Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Creepy Robot Spy Cams in Parked Cars

Fascist Little Brother is watching you: One of the police Smart cars

This is why the German Queen of England and their Jewish banksters banned firearms for self defense in the HW for their New World Odor.

Big Brother row as police force starts using Google camera cars to fine wayward drivers

Daily Telegraph

LONDON - Police are taking a leaf out of Google's book with their latest weapon in the war on motorists.

They are using cars with spy cameras on a mast. Drivers talking on their mobile phones, eating, applying make-up or otherwise driving illegally will be pictured.

And as the telescopic cameras can zoom in from some distance, the first inkling that they have been snapped could be when a £60 fine lands on the doorstep.

Police say the new cars – similar to those used by Google to map town and city streets – will help reduce road deaths. But motorists say the Big Brother vehicles will merely be another cash cow for the Government and a further 'tax' on hard-pressed motorists.

The Treasury already rakes in more than £105million in fines each year from speed cameras and driving-offence fixed penalties.

Two Smart cars are pioneering the scheme in Greater Manchester, where distracted motorists are said to have caused more than 400 accidents in the past two years, killing or seriously injuring 25 victims.

Drivers who are caught using their mobiles will be sent a £60 fine and will have three penalty points on their licence.

Those caught on camera without a seatbelt or driving erratically while eating will be fined £30.

Anyone who refuses to accept a fine – which will go into Treasury coffers – could be hauled before the courts.

Karen Delaney from DriveSafe, the road safety group (Gatso corporate fascist lobbyists) behind the latest scheme, said: 'Many vehicles are now better equipped than offices or homes, with the latest technology in satellite navigation, telecommunications and state-of-the-art music systems all to hand.

Nigel Humphries, from the Association of British Drivers, said: 'This is a total infringement. They might as well put something in cars to test what drivers are thinking – to see if they are concentrating on the road or thinking about something else.


What a pity these cameras cannot be used to catch burglars or muggers, you know the sort of crimes that REALLY effect people and their lives. But then there is no money to be made out of that is there?

I guess the local police commissioner will definately be able to hit his crime detection targets using this method of policing, unfortunately for the public dangerous criminals continue to walk the streets as the police are too busy fiddling with cameras and PC's back in the office!

Fascist Big Brother is robbing YOU

I can't wait to see one of THOSE set on fire...

How to Kill Robocops

More Comments:

I know you're just posting the pix from the daily mail, but the first pic looks suspicously like a Smart carparked coincidentally in front of a parking-lot security camera!

Yes, I suspect the unpaid Daily Telegraph interns got pranked by a police press release. Either way, that's one creepy scamera. Looks telescopic...

And the second looks coincidentally like the Google street view car. Now, isn't Google an American company? (It's not in Britain either, we don't have green number plates). And it's Opel branded, Astra's are Vauxhall branded in the UK.

Google Maps car is slightly less unsightly

Google Maps car in War of the Web Worlds

Google is CIA, a wholly owned subsidiary of MI6. And Skynet.

"Why not improve the brain? Perhaps in the future, we can attach a little version of Google that you plug into your brain. We'll have to develop stylish versions, but then you'll have all the world's knowledge immediately available, which is pretty exciting."
-Brin, David Vise and Mark Malseed, The Google Story, page 292

"We are not scanning all those books to be read by people. We are scanning them to be read by an A.I."
-George Dyson, conversation with his hosts at Google

"It is extremely easy to beat this type of ticket in court. Your easiest defense is to simply throw the ticket away. If it does not come with a return receipt that requires a signature, there is no proof that you actually got the ticket and they cannot prosecute you on that. What the legal system wants you to do is just send in the fine and not ask any questions. This can be a big money maker for some communities. One other form of defense to utilize on your behalf is the fact that when you are accused in court you must be faced by your accuser. Obviously the computer cannot appear in court as a defense method for the prosecution. Also, you do not have to identify yourself as the driver of the vehicle because it would violate your sixth amendment rights against self incrimination."
-Norman G. Fernandez, attorney at law, How to Beat a Speeding Ticket - Photo RADAR, and Jes Beard, attorney at law in Chattanooga, Tennessee

The typical legal tactic in UK to beat robot tickets by mail is a counter letter to the court. Anybody know what it says?

I smell a disinfo campaign by the media mafia.

If they show real photos of the spy cars, it will cut profits for police and their fascist contractors. Seems Gatsos and redlight scameras aren't making enuff profit, so all traffic crimes will be by remote control.

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