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Live video of 2nd Amendment trial of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom murders

Knoxville city council recently banned guns in city parks, in violation of the US Constitution, Tennessee Constitution and US Supreme Court in Heller v DC. What happens when only criminals have guns?

Video: www.wbir.com/video/breakingvideo.aspx

WARNING: This is video of the murder trial in progress for Letalvis Cobbins. Cobbins is accused in the abduction, rape, torture and murder of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom.

This is live video and is not an edited program. It is likely to contain graphic testimony, images, and descriptions of a violent crime. Please be advised.

News: www.wbir.com/news/local/christian_newsom.aspx

Carjacked while kissing his girlfriend outside her apartment. He didn't carry a gun, and had probably never fired a gun in his life. The first time the girl fired a gun was when she was forced to shoot her boyfriend in the head after he was raped.

Green is twisting the knife, showing KPD could have gone to Chipman 2 a.m. Mon but waited till Tues afternoon.

Live Twitter from inside courtroom: www.twitter.com/jamiescoop

Police testimony yesterrday and today in this trial proved police REFUSED to issue a BOLO or Amber Alert, since that is never done for missing adults. Besides, KPD was too busy writing 200,000 annual traffic tickets against the 160,000 residents of Knoxville TN. Where's a redlight camera when you need one?

BTW, the 4 defendants are black, 2 victims are white, jury is mostly black bussed in from Nashville. No national media coverage.

Video highlights from Day 2 of trial - Female witness tearfully testifies she thought it could've been her that was killed, since the brother of the defendant routinely beat her, choked her and threatened to kill her. Drug dealer Vincent "The Worm" Wernimont testified the feds cut him a deal of immunity to testify against the defendants, and got to say the F-word as hearsay in court, later repeated by the prosecutor.

Crenshaw explained that KPD policy requires a second identification from another analyst to consider it valid. But he called lead Investigator Todd Childress with the news anyway.

"When you called Detective Childress and told him, 'Hey, I've got a match,' did anyone from the Knoxville Police Department respond to 2316 Chipman Street?" defense attorney Scott Green asked.

"No," Crenshaw said.

As a civilian officer, Crenshaw had no authority to pursue the lead himself. The print was verified by a second analyst the next morning - nearly 20 hours after the 4Runner was found by Christian's family a stone's throw away from that same house.

It would be nearly seven more hours before police - armed with a search warrant - went to the house. KPD Sgt. Keith Debow said he found Christian's body inside a trash can in the kitchen. Prior testimony has shown she probably had been dead since late evening on Jan. 7, 2007.

That's when they went missing.

They were overdue at a get-together and neither was answering calls.

"Everybody was calling her and Newsom," Christian's best friend, Kara Sowards, testified Monday. "I tried to call her repeatedly, so I was getting frustrated. We all kind of were."

That frustration turned to fear when, the next day, Christian failed to show up for work and their friends discovered his truck still parked at Sowards' Washington Ridge apartment and Christian's sport utility vehicle gone.

Newsom's parents, Mary and Hugh Newsom, phoned authorities, as did Christian's parents, Gary and Deena Christian. But these were missing adults and, college-aged at that, and authorities figured they'd turn up soon. The parents phoned area hospitals to no avail.

Hours later on a frosty, overcast January 2007 day, Norfolk Southern train engineer J.D. Ford would discover a charred body alongside the tracks near Chipman Street. By nightfall, Gary Christian and son, Chase Christian, would find Channon's 4Runner in the same area.

Dial 911 and die...

Observations by Pirate News

xyratn writes: I too would like to know when exactly YOU worked a case as MAJOR as this one!! Seriously...they already stated that there were some 20,000+ pieces of paperwork on this thing. I'm sure these officers & detectives have gone to bed EVERY night since this all started wondering what they could have missed, what they should have done different, what they WISH they hadn't seen to begin with!!

One detective on this case is reported by KNS as Ryan Flores, who I filed felony charges and sued 2 class actions against for his part in a massive cartheft ring run by KPD, KCSO, city court and their towing contractors. Over 100 towing contractors were fired for "fraud on 100% of their contracts" according to city council who sued their own contractors in a 3rd class action, and the city court administrator was fired, but no cops went to jail, and I never got my stolen cars back. And flores got promoted to dick.

Knox sheriff Joe Jenkins was jailed for stealing $1-million in cars per night to feed his coke addiction. Fired Knox sheriff Teflon Tim stole cars from West Town Mall with convicted copkiller towtrucker Roy Lee Clark, according to sheriff JJ Jones as confessed by Hutchinson on the front page of Knoxville News Sentinel. Hutch als had 6 criminal convictions for perjury as sheriff, rented an airport from a convicted dope dealer, and built 400 houses with his convicted felon business parter without a license as sheriff, yet he testifies in this murder case?

Why did this crime happen?

columco writes: Could Davidson have been out to trash some white people because he'd been dumped by his white girlfriend?

Wonder if that's how this all started.

That and drug overdose/withdrawal plus prison skoolin against white gangs. Wonder if the defense will argue that?

Too bad lack of investment in $200 self-defense and $1 in bullets would've saved the taxslaves $5-million on these murder trials and death sentences. Newsom was out hunting animals, so why not carry a gun to protect against human predators?

Who has incentive to manufacture criminals for profit of the police state? Who imports the cocaine and heroin? Who invaded Afghanistan to increase heroin production 1,200%? Who got convicted of runnin coke in Iran-Contra? Who ran Mena Arkansas?

Which president got his cocaine conviction expunged and was demoted from pilot to mail clerk for AWOL during a drug test, in addition to a DUI conviction? Which president just wrote a book confessing his addiction to pot and coke? Which First Lady was named Dime Bag Laura according to Kitty Kelly and her army of lawyers?

Any drug dealer could argue Equal Protection doctrine under the 14th Amendment, citing Iran-Contra as a defense. THAT'S how you legalize drugs in USA today, which would put all the gangsters out of business, and cut the murder rate 90%.

Instead city council bans self defense in Victim Disarmament Zones, in violation of US Constitution and US Supreme Court in Heller v DC. Better to defend a $50 civil ticket than dial 911 and die.

Cobbins suddenly pleads guilty as trial continues

There's been zero explanation of The Law in this case, since mere citizens and jurors are always considered too stupid to comprehend the English language (but they will be arrested if they disobey this legal fiction they're too stupid to understand).

So we have no idea if the defense chose a valid strategy to plead guilty to lesser charges, or if they intentionally threw their scum client under the bus, as "public defenders" have a habit of doing as employees of the State.

Glad to see the media pool video stream considers mere adults too immature to handle seeing photos of the crime scene. Or is that due to a judge's order that mere citizens are too stupid to comprehend? Or social engineering to keep sheeple from wanting to own firearms for self defense?

This trial proves that all parents should take their kids to a gun range TODAY to sign up for concealed carry class and buy them their first handgun. That $300 investment would've saved the taxslaves $5-million in this case.

The Pentagon sends 17-year-old girls to shoot full-auto machine guns and die in combat, so it's time for 14th Amendment Equal Protection doctrine to allow all 17-year-olds to carry guns in public. All public schools should be required to teach firearm skills with marksmanship teams (homicidal 1st-person-shooter video games designed by the Pentagon don't count, which is where cops learn how to shoot all dogs even chijuajuas).

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