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Truth in Motorcycle Crash Statistics

Photo by Killboy Motorsports Photography shows Failure to Countersteer and failure to wear safety gear for anti-government rubuttal by SportRider magazine

by John Lee
Pirate News TV

Most of the hype against motorcyclists portrays them as "hooligan biker gangs", like Marlon Brando in The Wild Ones, which was based on a staged photo of a real biker sitting next to empty beer bottles.

A newspaper reporter supplied beer bottles to Boozefighter

Control is what stuntbikers are about. Control equals safety for streetriders. Full-body armor are what sportbikers are about. This is the cheapest and most-effective medical insurance.

Yet rider skill and wearing safety gear are considered probable cause for arrest by traffic cops who speed and break every traffic law to make 100-million annual arrests of US citizens for "traffic crimes".

"The median pre-crash speed was 29.8 mph, and the median crash speed was 21.5 mph, and the one-in-a-thousand crash speed is approximately 86 mph. Motorcycle riders in these accidents showed significant collision avoidance problems. Most riders would overbrake and skid the rear wheel, and underbrake the front wheel greatly reducing collision avoidance deceleration. The ability to countersteer and swerve was essentially absent."
-Dr Harry Hurt PhD, USDOT Hurt Report

90% of motorcycle crashes involve ignorance that COUNTERSTEERING is required in emergency situations, according to Dr Harry Hurt and USDOT. Bikes never steer like cars or trikes, and require steering in the opposite direction for every curve. But that is never taught in skools nor reported by the "news" business.

But traffic cops CENSOR the word Countersteering from all motorcycle license tests. Actually, police never write their own license tests. Motorcycle Safety Foundation censors Countersteering from all government license tests in USA, to extort students to pay for private classes. Most MSF instructors are cops at the 1,000 MSF schools in USA, and only teach how to ride in a parking lot.

MSF and Tennessee Highway Patrol censor Countorsteering in Motorcycle Test Book

A new $10-million crash report by USDOT will censor all discussion of how to prevent motorcycle crashes. This way manufacturers, insurance companies, polititicians and police avoid legal liability for causing death and destruction.

That same police state will allow those same bikers to legally fly an aircraft without speed limits, and perform any stunt, and requires pilots to perform spins -- even if it kills students and instructors.

Notice the skewed statistics in the propaganda on Supersports. Do they include off-road fatalities? Probably not. Do they calculate by total miles traveled? No. Rural highways or city intersections? No. Etc. The AMA rebuttal reports that Big Brother wants speed governors on all vehicles, that will also tax you by the mile and mail billion$ of $peeding ticket$.

Most fatalities occur at low speed on short trips, due to lack of wearing full body armor or no helmet.

USDOT admits that speeding only accounts for 1% of motorcycle crashes, and the average crash speed is 21 mph.

Presidential candidate Ralph Nader and USDOT admit that speeding is SIX TIMES SAFER than driving a posted speed limit.

The Tennessee Supreme Court ordered at all speed limits are illegal. Pirate News producer John Lee's cousin Judge Sharon Lee wrote that opinion.

Now police are being replaced by RADAR robocop scameras, that export 95% of speed ticket taxes to foreign military contractors in Australia, Germany and Communist China, and pay $75,000 per year in bribes to each politician who votes for them. Disgruntled police are now shooting those redlight cameras in Knoxville, Tennessee -- with bullets.

Note the stats fail to mention all other causes of death, including other types of accidents, and diseases. Figures lie and liars figure.

All accidents totaled together are only 5% of total deaths. Accidents include 100s of other ways of dying besides motorcycles or automobiles.

For every 1 person who dies in a motorcycle crash, 1,024 die in other ways.

You're TWENTY-SEVEN times more likely to die playing ordinary SPORTS than in a motorcycle crash. 100,000 Dead Athletes Don't Lie every year in USA. Gatoraid KILLS -- Drink fresh-squeezed organic juice instead. Loss of mineral electrolytes results in heart attacks and stokes (sugar and artificial colors are NOT electrolytes).

You're EIGHTEEN times more likely to die from the FLU than in a motorcycle crash. (65,000 annual deaths in USA per year)

You're TEN times more likely to die by suicide than in a motorcycle crash. (Does riding a bike protect you from suicide?)

You're FOUR times more likely to die by FALLING DOWN or by poisoning than in a motorcycle crash.

You're three times more likely to die by LSD overdose than in a motorcycle crash.

You're three times more likely to die by gunfire than in a motorcycle crash.

Your odds of dying in a motorcycle crash are about the same as stangulation by inhalation, or by fire.

For every three motorcycle riders killed, police murder one person during traffic stops, including 1/3rd innocent bystanders, cops kill cops for speeding on sportbikes, plus police death squads kill other persons by shootings, beatings, starvations, and electrocutions (including old ladies tasered to death in wheelchairs). Police State death squads summarily execute over 800 people every year in USA, without trial, without appeal, mainly for routine traffic violations like speeding.

500,000 Americans are killed every year by tobacco taxes. Corporations are allowed to freebase tobacco just like crack, to make it more addictive. A pack-a-day addict will spend $100,000 on cigarettes in his or her short lifetime. Taxes are 3 times higher in National Socialist Europe.

What is the most dangerous thing anyone can do? Go to a doctor. You are 200,000% more likely to be killed by a medical doctor than by a motorcycle. You are literally safer at 160 mph on a sportbike than going to a dentist.

Doctors are the leading cause of death in USA, and doctors kill over 2-million Americans every year.

USA is now ranked 42nd in life expectancy worldwide, not counting 50-million abortions.

The most dangerous part of a motorcycle crash is going to a hospital. Even ambulances now kill people and harvest their organs for resale at $1-million profit each, without permission.

Amputations are now routine for everyday ailments, as World Superbike racer Ben Spies discovered. Spies ampendix was amputated even though he lacked apendicitis. BTW, the appendix is a vital organ.

Not counting Nazi doctors in World War 2, the worst serial killer in world history is "Dr Death" Shipman from Hyde, England, who killed his patients by lethal injection.

Even "Dr Death" Kevorkian is loved, and convicted, for his artistic talent of killing his patients.

Hospices are hospital wards that deny all medical treatment, strap patients to a gurneys as they beg for food and water, then wait for them to die a tortured death, in order to steal their life savings and insurance pensions. If you're lucky, your final exit will be overdose of morphine. Ask Terri Shiavo. Oops, too late.

But it's all an accident?

"A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal."
-Ted Turner, founder of CNN News who was paid $3-billion salary in one day, Endgame DVD


Here's how to save 40,000 lives every year in USA:

  1. WARNING sticker applied on gastank of all new and used bikes sold in USA and worldwide.

  2. Print the censored word COUNTERSTEERING in govt driver license test books. TN censors this word in its test books, thanks to negligence by Motorcycle Safety Foundation, which writes all motorcycle license tests for all 50 states. This is done with malice aforethought in order to extort customers for its 1,000 parking lot schools

  3. Teach Countersteering in kindergarten, drivers ed and jr high physics classes.

  4. Require newspapers like USA today to print the word "Countersteering", and to discuss the Hurt Report that 90% of bike crash victims don't know what it is, that only 1 fatal crash in 1,000 is at high speed, and the average crash speed is 21 mph.

  5. Stop exporting manufacturing jobs from USA and require US car and bike manufacturers to start training engineers at racetracks to learn hiow to compete in the marketplace.

  6. Eliminate speed limits on all rural highways. Speeding is SIX TIMES SAFER than driving a speed limit, according to US Govt, since speed limits are never posted based on the mandatory Traffic Engineering Survey of the 85th-Percentile Speed.

  7. Read the book American Autobahn, as seen at a LEGAL 212 mph on a public highway on History Channel TV.

  8. Require all riders to wear full-face helmets and full body armor, including cops.

  9. Stop naming highways in honor of criminals who kill bikers, especially in Blount County, Tennessee.

  10. Build govt-funded racetracks in every major city, like currently done for useless ball stadiums.

  11. Replace traffic lights with roundabouts (traffic circles) that keep drivers alert, elminate collisions at intersections, and don't cost $100,000 per traffic light system.

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