Friday, March 20, 2009

Pirate News BANNED by WATE TV Forum

Pirate News BANNED by WATE Forum for posted TRUE radio broadcast by Blount County Sheriff Office in Tennessee, with post censored and deleted by WATE

UPDATE: Reporters Committee on Freedom of the Press reports on the ban of Pirate News


TRUE news articles in mainline corporate media are officially termed "lies" by WATE TV, without any fact-checking whatsoever.

Here's the 2 topics posted on WATE TV Forum, which got Pirate News banned.

British journalist faces life in prison for DVD

Walmart gang initiation mass murders

First Amendment clothing by Pirate News

Gene Patterson, WATE TV head anchorman and former "deputy mayor" for Victor "Victoria" Ashe, co-hosts a cable-access TV show with Judge Bill Swann, that got Pirate News TV banned during the Republican primary in 2006. Pirate News producer John Lee's brother David Lee was running against Swann in that GOP primary, so Swann and Patterson got Pirate News banned, until the primary election was over. Knoxville News Sentinel also banned and censored a 10-page political advert by David Lee, in order to subvert a democratic election in a constitutional republic.

Pirate News TV was illegally banned by CTV again in February 2009, for broadcasting "Obama Coronation", the week of Hussein Obama's alleged inaugeration.

Pirate News banned by Knox Sentinel Blog Police

Pirate News banned by Police Narcs on Biker Forums


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