Saturday, April 11, 2009

Adrenaline Crew at King of the South

Adrenaline Crew's Streetbike Tommy almost died at Travis Pastrana’s house on MTV with Johnny Knoxville, winner of 35 Guiness World Records and 5 ruptured urethras

NSFW trailers are for mature audiences only. As seen on MTV's NitroCircus, Inside Edition and Discovery Channel, plus Playgirl and Washington Post, on sale in Best Buy.

View Hi-Res uncensored trailers at:

Adrenaline Crew 4.1
Adrenaline Crew 4.2
Adrenaline Crew 4.3
Adrenaline Crew 4.4
Adrenaline Crew 4.5
Adrenaline Crew 4.6
Adrenaline Crew 4.7

Low-Res Youtube:

Adrenaline Crew 4.3
Adrenaline Crew 4.4
Adrenaline Crew 4.5
Adrenaline Crew 4.6
Adrenaline Crew 4.7

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Adrenaline Crew 100 Percent Illegal

Gia from Adrenaline Crew on VH1 Rock of Love

King of the South 2009

Crotchrocket attacks crotch at KOTS 2009

See you at King of the South motorcycle stunt show in 2009, near Knoxville, Tennessee.

UPDATE KOTS 2009 Results

KOTS 2009 Photos

Stoppie practice

Mike Jones of Adrenaline Crew judging KOTS

Last Man Standing wheelie contest was a tie by crash after 8 minutes
Stunters Edge Myspace
Stunts 101 TV Myspace
Brittany Morrow Myspace

John Lee of Pirate News testing prototype cameragun and running out of 6-hours of videotape at KOTS 2009. Donate today to buy more videotape!


by John Lee, executive producer
Pirate News TV
webmaster for as seen at a LEGAL 212 mph on a public highway, thanks to History Channel

Download KOTS 2008 Full Screen DVD

As broadcast worldwide by Pirate News TV from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Download KOTS 2008 clips:

Download KOTS 2008.1
Download KOTS 2008.2

KOTS The Early Years

KOTS Crashes

Fair use for non-commercial news commentary per 17 US Code 107.

The Case of the Censored Videos - Adrenaline Crew and millions of other videos banned by Youtube, Google Video, and motorcycle forums around the world

Truth in Motorcycle Crash Statistics

How to beat reckless driving tickets in a parking lot

How to get paid to win in traffic court, with or without a blowjob

Constitutional Right to Travel without a Driver License Contract

Battle of Athens Tennessee 1946 - 1,000 citizens make citizen's arrest and open fire on 300 crooked cops for bogus speeding tickets - As seen at a LEGAL 212 mph on a public highway on History Channel, webmaster is John Lee of Pirate News

Government admits driving 212 mph is statistically safer than 55 mph

Pirate News executive producer John Lee

Johnny Knoxville flips a bike in Nitro Circus

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