Sunday, March 22, 2009

Killer Spider in Aisle 5

Brazilian wandering spider

ATTENTION SHOPPERS: University destroys "venonmous deadly spider" without photos, then claims it's safe...

I found an identical spider under the tarp on my motorcycle. It was at least twice as big as any other spider I'd ever seen, with bright stripes on the legs like I'd never seen. Like an idiot I captured it in a large mason jar and let it go outside the garage, without taking a photo or trying to ID it at the university. It's probably bred 1,000s more by now.

Brazilian wandering spider

"I read a little factoid once that said in a persons lifetime they will swallow an average of 2 spiders in their sleep from sleeping with your mouth open."

Alien Camel Spiders in Iraq

The Real Iraq War

itty bitty spider bite

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