer “acts in bad faith” when the officer acts intentionally, dishonestly, or willfully or the officer's actions have no reasonable basis in law or fact in regards to the seizure or failure to return the property seized.

Another judge in the Cliff Clark case in the news

"Once a revered Knox County Criminal Court judge, Richard Baumgartner on Tuesday shuffled into a federal courtroom in shackles, accused of covering up the drug-trafficking crimes of the mistress he met via a Drug Court program he helped found. Baumgartner, who sent thousands of people to prison in his nearly two-decade-long tenure as judge, was arrested Tuesday as he drove away from his East Knox County farm and hauled into U.S. District Court with shackles on his feet and a chain wrapped around his belly and connected to handcuffs."
-Jamie Satterfield, Knoxville News Sentinel, Former Judge Richard Baumgartner faces 7 federal counts of failing to report felonious activity, May 16, 2012


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Want to wake America up to the truth regarding 9/11? Here’s how…….

Please leave a comment voicing your support for this idea. It is a very small price to pay considering everything that has happened in our world based on the tragic events of that fateful September morning.


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Ginny Crandall said...

This is so sad! I hate that things like this happen. Why are the police so against this man in the first place? Why has he become their victim? It sounds like he needs to hire some criminal defense attorney, and quickly. This is just not right.

Dragonaters said...

As of May 2012, all charges were dismisseed and expunged against Mr Clark, after deputies testified they were wearing Metallica and ACDC t-shirts and never identified themselves as cops. Deputies testified they "ran screaming out of the house having flashbacks to Afghanistan" and that Mr Clark never actually pointed a gun at them. Once they identified themselves as police, he surrendered immediately. UTPD sought an arrest warrant based on purjured testimony, according to UTPD's star witnesses. UTPD has never before obtained an arrest warrant at a student's home for trespass on unidentified UT property by an enrolled student invited on "campus" (that covers half of downtown Knoxville, South Knoxville, West Knoxville and North Knoxville and portions of Knox County). The official "reason" Mr Clark was (allegedly and illegally) banned from campus was his website (a violation of the First Amendment), not for the unproven charge he allegedly shot a redlight camera (all charges dismissed with prejudice, costs paid by the government). Mr Clark was illegally denied a hearing in student court, for his Double Secret Probation. The redlight camera charges were dismissed after a Knox County deputy confessed to the crime of shooting a redlight camera, and KPD and Redflex destroyed all ballistic evidence and all audio evidence in this case (which would prove Mr Clark's high-powered 30-06 bullets were not the caliber recovered from inside the camera, since the 3 bullets found inside the camera housing were low powered and unable to exit the 1/8" aluminum case at 10 yards, while 30-06 bullets penetrate 5/8" steel plate at 100 yards). Mr Clark never confessed to shooting a redlight camera, police destroyed all alleged audio recordings of him allegedly confessing to shooting a redlight camera, and Mr Clark always pled Not Guilty, and his defense lawyer (former prosecutor) Ron Newcomb said Mr Clark was "innocent" (Mr Newcomb was re-employed as a prosecutor in Sevier County halfway through Mr Clark's trials and continued to represent him, winning Mr Clark's case). Mr Clark never got a redlight camera ticket, was never sued in city court for a redlight camera ticket, and never paid for a redlight camera "conviction" (actually it's impossible to be convicted of a redlight camera ticket since city court can only handle civil cases without jail sentence). During Mr Clark's trials, the Australian Redflex camera company was reportedly fired by City of Knoxville for suspected bribery and contract fraud, replaced by Lasercraft that exports most revenue to Communist China and England. Due to the stress of being falsely accused of a crime he did not commit, Mr clark suffered a massive stroke, 3 weeks after winning dismissal his case for not shooting a redlight camera. Medicare never pays insurance claims for any person disabled by any illness, until 2.5 years after the disability begins, so Mr Clark got no rehabilitation after his stroke, after his private insurance company cancelled his coverage as "pre-existing", and hospitals refuse to accept cash for services. After Mr Clark was completely incapacited by stroke, the State attorney general illegally continued to prosecute Mr Clark in violation of US Supreme Court order, in violation of agreed order for dismissal signed by the Knox AG and Knox County judge Mary Beth Leibowitz, while Mr Clark was unable to speak to his attorney to file an appeal, and a bogus TN Court of Appeals opinion illegally claims that incompetent defendants can be prosecuted forever, admittedly without ANY law and without ANY court order to cite for that frivolous claim by the AG. Mr Clark is a retired engineer and owner of a software design company who holds numerous patents and copyrights for his inventions. Mr Clark's former website,, is now registered, owned and operated by a pimp in a whorehouse in Australia, HQ of the Redflex redlight camera company.