Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Uncle Barack Is Not Black Says Black TV

Is President Obama Really Black? Fox13 Series: Memphis in Black & White

"You can call him a zebra, a mullato, just don't call him black -- a half breed, call him colored, but not black. He's not black, he's used black people, he's a liar, a pimp, a mack daddy. I want to see him fail."
-Pastor Manning

"Obama's only 6% African blood. Mostly Arab."
-Alex Jones, Infowars Radio, 7 April 2009

Obama to Make 12 Million Illegal Immigrants Legal - Obama wants “policy reform that controls immigration and makes it an orderly system,” said Cecilia Muñoz, deputy assistant to the president and director of intergovernmental affairs in the White House. Opponents of legalization legislation were incredulous at the idea that Mr. Obama would take on immigration when economic pain for Americans is so widespread. “It just doesn’t seem rational that any political leader would say, let’s give millions of foreign workers permanent access to U.S. jobs when we have millions of Americans looking for jobs,” said Roy Beck, executive director of NumbersUSA, a group that favors reduced immigration. Mr. Beck predicted that Mr. Obama would face “an explosion” if he proceeded this year. “It’s going to be, ‘You’re letting them keep that job, when I could have that job,’ ” he said.

Obama's G20 plan kisses off Declaration of Independence - New international fascist board to intervene in decisions of U.S. companies, like Obama firing the CEO of General Motors but not nationalizing the private "Federal" Reserve Bank, and Obama declaring 60-million acres of National Forest is off-limits to US citizens.

British bobbies beat bloke to death during Obama's G20 scam - Footage taken at last week's protests showed the policeman striking newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson and shoving him to the ground during the protests near the Bank of England. Mr Tomlinson later collapsed and died. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said tonight the officer in question had been suspended from his post. Meanwhile anarchists employed by MI5 staged false-flag attacks inside bankster bailout buildings while British bobbys watch.

Communist Hussein Obama raped and murdered 1,500 black Christians, arsoned 800 churches to overthow his home nation of British Kenya

Obama at Jewish Bohemian Grove KKK 2008

"Yes we can, thank you Satan."
-President Hussein Obama, acceptance speech in Chicago, November 4, 2008

Obama's Black Widow

Pirate News exclusive: Tennessee state rep Frank Nicely sues Obama to show his birth certificate

"Secretary of State Debra Bowen contends that there is no basis for mandamus relief because the Secretary of State has no 'ministerial duty' to demand detailed proof of citizenship from presidential candidates. If Mr Obama is not constitutionally eligible to serve as President of the United States, then no act that he takes is, arguably, valid, the laws that he signs would not be valid, the protective orders that he signs would be null and void, and every act that he takes would be subject to legal challenge, both in Courts of the United States of America, and in International Courts, and that, therefore, it is important for the voters to know whether he, or any candidate for President in the future, is eligible to serve in that office. Petitioners have not identified any authority requiring the Secretary of State to make an inquiry into or demand detailed proof of citizenship from Presidential candidates. Such a duty is not imposed by of Elections Code section 12172.5 which provides that the secretary of state 'shall see that state election laws are enforced'."
-Judge Michael P. Kenny, Keyes v Obama, US District Court, Central District of California, SACV09-00082DOC, ; World Net Daily, Keyes to appeal case on Obama's eligibility, lawyer says dismissal "eviscerates' Constitution's rules for president, March 26, 2009,

Is Obama a jew? Arabs are Semites, whether Jew, Christian or Muslim.

Wahabi "Muslims" are stealth Jews, hated by other Muslims. Wahabi includes Saudi royals, Kurds in Iraq, and Osama Bin Laden whose mother is jewish. Is Barack's alleged daddy a Wahabi jew in Kenya?

Obama bowed extra low while prostrating himself to the Muslim king of Saudi Arabia. At least he didn't hold hands and kiss him on the lips like GW Bush.

Barack saves that for limo rides with Larry Sinclair and book readings with Frank Davis.

Rumor is that Obama's mother is jewish (Khazar AshkeNazi non-Semitic white East European), and she's certainly part of a royal breeding program, related to both Bush and Cheney (both jews).

Being jewish is like being in a secret society -- nobody knows except other members as an inside joke.

Bush Jr's secret grandfather was Satanist Alester Crowley -- The Beast 666. Who's Obama's real daddy, Communist pervert Frank Davis?

Babs Bush and Satan separated at birth?


Abe Bird said...

First study your Muslim friends before you are trying to sell us nonesence about Wahabi Muslims (wahabism is the core of Sunni Islam) or Obama (and Osama) being a Jew.... can't you lie us in more civil and simple maner (-: ?

John Lee, Hollywood winner said...

Saudi royals, Iraqi Kurds and Osama bin Laden are jewish, say Arabs and Palestinians in Israel: