Friday, February 20, 2009

Pirate News applies for job on CTV Board

TO: Knox County Commission
400 Main Street
Knoxville, TN

CC: each member of Knoxville City Council

RE: Appointment to Community Television Board

18 February 2009

To whom it may concern,

I am submitting my name for appointment to the Community Television Board of Knox County.

Recent changes to the Tennessee Code forbid members of Knox County Commission from appointing themselves to boards, such as CTV Board. For example, Knox County commissioner Mark Harmon is appointed to CTV Board and produces his own CTV show. Mr. Harmon is forced to resign as a result of this new law. Other members of CTV Board may also be forced to resign.

The law director for Knox County wrote a memorandum of law advising commissioners to resign from boards they appointed themselves to, referencing Tennessee Attorney General Opinion No. 08-144 and TN Code 5-5-111, effective May 8, 2008.


I am currently a producer of a CTV show in Knoxville, Pirate News, which has won two awards in Hollywood, California – Best Music Video at Los Angeles Music Awards, and Best Filmed Music at L.A. Indies. Pirate News is regularly featured on History Channel, and was featured on Asahi TV in Japan, for helping to break the story that Lt. Col Rick Gibney of the North Dakota Air National Guard shot down United Airlines Flight 93 on 9.11.2001, saving the federal government in Washington DC from decapitation, as rewarded in the Congressional Record and by the governor of North Dakota. Pirate News traveled to Los Angeles to cover all 24 hours of the press conference from American Scholars Symposium: 9.11 and the NeoCon Agenda. Pirate News often covers local news events, courtroom trials, concerts and local sports, and was featured in Knoxville Voice newspaper.

My previous jobs were in automotive sales, professional motorsports in Knoxville and televised in Europe, journalism with articles published in USA and Europe, legal investigation for a local law firm, and government employment with the State of Tennessee and U.S. Air Force. In USAF, my job was controlled demolition of U.S. military bases using nuclear bombs, and targeting nukes at Western Europe via supersonic bombers, which resulted in a $300-million payment of warcrimes reparations to Libya in 2008. I currently am writing and publishing two books on governmental operations, in addition to producing documentaries for television.


I have several years of college training in engineering, was vice president of my freshman class at Hiwassee College, and won the Tennesseed Technology in Business award for Best Collegiate Website for Pellissippi State, with a $10,000 prize.

Personal Life

I was born in Knoxville in 1962. I have been married for 25 years. While in the USAF, my wife was previously offered a Pentagon job by Secretary of Defense Richard “Dick” Cheney, for our Congressional complaints that identified over $1-billion/year in Fraud, Waste and Abuse of taxpayer funds. My wife retired from USAF with V.A. Disability for medical malpractice that prevents her from having children, and joined the Tennessee Army National Guard.

Other Experience

In 2001 I filed a class action lawsuit against City of Knoxville Municipal Corporation, its employees and its wrecker contractors, and filed felony charges, for theft of my motor vehicles. This resulted in over 100 contractors fired for theft, extortion and fraud, including the city court administrator fired for keeping an illegal secret docket of 125,000 annual cases. Subsequent audit found that five wrecker contractors defrauded customers 100% of the time, and those companies were banned for five years. The theft of my two cars prevented me from attending college. I never got my cars back, but I did refile felony charges with the Knox County grand jury in February 2009.

I am currently disabled for the past 12 years, though that would not deter me from attending CTV Board meetings or business.

Thank you for your consideration,

John Lee, executive producer
Pirate News TV
Knoxville TN 37920

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