Sunday, April 19, 2009

NEWSWEEK Erases Israel From World Map

In it’s latest issue, NEWSWEEK labeled the country of Israel as “Palestinian Territory” on a map of the world.


NEWSWEEK also alleged AllCIAduh is run by "globalists"... Yes, ADL jew Adam Gadahn Perlman is a global heavy metal fan, working as its official spokesman. Google it.

I remember Sunday school at church as a kid, with a large map that said PALESTINE.

Since modern Israel had overthrown Palestine and stolen its land, I was confused as to why that map did not show Israel.

I think the church map and newsweek are correct. Unfortunately, both are zionist owned and operated. My Baptist church was run by Masonic Satanists, who are controlled by jewish Zionists like their Masonic pope, Albert Pike.

But Israel is killing itself by not having jewish kids, and not allowing most jews to be citizens. Jews are moving out to escape the endless wars, martial law draft of all boys and girls, and terror bombings. Not to mention slavery and genocide of arab semites. Wheres the fun in that?

Bombing gaza and lebanon with radiactive uranium that literally blows back to Israel is a great way to force jews to leave.

Israel wont matter once the jewish banksters get their world govt, world tax and a world currency. The whole world will be theirs for the raping.

Its all part of The Plan.

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