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Psychotic, lying, whoring skank sues Google blog for libel

Skank stabbed in bar fight

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Example of Google search poisoning

Florida state troopers say all cops are career criminals

Illegal Police Quotas in Knoxville Tennessee

"It is illegal for law enforcement agencies to issue quotas for citations or arrests of individuals. The Fraternal Order of Police strongly disagrees with this illegal action and respectfully requests you rescind this action of supervisors at the Knoxville Police Department. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's still a duck. It's a quota."
-Edward Daniel, attorney for FOP and former KPD officer

"I was put under pressure. It was like a race. How many more people can we get today?"
-KPD police officer under arrest for falsifying evidence, describing the government's illegal quota

"Cops have a quota system."
-Sgt. James Eagan, New York State Police, from his book, A Speeder's Guide to Avoiding Tickets

FHP trooper says he was fired for not writing enough tickets

Illegal quote of 108 tickets per month

By Brant James
St Petersburg Times
August 10, 2009

LARGO — For drivers, it's a perennial cause for suspicion: Do police have a ticket quota? Are state troopers targeting speeders to meet that number?

The Florida Highway Patrol says absolutely not — ticket quotas are against policy.

But a former trooper based in Pinellas County says that's not true. Christopher Maul, who spent 12 years with the FHP, says he was fired in June for not writing enough tickets.

"The only reason I can see why I was fired was I didn't write enough tickets," said Maul, 38, who lives in Largo.


The FHP disputes that, saying Maul was fired for failing to meet performance standards. How many tickets a trooper writes is merely used to measure productivity, as is how much they assist motorists and work accidents, said Col. John Czernis, director of the Florida Highway Patrol.

Ticket quotas violate FHP policy, Czernis said.

"The bottom line is, there is no need for a quota system because there are all kinds of violations out there all day and night,'' he said.

But the number of tickets Maul wrote was frequently cited in a lengthy June memo laying out the case for his dismissal. Maul was four months short of completing a mandatory probation after leaving briefly for the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office and returning to the FHP.

Maul received a positive review earlier in June from his immediate supervisor. Later, an FHP major told Maul he was rescinding the evaluation because it did not "accurately reflect" his performance.

Maj. Ryan Burchnell noted that Maul wrote "only 63 citations, 22 warnings and eight faulty equipment notices while working 56 traffic crashes." And he wrote only 16 citations in December, Burchnell noted.

Maul, who said he didn't have radar in his police car for part of that period, improved his numbers as the months wore on, from 33 in January to 53 in April. Not good enough, Burchnell concluded: "Trooper Maul's citation-issuance has been substandard."

A captain for the area Maul patrolled sent Burchnell an e-mail saying that Maul's supervisors believe he has "a good work ethic.'' Burchnell was not swayed and demanded a new evaluation.

The head of the union representing troopers said the FHP is using Maul to set an example for other troopers.

"Chris was an easy kill," said Bill Smith, who heads the Police Benevolent Association FHP Chapter. "Because he was on probation, they picked on him. It's too hard and takes too much effort to get somebody else not on probation."

The FHP says that doesn't prove there's a ticket quota.

• • •

Maul spent 12 years with the FHP before leaving for the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office in January 2008. He was laid off a few months later because of budget cuts. He was offered a job with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office but took a $37,000-a-year trooper job with the FHP in October to be closer to his Largo home and familiar colleagues in Pinellas.

"They didn't have to take him back," said Frank Burke, of the troopers union. "If they didn't want him back, why take him?"

During his probation, Maul's immediate supervisor, Sgt. Raymond Ada, concluded that Maul was meeting or exceeding expectations.

Capt. Robert French scrawled "keep up the good work'' on a February review that read: "Trooper Maul is a good trooper with a lot of experience. I do not foresee him having any difficulty in completing his probationary period."

Burchnell disagreed and set about to change Maul's evaluations.

In an e-mail exchange, Burchnell told Capt. Urana Harris: "I am going to hold the supervisors accountable, which means you.'' He added that Maul "is not cutting it."

Burchnell told Harris to submit another evaluation "when you know I will accept it."

In a June 9 memo, Harris said she discussed with Maul the rescinding of the positive evaluation and his job performance, specifically his possible misrepresentation of how he logged the hours of his daily activities and his efforts in "proactive law enforcement."

Maul says Harris stressed his ticket-writing activities. In response, he wrote 12 speeding citations, two seat-belt violations and two warnings in the next five days before taking a scheduled leave.

Maul was fired June 23. In a letter explaining the termination, Burchnell contended that Maul's first stint with the FHP was sub-standard and that he should not have been rehired.

But Maul's personnel file is filled with positive performance evaluations.

There were some complaints about small errors in accident reports, but also letters of thanks from families of accident victims with whom Maul had interacted.

He met expectations in conduct, approach and professionalism, and was noted for his high number of DUI arrests. He got a similar review on May 18, and was said to be exceeding expectations in some areas.

But his final review — the one ordered by Burchnell — showed he was not meeting expectations.

"What they've done is created pressure for tickets," said Smith, the union official. "You put enough pressure on people and it'll work."

• • •

Allegations of quotas for law enforcement are not new.

A Pittsburgh Post-Gazette investigation revealed a push for more citations in the Pennsylvania State Police in 2002.

Michael Hennessy, a 22-year veteran of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, filed a whistle-blower lawsuit in Broward County in October, claiming he was being retaliated against for revealing a quota for arrests and citations within the force. The case has not gone to trial.

Burke and Smith have another issue with the way Maul was fired.

They contend the FHP broke a state Department of Management Services rule that forbids performance evaluations from being "changed by a higher level authority.''

Burchnell could not be reached for comment. Czernis declined to specifically address Maul's work history or dismissal, but repeatedly stressed trooper work ethic in an interview with the St. Petersburg Times.

"You expect an honest day's work at the pay you've agreed upon," Czernis said. "The big difference in our job is, if we don't do our job, people die, and that's the whole crux of the whole thing."

Maul, unemployed and engaged to be married, says getting fired doesn't make finding a job any easier. But he doesn't really want a different job.

"I want them to hire me back," Maul said. "I didn't do anything wrong."

Times researcher Caryn Baird contributed to this report. Brant James can be reached at or 727-893-8804.


cop from tampa: We have quotas and you have to write tickets.

I was suspended from working any and all hireback in 2007 by a Troop Commander. His reason? Not enough tickets written! I lost over $3500 in the time of the suspension, fought it with the Union (IUPA) and it is currently under settlement proceedings.

Since taking his position as major in Troop C, Ryan Burchnell has done much to hurt the already wavering morale of troopers. This latest stunt concerning Trooper Maul is only one of many things Burchnell has done to isolate himself and work towards his next promotion. Burchnell not only threatened Maul's job for not writing enough citations, but several other probationary troopers as well. When asked how many citations they should be issuing to keep Burchnell happy, he refused to put anything in writing, knowing of course that would be against FHP policy and Florida law. However, he has no problem looking at a trooper and telling them verbally their job is in jeopardy unless they write 20 more tickets which in the case of one particular trooper would total 108 citations each month. So there is your quota courtesy of Burchnell, unless of course you are a motorcycle officer in which case you are required to write 250 citations per month or lose your position. The end result: trooper.

"We don't have quotas; we just make sure you are writing enough tickets." Can you say classic Orwellian double speak? This is more proof that LE is about money and not safety. With all the federal funding FHP receives, there is no reason for quotas.

Another thought - if they can send you a ticket based on a photograph of you running a red light, why does a trooper have to PULL YOU OVER in rush hour traffic to write you a speeding ticket? Why can't he just mail the speed demons their tickets?

Ticket QUOTAs,CAMERA QUOTAs,is he serious?Will these TAX PAYER FNDED EMPLOYEES do what ever it takes to rake in the bucks from the poor slobs who are trying to survive from day to day--oh no !The game of life is simple.Want answers?LOOK for the $$$$$

No quota my ass. If you want to ticket me for speeding, then fine. But don't be in the oncoming lane doing 15-20 mph OVER the speed limit yourself, and then hit the brakes and pull me over. I know, you were going to an emergency. RIGGHTT.

Well I think the majority of us know that indeed there is a Quota. But if officers and higher ups are still willing to lie about it so openly, then i ask, what else wouldnt they lie about??........EXACTLY, very SCARY!! Hope he gets his job back

So is it about making us safer or generating revenue??? Seems like the cynical side would win this argument. More proof, LE isn't out to protect us, they are protecting themselves....

Let's face it folks. In todays economy, criminals financially drain and traffic tickets add vital funding. It seems to be policy to leave the felons alone and go after misdemeaners.

We have no quotas, I can write as many tickets as I like...

The cops can write as many tickets for trafic violation as they can. Are trafic violations the biggest danger to the citizens. Probably not. They also represent a easy place to take money from the People. I wish the worst for the people who practise this

Don't let them kid you. They mght not call it a quota. There is pressure put on police officers regarding tickets. Tickets mean MONEY. Today there is more pressure than ever because of the economy.

Tickets are purely revenue generation. If the traffic cops wanted to prevent crashes, they'd be in the obvious areas, and not hiding on empty roads and HOA thoroughfares.

If it looks like a duck, quacks like and walks like a duck, it's probably a.......egotistical, lying, abusive government employee. You'll have to decide which one.

he didn't hate the public enough so he was fired

Ticket quotas are against the law in Florida so FHP will never admit to using them. The last thing I want are officers writing tickets like robots just to meet their quota. While they are busy writing mom & pop for 7 over lunatic cops pass them at 25+

Boy, the FHP must really think we're all so stupid enough to believe their BS about not having quota's. If there should be any kind of quota's, it should be that X-amount of gang members, and other violent people are arrested every month or so but

Burchnell is a product of the corrupt FL "good ole boy" system. His father-in-law was well-connected in the FHP. Want to see what real uncensored FHP think of the major? Go to and look for the FHP board. They HATE that guy.

Steve from Ocala: that quota joke is so funny. Ha Ha ha. 'we can right as many tickets as we want.' YEHAA! Never heard that one before.

We all knew it. This confirms our suspiscions. You don't need a written rule to create "policy." This is why I greet the PBA and the Troopers who ask for money on the phone with profanity and verbal abuse. They can get their money if they want it.

He wants his job back, so I guess he's ok with ticket quotas (which officially don't exist).

I knew Maul-a good and concientious man. Worked mostly nights, and locked up a LOT of drunk drivers. Unfortunately, for FHP, one drunk arrrrest equals one citation. If Maul had played the game, he would ignore the drunks, and write only movers.

Major Burchnell is a disgrace and despicable in his actions. The FHP should of discharged him for conduct unbecoming an Officer and for violating a Trooper's rights, and for false evaluations demanded from Officers over Maul. It's sickening.

I've seen many more police out hiding in medians lately in order to give more tickets. I have also seen motorcycle cops weaving in and out of traffic to look in windows to nail people for seatbelt violations. The fuzz is full of bull.

Hum...22 warning's, well I think he's getting punished for being a good guy! Everyone knows that cops, and FHP has quota's, it's no big secret! I agree, this trooper should be reinstated!!

41st Precinct: formula was this, accident + location + contributing factor e.g. running stop sign = five movers for fail to stop. we had cops assigned to enforce that. every one else had to get the verbal numbers eg. 10 movers 30 parkers per month or lose your seat

Ticket quotas or Racketeering? Sounds like a RICO suit. Cops are supposed to enforce the law, not generate revenue. I a all for keeping the roads safe, but quotas make cops into toll trolls.

While police hover to wait for a parking meeter to run out to ticket 1 minute over time (true story) or bust speeding at 7 miles over limit (true), a wife is being beaten, a child neglected, a dog abused, a drug sale, a burglary, panhandling!!!

Maj. Ryan Burchnell needs to be investigated by an outside agency as he may have violated state laws. As a former law enforcement officer, I can assure you that they do have a quota for traffic violations. It is called "activity" to confuse people.

Definately plenty of speeders out there for him to catch. I passed at least 30 of them this morning on my way to work!

If they dont have so many tickets to write, why do we often find cops hiding to issue tickets??????

Traffic enforcement is told to "increase customer contacts" not meet quotas. Take a drive anywhere and you'll see that there is a great opportunity to "increase customer contacts" and turn the patrols into profit centers. Make 'em pay!

Revenue from traffic tickets is counted as income for purposes of drafting city, county and state budgets so they HAVE to know ahead of time more or less how much they can "count" on in the coming year - wink, wink...

Semantics, performance and quota. I see a lot of these Troopers and they all have an attitude, superior to the citizen. Too bad you have to do your job, but with all the violations on the road I do not see why it is hard to meet the quota.

Tickets = Money!!!! Gotta work harder big guy!!!

If there's ten good honest, truthful, sincere ethical law enforcement officers out of 100 it would be a miracle. It's important to weed out Good COPS in order to protect the Lack of Integrity among the Group of BAD COPS. Christopher MAUL Stand TALL!!

"We don't have quotas, we have 'performance standards'." Wow! talk about parsing. How about "It's not cow flop it's manure". As the Bard said "A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet".

Typical-actually get someone who does his job and then get rid of em' because he does his job. Gotta love state goverment

FHP as well as most law enforcement agencies are basically tax collectors with guns.Remember its not "To serve and protect" its "To stop and collect".

There are plenty of news stories the Times could come up with as it relates to FHP management in the Tampa area. Complete misuse of resources and a ton of "special" enforcement details to inflate the numbers. Everyone is leaving FHP because of him

They can deny quotas all they want. I believe there are quotas especially now with the state budget and the county budgets being in the shape they are. Come on FHP just be honest!!!

With all of the crooked cops on the force you need to get rid of good cops they give bad cops a bad name.! Absolute power absolutely corrupts and that is what has happened in all of Florida police departments.

The rest of the force should retaliate by not writing any tickets untill this guy is fired and the officer reinstated.

Thank God they dont have a quota on bullets fired at civilians!

Constitutional Right to Travel without a Driver License Contract - 75% of Judges Lack a License to Practice Law

Are Cops Constitutional?

Tortured by Copsters in Tennessee

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Live video of 2nd Amendment trial of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom murders

Knoxville city council recently banned guns in city parks, in violation of the US Constitution, Tennessee Constitution and US Supreme Court in Heller v DC. What happens when only criminals have guns?


WARNING: This is video of the murder trial in progress for Letalvis Cobbins. Cobbins is accused in the abduction, rape, torture and murder of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom.

This is live video and is not an edited program. It is likely to contain graphic testimony, images, and descriptions of a violent crime. Please be advised.


Carjacked while kissing his girlfriend outside her apartment. He didn't carry a gun, and had probably never fired a gun in his life. The first time the girl fired a gun was when she was forced to shoot her boyfriend in the head after he was raped.

Green is twisting the knife, showing KPD could have gone to Chipman 2 a.m. Mon but waited till Tues afternoon.

Live Twitter from inside courtroom:

Police testimony yesterrday and today in this trial proved police REFUSED to issue a BOLO or Amber Alert, since that is never done for missing adults. Besides, KPD was too busy writing 200,000 annual traffic tickets against the 160,000 residents of Knoxville TN. Where's a redlight camera when you need one?

BTW, the 4 defendants are black, 2 victims are white, jury is mostly black bussed in from Nashville. No national media coverage.

Video highlights from Day 2 of trial - Female witness tearfully testifies she thought it could've been her that was killed, since the brother of the defendant routinely beat her, choked her and threatened to kill her. Drug dealer Vincent "The Worm" Wernimont testified the feds cut him a deal of immunity to testify against the defendants, and got to say the F-word as hearsay in court, later repeated by the prosecutor.

Crenshaw explained that KPD policy requires a second identification from another analyst to consider it valid. But he called lead Investigator Todd Childress with the news anyway.

"When you called Detective Childress and told him, 'Hey, I've got a match,' did anyone from the Knoxville Police Department respond to 2316 Chipman Street?" defense attorney Scott Green asked.

"No," Crenshaw said.

As a civilian officer, Crenshaw had no authority to pursue the lead himself. The print was verified by a second analyst the next morning - nearly 20 hours after the 4Runner was found by Christian's family a stone's throw away from that same house.

It would be nearly seven more hours before police - armed with a search warrant - went to the house. KPD Sgt. Keith Debow said he found Christian's body inside a trash can in the kitchen. Prior testimony has shown she probably had been dead since late evening on Jan. 7, 2007.

That's when they went missing.

They were overdue at a get-together and neither was answering calls.

"Everybody was calling her and Newsom," Christian's best friend, Kara Sowards, testified Monday. "I tried to call her repeatedly, so I was getting frustrated. We all kind of were."

That frustration turned to fear when, the next day, Christian failed to show up for work and their friends discovered his truck still parked at Sowards' Washington Ridge apartment and Christian's sport utility vehicle gone.

Newsom's parents, Mary and Hugh Newsom, phoned authorities, as did Christian's parents, Gary and Deena Christian. But these were missing adults and, college-aged at that, and authorities figured they'd turn up soon. The parents phoned area hospitals to no avail.

Hours later on a frosty, overcast January 2007 day, Norfolk Southern train engineer J.D. Ford would discover a charred body alongside the tracks near Chipman Street. By nightfall, Gary Christian and son, Chase Christian, would find Channon's 4Runner in the same area.

Dial 911 and die...

Observations by Pirate News

xyratn writes: I too would like to know when exactly YOU worked a case as MAJOR as this one!! Seriously...they already stated that there were some 20,000+ pieces of paperwork on this thing. I'm sure these officers & detectives have gone to bed EVERY night since this all started wondering what they could have missed, what they should have done different, what they WISH they hadn't seen to begin with!!

One detective on this case is reported by KNS as Ryan Flores, who I filed felony charges and sued 2 class actions against for his part in a massive cartheft ring run by KPD, KCSO, city court and their towing contractors. Over 100 towing contractors were fired for "fraud on 100% of their contracts" according to city council who sued their own contractors in a 3rd class action, and the city court administrator was fired, but no cops went to jail, and I never got my stolen cars back. And flores got promoted to dick.

Knox sheriff Joe Jenkins was jailed for stealing $1-million in cars per night to feed his coke addiction. Fired Knox sheriff Teflon Tim stole cars from West Town Mall with convicted copkiller towtrucker Roy Lee Clark, according to sheriff JJ Jones as confessed by Hutchinson on the front page of Knoxville News Sentinel. Hutch als had 6 criminal convictions for perjury as sheriff, rented an airport from a convicted dope dealer, and built 400 houses with his convicted felon business parter without a license as sheriff, yet he testifies in this murder case?

Why did this crime happen?

columco writes: Could Davidson have been out to trash some white people because he'd been dumped by his white girlfriend?

Wonder if that's how this all started.

That and drug overdose/withdrawal plus prison skoolin against white gangs. Wonder if the defense will argue that?

Too bad lack of investment in $200 self-defense and $1 in bullets would've saved the taxslaves $5-million on these murder trials and death sentences. Newsom was out hunting animals, so why not carry a gun to protect against human predators?

Who has incentive to manufacture criminals for profit of the police state? Who imports the cocaine and heroin? Who invaded Afghanistan to increase heroin production 1,200%? Who got convicted of runnin coke in Iran-Contra? Who ran Mena Arkansas?

Which president got his cocaine conviction expunged and was demoted from pilot to mail clerk for AWOL during a drug test, in addition to a DUI conviction? Which president just wrote a book confessing his addiction to pot and coke? Which First Lady was named Dime Bag Laura according to Kitty Kelly and her army of lawyers?

Any drug dealer could argue Equal Protection doctrine under the 14th Amendment, citing Iran-Contra as a defense. THAT'S how you legalize drugs in USA today, which would put all the gangsters out of business, and cut the murder rate 90%.

Instead city council bans self defense in Victim Disarmament Zones, in violation of US Constitution and US Supreme Court in Heller v DC. Better to defend a $50 civil ticket than dial 911 and die.

Cobbins suddenly pleads guilty as trial continues

There's been zero explanation of The Law in this case, since mere citizens and jurors are always considered too stupid to comprehend the English language (but they will be arrested if they disobey this legal fiction they're too stupid to understand).

So we have no idea if the defense chose a valid strategy to plead guilty to lesser charges, or if they intentionally threw their scum client under the bus, as "public defenders" have a habit of doing as employees of the State.

Glad to see the media pool video stream considers mere adults too immature to handle seeing photos of the crime scene. Or is that due to a judge's order that mere citizens are too stupid to comprehend? Or social engineering to keep sheeple from wanting to own firearms for self defense?

This trial proves that all parents should take their kids to a gun range TODAY to sign up for concealed carry class and buy them their first handgun. That $300 investment would've saved the taxslaves $5-million in this case.

The Pentagon sends 17-year-old girls to shoot full-auto machine guns and die in combat, so it's time for 14th Amendment Equal Protection doctrine to allow all 17-year-olds to carry guns in public. All public schools should be required to teach firearm skills with marksmanship teams (homicidal 1st-person-shooter video games designed by the Pentagon don't count, which is where cops learn how to shoot all dogs even chijuajuas).

Monday, August 3, 2009

Charges Dismissed Against Accused Shooter of Redlight Camera


By John Lee
Pirate News TV Exclusive
Pirate News Radio on WBCR 1470am
3 August 2009


Cliff Clark was stalked and beaten on the head by a gang of undercover cops or informants whom the Knox sheriff refuses to arrest and Knox DA refuses to prosecute. Did this beating cause 3 massive strokes AS CLIFF WARNED MIGHT HAPPEN

"If I’m found floating face down in the river or murdered ('apparent suicide') in a jail cell on some bogus charge, you’ll know it was the sheriff’s department working in concert with the University of Tennessee."
-Clifford Clark,

UPDATE CHRISTMAS EVE 2011 -- TN Court of Appeals: Cars can be searched for invisible guns w/o PC or search warrant, cops can destroy all evidence, prosecutors are now defense lawyers in Cliff Clark case. One judge in this case -- Richard Baumgardner -- has already been arrested, convicted and disbarred for being doped up during this trial and banging his dope dealer in judges chambers during the trial. 1000s of convictions will now be overturned, including 5 mass-murder convictions last week. Read the 1200-page police report, probably a result of the Dragonater's investigative report of this judge's bizarre courtroom ruling that videotaping clothed adults at a public swimming pool is now "kiddie porn". The AG condoned the judge's intoxication in order to extort bogus convictions, according to eyewitnesses in the news. This ex-judge also refused to allow exhumation of the corpse of the former AG to protect co-conspirators, during his widow's murder trial (both murder convictions also to be overturned?), as seen on Court TV.

UPDATE 9 OCTOBER 2009 - Clifford Clark has now had a "massive stroke" and was in ICU after brain surgery. His other trial dates were cancelled in October 2009 and moved to January 2010, or later. He may have had the potentially fatal side effect of hypertension spike by serotonin syndrome from normal use of prescription meds. Such is the stress of an innocent person framed by crooked Big Brothers who refuse to obey The Law. Why does Judge Liebowitz refuse to dismiss false charges until one week before trial? Because government "cannot dismiss charges against innocent people without risk of being sued" for false arrest, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution, says Judge Wayne Henry.

New Trial Date Due to Stroke page 1
New Trial Date Due to Stroke page 2

Order for Sanctions Against Pirate News 17 Sept 09
Page 1 -- Page 2 -- Page 3 -- Page 4
Note the lack of certificate of service upon John Lee, prima facie proof of perjury and contempt of court by attorneys for WBIR, Knoxville News Sentinel, City of Knoxville law director and court clerk, which is a $125 fine plus court costs for each unserved document, paid to John Lee, per TN Code 22-2-103. This order is a violation of the Tennessee Open Records Act, TN Code Title 10 Chapter VII, TN Code 10-7-505. John Lee first obtained this order on 9 October 2009, after reading the file of State v Clark at the Knox County Criminal Court clerk office, but this order was not in the file. Upon asking the clerk to check the judge's chambers, this order appeared, without cost (no cost is allowed for "served" documents). Entry of judgment cannot take place until the order is served, which is 9 October 2009, not 17 September 2009. On 24 September 2009, Cliff Clark's lawyer Ron Newcomb was notified that Mr. Clark had a stroke, and a motion for continuance of trial date was filed on 30 September 2009. John Lee was first "notified" of Mr. Clark's stroke on 9 October 2009, by reading the court file.


UPDATE: Intervenor Pirate News subpoenaed Knoxville city attorney Debbie Poplin, Knoxville News Sentinel editor Don Jacobs and WBIR TV general manager Jeff Lee to testify in court re taxdollars paid for propaganda purposes for redlight cameras. KNS was already paid a $20-million grant by City of Knoxville, and was seeking a $1-billion grant for Scripps Howards' Universe Knoxville HQ. Subpoenas served 4 Sept 2009 for hearing on 9/11/2009, with First Amendment appellate brief filed regarding the ban of Pirate News TV from the courtroom in State v Clark.

UPDATE: "Accused camera shooter says cops did it" - Knoxville Journal accurately reports the news of this case. This was published the same day as John Lee's brother's client sued Judge Bill Swann for $1-million libel, in a jury trial the same day as shut down at domain renewal paid six months ago and robots.txt file hacked at Email also blocked on day of libel trial and newspaper article by "upstream" complaint again at, and Comcast shut off broadband ISP and phone. The libel trial was scheduled same day as Cliff Clark's jury trial that was dismissed, but is continued to July 2010...

UPDATE: Reporters Committee on Freedom of the Press reports on the courtroom ban of Pirate News in this case - Was the ban of Pirate News from public access TV also due to broadcasting from inside the courtroom in this case? Order banning Pirate News TV signed by Judge Mary Beth Liebowitz, Transcript of 1 July 2009 hearing to ban Pirate News TV. Note that four previous judges ordered that Pirate News TV was "legitimate media" in this case. In a prior murder trial of a serial-killing mass-murdering hitman assassin with a prior murder conviction employed as a drug-dealing informant for police, Judge Liebowitz denied a defense motion banning Pirate News from the courtroom, after WBIR TV broadcast an interview with John Lee and a photo of the victim taken by John Lee. Judge Liebowitz ordered that "I will not ban Mr Lee from this courtroom. This is the People's court, not the defendant's court."

UPDATE: First Amendment Brief for Media Access by Intervenor Pirate News - Pirate News TV banned from court by the State and Judge Liebowitz who say public access TV is not "legitimate news media", Constitution be damned. 50-page appeal brief filed 4 Sept 09

UPDATE: Affidavit in Support of Motion to Alter or Amend Judgment by Intervenor Pirate News - Filed 4 Sept 09

UPDATE: Media Request Motion by Intervenor Pirate News - Filed 4 Sept 09

UPDATE: Proposed Order for Media Request by Intervenor Pirate News - Filed 4 Sept 09

UPDATE: Proposed Order to Correct Clerical Mistake by Intervenor Pirate News - Filed 4 Sept 09

UPDATE: Notice of Interlocutory Appeal by Intervenor Pirate News - Filed with the trial court for court clerk to prepare record for Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals, with Motion to Correct Clerical Mistake for court clerk failing to serve process by mail of Order to ban Pirate News TV, with Motion for Entry of Judgment.

UPDATE: Affidavit in Support of Notice of Appeal by Intervenor Pirate News - For the first time in this case, the official court record will clearly show that a Knox County deputy sheriff confessed to shooting a redlight camera.

UPDATE: 1-hour interview by John Lee on WBCR 1470 am discussing this case - Note the ban of all email, internet, phone and website of John Lee beginning the same day the judge signed the dismissal of Mr Clark's case.

KNOXVILLE, TENN. -- On Friday, Clifford Clark got a phone call from his lawyer. That is usually not a good way to start a weekend. But attorney Ron Newcomb was in a celebratory mood. It sounded more like an office party.

Newcomb declared that charges were dismissed against Clark in the redlight camera shooting case. Judge Mary Beth Liebowitz had signed the Order herself.

The jury trial had been scheduled to start on August 10th.

Some might call this a technical knockout by the defense. Others might say the United States Constitution is the law that keeps Big Brother in check. And that's exactly what Judge Liebowitz enforced in her order, along with a recent U.S. Supreme Court case, Arizona v. Gant.

"Even though these charges have been dismissed, I'm still going to grieve over this situation for awhile," Clark said. "It's quite a relief to have these charges dismissed. I hope that my exoneration will be as highly publicized as my arrest."

Charges of alleged criminal trespass and aggravated assault are still pending in two other trials for Mr. Clark. It is unknown how this dismissal will affect those cases.

Order of Dismissal, State v. Clifford Clark, Docket # 90252, Knox County Criminal Court, Division 3

John Lee is a freelance investigative journalist in Knoxville, Tennessee. To license hi-res video DVD and images of this exclusive interview, call 865-332-5715.

Video Transcript:

John Lee: How does it feel to win dismissal of this redlight case?

Clifford Clark: Of course it's a tremendous relief for me to have this particular aspect over with. I hope that my good name and reputation will be restored. I suppose time will tell if that's the case.

JL: How did your lawyer break the news to you?

CC: I received a phone call late Friday afternoon that the judge had dismissed all charges related to the redlight camera incident. Of course I couldn't hardly believe the news. It took awhile for it to sink in. My attorney, Ron Newcomb, did a superlative job, and I'd recommend his services to anyone.

JL: Did you shoot the redlight camera?

CC: No. I'd been asked this time and time again. I did not shoot the redlight camera. And I'm not quite certain if the redlight camera was shot. I never got to see the camera after this incident, or after these allegations. I got to see photos of pieces of equipment. So I'm not convinced that the incident took place as it was alleged.

JL: Did the camera housing disappear?

CC: Yes, many parts of the camera disappeared from evidence. The outside cover of the camera disappeared. That, of course, if the camera had been shot, that would have given ballistics evidence of trajectory, azimuth, et cetera, and that's gone. There are no bullets or bullet fragments amongst the evidence, which to me indicates that there was no shooting. Even if the bullets had disintegrated then the parts of the bullets would be within the camera housing. The official police report says three bullets entered the camera, and one bullet passed through, so there should still be fragments from three bullets. But no fragments exist, no bullets or bullet fragments exist. So I'm reluctant to believe that either the camera was shot, or very certainly, I did not shoot that camera or any other camera.

JL: Who do you believe actually shot the camera?

CC: I think it was the police. If that camera was shot, I can only believe it was the police who shot that camera.

JL: Why do you believe that?

CC: Every time a camera is damaged, the City of Knoxville pays the camera operators reimbursment for that damage. Which means destroying those cameras is profitable for the camera company itself. Another story in Washington, D.C. had the camera operators commissioning people to steal their cameras, so they could bill back the cost to the city as the leasee who is responsible for the cost of those cameras.

JL: Did you subpoena anybody who had evidence that a police officer had shot the cameras?

CC: Absolutely. I don't want to use his name on camera. But there was a witness, actually more than one witness, that has said publicly that deputies were responsible for other redlight cameras being shot. Of course, now the trial and charges have been dismissed.
So at least for the moment we're not going to hear that testimony.

JL: You did subpoena one of those witnesses?

CC: Absolutely. The subpoena was issued for a witness who has said that a deputy had shot that camera, or had shot a redlight camera.

JL: Can we see your Happy Dance for Victory?

CC: No. I'm very grateful that this episode is over. But I'm not one to gloat. I've suffered a lot during the past two years. Some people have been very supportive and I'm grateful for their support. But there's also been a minority of people who have been very cruel to me for the past two years.

Copyright John Lee

Backup video

See also:

Client pays lawyer with kidney donation

PS: Knox deputies already pay $15,000 bribes to their supervisor for promotion to SGT, and $25,000 bribe to their boss for promotion to LT. The previous Knox sheriff Teflon Tim Hutchinson was fired for election fraud, was convicted of 6 counts of perjury as sheriff, built 400 houses as sheriff with his convicted felon partner without a license, rented an airport from a convicted dope dealer, and stole cars from shopping malls with convicted copkiller towtrucker Roy Lee Clark. The previous sheriff Joe Jenkins was sent to prison for stealing $1-million in cars per day from car dealerships.

Accused camera shooter says cops did it

By Scott Brooks
The Knoxville Journal
August 10, 2009

A Knoxville man accused of shooting a red-light camera has a new theory about the crime.

Charges against Clifford Clark III were dismissed on July 30.

Clark was accused of firing several shots which destroyed the camera at the intersection of Broadway and I-640 in Nov. 2007.

He was arrested a short time later after police stopped his car near the scene.

But Judge Mary Beth Leibowitz dismissed the charges of vandalism and reckless endangerment.

Her order states that the arresting officers "immediately took action to search the vehicle without the benefit of any search warrant, nor was there any written consent to search."

The judge also said evidence, particularly the damaged camera, was no longer available.

"The state was unable to produce the evidence... after inquiring has determined that some of the evidence is gone and some has apparently been recycled for use."

The defense was then unable to examine the camera parts or do further testing on the items.

In an interview with freelance journalist John Lee, Clark said it's a "tremendous relief" to have the case dismissed.

The interview is posted on YouTube.

Clark denies firing any shots at the camera and offers this suggestion in the interview: "I think it was the police. If that camera was shot, I can only believe it was the police who shot the camera."

Clark alluded to a conspiracy in which the camera operators get paid by the City of Knoxville for every damaged camera.

He did not offer any evidence as to why police would help the camera companies.

But Clark did say he subpoenaed at least one former Knox County Sheriff's deputy who would have testified that officers have in fact damaged cameras in the past.

Knox County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Martha Dooley said the Sheriff can't make any comments because Clark has other criminal charges pending.

"As long as this is still in the court system, we really can't say anything"; Dooley said.

Clark still faces unrelated charges of criminal trespass and allegedly pointing a shotgun at Knox County officers.

Those cases are set for trial in the fall.

1-hour interview on WBCR radio about the Cliff Clark case:


Order of Dismissal - Signed 30 July 2009, with Mr Clark's attorney and Knoxville News Sentinel put on notice of dismissal on Friday 31 July. Don Jacobs at Knoxville News Sentineal refused to run a story on it, until Pirate News TV broke the story on Monday 3 August, then it was immediately reported by all news corporations in Knoxville. News Sentinel made it their front page story, quoting this interview by Pirate News, without attribution or licensing payment, censoring the fact that a Knox County deputy confessed to shooting a redlight camera as would be testified at trial, of course. When I hand-delivered this news story to the News Sentinel, Don Jacobs said, "He's guilty, he just got off on a technicality." I replied, "The US Constitution is not a mere technicality, it's The Law. The constitutions are the only thing standing between The People and a Police State." Mr Jacobs had to agree with that.

The TV news cartel censored this video interview and transcript that was personally delivered to them to break this story, and failed to report that a Knox County deputy sheriff has confessed to shooting at least one Redflex redlight camera.

The case against Mr Clark was dismissed immediately upon Mr Clark's subpoena of that eyewitness to the confession by a deputy, using a pretext of a motion to suppress and dismiss that Judge Liebowitz had previously overruled. Coincidence? Why don't the corporate media cartel investigate the fact that a Knox deputy confessed to shooting redlight cameras? All news corporations were given a copy of that subpoena of the Knox County deputy who eyewitnessed that confession. Mr Clark never confessed, yet he was prosecuted.

All deputies carry a multitude of loaded firearms at all times, including high-powered assault rifles, both on and off duty, and many own hunting rifles and carry them in their vehicles.

UPDATE: Reporters Committee on Freedom of the Press reports on the ban of Pirate News in this case

Why don't the local "legitimate media" report that Pirate News TV was banned by Judge Liebowitz from the Clark trials, after four prior judges in Mr Clark's trials ordered that Pirate News TV is allowed to videotape and broadcast all hearings and trials? What is the State trying to hide from the People?

Transcript of 1 July 2009 hearing to ban Pirate News TV.

Why did WBIR testify against Pirate News TV in this trial, seeking to bar Pirate News from broadcasting all hearings and trials on public access TV and the internet, uncut and uncensored, by claiming that two years of weekly public access TV about a multitude of subjects is a "private documentary by Clifford Clark"? Does WBIR fear REAL competition?

Why would Mr Clark shoot a redlight camera when all lawyers, judges and politicians agree that the best legal defense to a redlight camera ticket is to throw it in the trash and ignore it? Mr Clark never got a redlight ticket for nearly two years in this case. Judge Liebowitz testified in this case that she got a camera ticket, so did she throw her ticket in the trash?

Note that KPD has a long history of running cartheft rackets out of KPD Impound Lot, with vehicles disappearing for days, weeks, months and years, some never to be seen again, such as two cars stolen from John Lee. The first car was stolen by KPD within six hours of the owner of Knoxville Journal phoning to warn John Lee to remove his name from a byline that week, about a police-approved murder of KPD officer Tony Williams, and KPD's DUI transcript of KPD chief Phil Keith, or risk retaliation from KPD. As a result of Mr Lee's litigation, over 100 KPD towing contractors were fired, the city court clerk was fired, three class actions were filed including one by the City of Knoxville against its own towing contractors, and felony charges were filed against KPD and its towing contractors, as a result of litigation by Mr Lee, which resulted in the founding of Pirate News. But of course government employees are virtually immune from prosecution in Knox County, Tennessee, so no arrests were made in that organized crime case.

See also:

WBIR TV - Case dismissed: Search of accused redlight shooter's car unlawful - All comments by Pirate News were deleted and censored including this video interview of the defendant.

WATE TV - Judge drops case against accused Knoxville red light shooter

WVLT TV - Case against accused red light camera shooter dismissed

Knoxville News Sentinel - Judge Dismisses Charges in Redlight Camera Shooting - More than 75% of the comments were censored by KNS, including Pirate News quotes by Redflex and Lasercraft confessing to being foreign-owned, but at least the link to this video interview of Mr Clark remained...

Knoxville Journal

Maryville Daily Times

Kingsport Times

WREG TV in Memphis

The Tennessean

USA Today

Cliff Clark's website

Say Uncle

Top Gear Forum: Jay Leno Was Right

Ron Paul Forums

Ron Paul Forums

National Motorists Association

Pirate News TV broadcast archive in this case

Pirate News TV coverage of this case with scamera news archive

Jay Leno and BBC TV tell cheering audience to shoot all Gatso traffic cameras

City of Knoxville fires Redflex for suspected bribery and contract fraud - One week after Mr Clark's lawyer confirmed that a Knox County deputy confessed to shooting a Redflex camera...

NBC TV Tonight show host Jane Leno tells BBC TV Top Gear that Brits should shoot traffic cameras - BBC Jeremy Clarkson says "I have a gun" as crowd cheers...

Redlight Scamera Companies Bribe EACH Politician $72,000 per YEAR! - Over $35-million in bribes were paid by one company in one state...

Red Light Camera Makers Arrested for Fraud, 100 Police Commanders, Mayors, Bureaurats and Distributors Raided

Red Light Camera Makers Arrested for Fraud, 100 Police Commanders, Mayors, Bureaurats and Distributors Raided Again, Gatso Cameras Seized by Police

Florida county council illegally seizes homes for robocop redlight tickets - Never mind that Florida legislature outlawed traffic cameras...

$500,000 Knoxville Redflex invoice paid to National Australia Bank - Reported by

DC cops stole $178,000 from redlight camera contractors

1M govt employees avoid $35,000 tickets with secret license plates

Class action lawsuit to refund all redlight tickets in Knoxville TN

Gunfire destroys four speed cameras in Spain

Redflex and corrupt politicians facing federal criminal investigation

Redflex Facing FCC Criminal Investigation

Redflex under Postal Service Mail Fraud and Extortion

Redflex Procedural Manual breaks the law

Operation Northwoods - ABC News report on Pentagon and CIA plan to commit sniper attacks in USA to blame patsies

Operation Northwoods - DEclassified Pentagon and CIA plan to commit sniper attacks in USA to blame patsies

"Redflex Group is based in South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Redflex Holdings Limited was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in January 1997. Redflex Traffic Systems Inc has contracts with more then 130 USA cities, and is the largest provider of digital red light and speed enforcement services in North America."

"It is extremely easy to beat this type of ticket in court. Your easiest defense is to simply throw the ticket away. If it does not come with a return receipt that requires a signature, there is no proof that you actually got the ticket and they cannot prosecute you on that. What the legal system wants you to do is just send in the fine and not ask any questions. This can be a big money maker for some communities. One other form of defense to utilize on your behalf is the fact that when you are accused in court you must be faced by your accuser. Obviously the computer cannot appear in court as a defense method for the prosecution. Also, you do not have to identify yourself as the driver of the vehicle because it would violate your sixth amendment rights against self incrimination."
-Norman G. Fernandez, attorney at law, and Jes Beard, attorney at law in Chattanooga, Tennessee,, How to Beat a Speeding Ticket - Photo RADAR

"The speed cameras lining Valley freeways are clicking away and tickets are going out, but fewer drivers are paying the fines. When the photo-enforcement system was first implemented, about 34 percent of those who got tickets in the mail actually paid them. That number has since dropped to about 24 percent. Even as that number of those who pay drops, the Department of Public Safety is cracking down. According to DPS, there could be between 100 and 600 drivers who might have 15 or more outstanding photo citations. Dubbed "frequent fliers," those are the people DPS is going after, which includes serving hand-delivered tickets. Once violator received the ticket in the mail, they have 30 days to take action before they run the risk of being served. That action means paying the ticket, challenging it or informing DPS that the person who received the ticket is not actually the driver in the photo. There are those who go to extreme lengths to exercise that last option, which requires the person to send in a photocopy of his or her driver license. One person was even snapped wearing a monkey mask. He has been identified as Dave Vontesmar. What appears to be Vontesmar was snapped another time in a different mask. DPS said there nearly 40 such photos, all believed to be the same person.", Driver goes to extremes to not pay radar tickets, 8 Sept 09


Comcast shuts off internet and phone, email account banned after sending email to Reporters Committee from Freedom of the Press, censors reading and banning email in real-time...

10 August 2009


My website has been hacked and a fake robots.txt file has blocked archive of my site. Please remove that robots.txt instruction. I ALWAYS want my website archived.

Also today somebody hacked my domain name renewal for, so my site is missing. My files prove I paid that domain renewal fee in May2009.

Today is a $1-million jury trial against a judge by my brother's client. My archives about that judge and that case are now missing from my blocked website and from on the day of jury trial.

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Thanks for your help,

John Lee

Trial Set Again for Libel Suit Against Judge

by Scott Brooks
The Knoxville Journal
10 August 2009

A lawsuit filed against Fourth Circuit Court Judge William Swann in 2006 is finally set for trial.

Wendy Whitman Rose filed the suit against Judge Swann alleging that he made "false and malicious" statements about her during his 2006 re-election campaign.

Rose supported Swann's opponent, David Lee, in that contest.

Lee also represented Rose in her divorce.

During the campaign, Rose wrote an article critical of Judge Swann in City View Magazine.

The suit claims Swann responded using ads and other media interviews to discredit her.

Rose is seeking compensatory and punitive damages totaling $1 million.

The case had been postponed from July 2008 to allow time for more motions in the case.

The most recent motion, dated July 14, 2009, asks the court to dismiss the case on behalf of Swann.

The motion claims there is no evidence of intended malice, calling the charges "rhetorical hyperbole".

The case is still set to be heard by a jury on Aug. 11.

See also:

2008 trial date set for lawsuit involving judge - A trial date in a libel lawsuit against Fourth Circuit Court Judge William Swann that arose out of his re-election campaign has been set for next year. Circuit Court Judge Wheeler Rosenbalm has set the date for July 21, 2008. Lawyers estimated it would take three to five days to try the case. In other issues taken up in a brief hearing Friday, Rosenbalm declined a suggestion by one of the plaintiff's lawyers, John Herberson of Nashville, to consider appointing a mediator in the case. Herberson told Rosenbalm he is contemplating a revision of pending subpoenas of local news organizations for notes and tapes of the campaign. Rosenbalm then said he was going to quash all of the existing media subpoenas. Herberson has joined with Knoxville lawyer Russel Egli to represent the plaintiff, Wendy Whitman Rose, who alleges that she was libeled by comments in the news media that Swann had made in his re-election campaign last year. In the campaign, Rose supported and worked for Lee, who had represented her in her divorce case.

"10% of cops are honest, 10% are dishonest, and 80% wish they were honest."
-Detective Frank Serpico, NYPD, testimony to Knapp Commission

2. to steal; filch.
3. to buy (narcotics).
4. cop out, a. to avoid one's responsibility, the fulfillment of a promise, etc.; renege; back out.
b. cop a plea.
5. cop a plea, a. to plead guilty or confess in return for receiving a lighter sentence.
b. to plead guilty to a lesser charge as a means of bargaining one's way out of standing trial for a more serious charge; plea-bargain., Random House Unabridged Dictionary 2006

Another judge in the Cliff Clark case in the news

"Once a revered Knox County Criminal Court judge, Richard Baumgartner on Tuesday shuffled into a federal courtroom in shackles, accused of covering up the drug-trafficking crimes of the mistress he met via a Drug Court program he helped found. Baumgartner, who sent thousands of people to prison in his nearly two-decade-long tenure as judge, was arrested Tuesday as he drove away from his East Knox County farm and hauled into U.S. District Court with shackles on his feet and a chain wrapped around his belly and connected to handcuffs."
-Jamie Satterfield, Knoxville News Sentinel, Former Judge Richard Baumgartner faces 7 federal counts of failing to report felonious activity, May 16, 2012