Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Knoxville mayor Bill Haslam busted for gas fraud

Mayor Haslam's family business Pilot Corp settled a criminal investigation by paying restition to its crime victims. How's that a candidate for governor, to run the city with the highest gasoline prices in USA? Isn't stealing from $1-billion in CAFR pension funds in Knoxville enough for the Haslams, they want the $5-billion CAFR pensions from employees of State of Tennessee?



CONTACT: Sharon Curtis-Flair
April 16, 2009 (615) 741-5860

Settlements Total $121,000; Approximately $73,500 Available for Consumer Restitution
Attorney General Bob Cooper filed settlements today with 16 companies and individuals who own 27 gas stations in Middle and East Tennessee over allegations of price gouging in the wake of Hurricane Ike. Once signed by a judge, the settlements will result in $73,447 in potential restitution for consumers. Collectively, the settlements amount to the largest enforcement sweep under the State’s price gouging statutes in the State’s history. The Attorney General also filed suit against Knoxville-area retailer, Weigel Stores, Inc., for alleged unlawful price increases under the Tennessee Price Gouging Act of 2002 and the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act at seven gas stations.

“In these trying economic times, consumers need their hard-earned dollars to stretch as far as possible. I want to make sure that consumers are treated fairly – especially at the pump,” said Bob Cooper. “Tennessee laws make a distinction between profits and profiteering. Under the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act, it is unlawful to unreasonably raise the price of an essential consumer good in response to a natural disaster, crime, or act of terrorism regardless of whether those events occurred in Tennessee or somewhere else.”

On Sept. 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike made landfall in Texas, prompting several states to declare states of emergency. In the days following the storm, Knoxville and parts of East Tennessee had some of the highest gasoline prices in the country.

Even before Hurricane Ike made landfall, thousands of consumers reported suspected price gouging. Overall, the State registered more than 4,000 calls alleging excessive pricing.

The Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Commerce and Insurance analyzed all of the information received from consumers. The Attorney General’s Office reviewed the complaints, company costs, and pricing data and followed up by demanding additional information from more than 100 stations. After reviewing all of the information, the Attorney General settled with 16 companies and individuals, involving 27 retail stations in Tennessee. All of the settling defendants cooperated with the State’s investigation.

“The assistance of the Department of Commerce and Insurance – especially the Consumer Affairs division – and the Department of Agriculture were instrumental in aiding this investigation and assisting consumers,” Cooper said. “We also appreciate the cooperation of the businesses that elected to settle these claims and reimburse their customers.”

List of Pilot stations paying refunds

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