Friday, March 27, 2009

Capricorn One Moonscam, er, Marscam

8pm EST tonight on Turner Classic Movies Channel.

"Oh, the marvels of American science. Here we are millions of miles from earth, and we can still send out for pizza."

Capricorn One trailer

Best chase scene in Hollywood history.

Two Mr Barbara Streisands.

Hal Holbrook's best monolog.

Karen Black.

OJ didn't do it
OJ didn't do it

"I grew up with parents who believed if it was in newspapers, it was true. I was part of the generation that believed if it was on television, it was true. I remember while working at CBS one day, looking at the monitor and thinking, 'Wait a minute! Everybody is looking at the simulation. Suppose you did a really good simulation?' The NASA moon program was a story with only one camera. Normally, all big stories have tons and tons of cameras for thorough coverage. Not so with the moon shots. It all had to be done from the studio. That raised questions in my mind about how the story could be presented. The whole Watergate backlash kicked in. I once said that I owe my career to H.R. Haldemann."
-Director Peter Hyams, The Making of Capricorn One

Capricorn One music video

Capricorn Two is reportedly in pre-production

Apollo Mission Simulation Project

"All we really proved was how easy it is to fake a Moon landing on Earth."

Apollo moon tapes found at McDonalds

We Never Went to the Moon by UFOetry and Pirate News

Pirate News and UFOetry win in Hollywood with We Never Went to the Moon

Josh Poet of UFOetry and Pirate News TV with Col Buzz Aldrin of Apollo 11 at Hollywood event

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