Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pirate News finds 5-million email hidden by Bush White House?

Spooky undercover video by Pirate News teamed with

UPDATE: 22 million missing Bush White House e-mails found - National Security Archive Litigation, 14 December 2009

White House-RNC Email Backed Up in Chattanooga? -- Evidence of Bush-Rove Crimes Hidden Away in Southern Town? By Glynn Wilson at, video by Pirate News.


Congress and US Dept of Justice refuse to subpoena those computer files. Federal judges block private lawsuit to release email about stolen elections in 2004. Even Obama administration lawyers are aiding and abeting Bush crimes by blocking release of these email. What have they got to hide?

Short version: 5-million email from Bush White House in Chattanooga

Long version: in Chattanooga

CNN: Bush White House admits millions of e-mails may be missing

CREW Litigation: White House lost Over FIVE MILLION e-mails in two year period

Obama's DOJ Quietly Sought Dismissal of Missing E-Mail Lawsuit versus Bush

Mother Jones: Full Coverage of the Missing White House Emails Story

Tennessee Smartech and Mike Connell gets Ohio election contract in middle of election night

Mike Connell assassination by plane crash? Connell crashed after his grand jury testimony regarding the hacked election in Ohio by Airnet in Chattanooga Tennessee.

Mike Connell Dead

Connell Donatelli Inc


Video by John Lee at Pirate News TV with interviews by Glynn Wilson at

Is this related to CTV's sudden ban of Pirate News?

UPDATE: Reporters Committee on Freedom of the Press reports on the ban of Pirate News

Click for Big Picture

Smartech is the Official Hosting Provider for the 2008 Republican National Convention

Keeping hosting technology at the forefront the 2008 Republican National Convention today announced that Smartech will serve as the Republican National Convention's Official Webpage Hosting Provider.

As Official Webpage Hosting Provider, Smartech. will ensure the site is always up and available. Smartech's infrastructure gives companies that host with them the most security and redundancy, ensuring that their website is always up and running.

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SMARTMailer Broadcast E-Mail

Another Airnet success story is SMARTMailer, our high performance broadcast e-mailer. SMARTMailer allows our customers to efficiently and effectively communicate in seconds with their clients and customers utilizing e-mail. At a fraction of the cost of traditional communications, SMARTMailer can send millions of e-mails per hour. No spam or blacklisting - period.

SMARTMailer was originally developed to assist the political arena in keeping critical issue-oriented information fresh in the minds of targeted voters and party members.

Don't those server cabinets look empty?

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Our Data and Disaster Recovery center permits concern-free services by maintaining two rigorously attended Separate Secure, Identification Authorization Serial Entrances and extremely stringent, limited authorized physical access. The Facility boasts 24 x 7 operational monitoring with constant surveillance. In addition, Environmental Monitoring and Control procedures and practices are the employed protocol. Each ”U,” rack is configured with its own UPS as well as being located in a facility with two distinct city power grids. The facility is also served by a natural gas generator in case of electrical failure.

Redundancy is a vital element addressed by multiple, separate electrical power services’ introduction into the building and secure facility. It includes an Electric Power Board transfer switch which swings the load to redundant power delivery feeds. Connectivity redundancy, similarly crucial, is employed by carefully managing several alternative fiber circuit carriers diversely entering the building.

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