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Gov employee pays self $180,000 overtime

But no arrest, of course.

Knox trustee asks TBI to scrutinize alleged unauthorized pay

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE - Employees of the Knox County trustee's office were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses, travel, overtime and compensatory time payments in the past two years, including one who got $182,000 beyond his base salary, prompting an investigation into the office's payroll system by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Records obtained by the News Sentinel this week show Haun was paid $195,440.58 last year and $122,888.62 in 2007, far more than his regular base pay of about $68,000 a year. His extra compensation was categorized primarily as compensatory time.

That's a 50-hours OVERTIME every week... Does that sound right to you?

This sounds like another example of Knox County employees paying their paychecks to supervisors as condition of employment. Bribery ensures silence.

One Knox County employee paid 25% of every paycheck to his boss for 25 years. The more "overtime" paid to employees, the richer boss hog gets.

Knox Co sheriff deputies say they must pay a $15,000 bribe to their immediate supervisor to get promoted to SGT, and a $25,000 bribe for promotion to LT.

Michael Martin, Knoxville city court administrator, was not fired for extorting "bonus" paychecks from subordinates, and the law dept only made him pay it back after clerks complained.

But if YOU forget to pay Blockbuster $5, use a public restroom, or videotape at a public swimming pool where you pay rent, you get a SWAT raid.

The criminals are in charge. That's why its called Gangsta Government. That's why USA won't survive this civil war.

"You WILL pay any tax increase I tell you to pay! You CAN afford it!"
—Knoxville's Skull & Bones mayor Victor Ashe ("Republican"), member of Yale's homosexual NAZI Skull & Bones, member of homosexual Satanic Bohemian Club at Bohemian Grove presidential retreat that performs annual "simulated" child sacrifice, president National Conference of Mayors, delegate to Republican National Convention, at city council meeting in October 2000, responding to complaints from business representatives of their $500,000 tax increase from involuntary annexation with no improvement in services, and that they would rather leave Knoxville, Tennessee and the USA than tolerate taxing and spending, director of bankrupt Fannie Mae mortgage corporation, director of Sir George Bush Sr. Knight of the British Empire's "Billion-Dollar Trust Fund" for using US taxdollars to purchase US real estate to donate to United Nations Corporation's UNESCO Biosphere Reserve landgrab, current CIA US Ambassador to Poland

"The night it all came down I could not stop shivering. It changed the way I viewed a lot of things. For the first time, sitting on Council [with mayor Ashe], I really felt I was in the presence of evil. I had disagreed with people on many occasions and felt strongly about many things, but I never ever had felt something I could describe as the presence of evil. Until that night. There was just darkness. Hopelessness. But never, until Danny's death and the appointment of someone other than his wife, and knowing the orchestration that took place to make it happen, did I realize that I could never again go back to that body without carrying with me my belief that they were capable of the worst possible actions."
—City Councilmember Carlene Malone, MS (psychology), regarding "voter impeachment" (recall) in 2001 of then-mayor Victor Ashe (now ambassador to Poland, promoted by and romantically linked to his college roommate and fellow cheerleader George Bush Jr. in homosexual Skull & Bones Senior Secret Society at all-male Yale University), and her last week in office, Metro Pulse, "Malone Alone", December 13, 2001

"It looks like a damn Habitrail with Rocky Top playing in the background. The people who designed it must be frigging brain dead - turning downtown into a theme park mall for Stepford Childs. Call in Disney and hoist the Mouse's Ears. The taxpayers will be paying for this fiasco for generations to come. It will never recover. Knoxville must be the most corrupt city on earth. People worry about the national government, but it's the local government people need to fear. Thanks to the debt from the mayor's downtown renovation schemes, this town will be bankrupt for generations to come. It will never recover."
—City Councilmember Carlene Malone to John Lee, discussing Skull & Bones mayor Victor Ashe's Billion-dollar welfare for Scripps-Howard's Universe Knoxville and arson of her 2 cars during Wrecker Commission hearings against Knoxville's Mafia-connected towing and garbage cartels, and before suing Mayor Ashe and his Wrecker-Inspected Beer Board

See also:

Cops and firemen get $200,000 overtime, city forced to file bankruptcy, despite billions of taxdollars in slush fund.

Firefighters top city salaries

Union City releases employee earnings for 2006

By Matthew Artz, STAFF WRITER

UNION CITY — Every full-time Union City firefighter earned more than $100,000 last year and the Fire Department accounted for nearly half of all city employees earning six figures, according to city data.

Citywide, former police Chief Randy Ulibarri made the most money in 2006 with $220,256, followed by City Manager Larry Cheeves with $212,730. Rounding out the top five were Battalion Chief Ronald Oatis, $196,040; Battalion Chief Michael Brown, $191,721; and police Capt. Greg Stewart, $189,747.

The Argus requested Union City's salary figures for calendar year 2006 last month after the California Supreme Court ruled that governments must reveal what they pay employees.

Of about 305 full-time city employees, 98 earned more than $100,000 last year, said Rich Digre, who oversees the city's budget. The Fire Department accounted for 42 six-figure earners, compared with 35 for the Police Department.

Eight of Union City's top 10 earners last year were public safety employees.

The Fire Department, which is authorized to have 49 firefighters, amassed more than $1.3 million in overtime. That was nearly double the overtime expense of the police department, whose roughly 80 sworn officers tallied $775,438.

Firefighters accounted for 28 of the city's top 30 overtime earners. Topping the list were Oatis with $64,806 in overtime and fire Capt. John Havenhill with $58,603.

Michael Mahaney tallied the mostovertime among police officers. His total of $32,778 placed him 23rd among city employees.
Fire Department overtime was higher than usual last year, Digre said, because there were five vacancies, forcing additional overtime to staff stations and train recruits.

For the fiscal year that ended in June, the department went $200,000 over its $9.5 million budget, Digre said.

The firefighters union is still negotiating for a contract after its last deal expired July 1. It's the only city union without a contract.

When Union City approved restoring its Fire Department in 1999, then-City Manager Mark Lewis estimated the department would cost only $5.2 million that fiscal year.

"I think that was an under-projection," Cheeves said. Overall, he said, city salaries are roughly in the middle of the pack when compared to a benchmark list of eight Bay Area cities.

"We're certainly not on the top of very many lists," he said.

Compared to Fremont, which has roughly triple its population, Union City spent less per resident on public employee salaries. According to salary reports from both cities, Union City spent $25.9 million compared to Fremont's $86.9 million.

Across the board, Union City's top brass made about $20,000 less than their Fremont counterparts, without taking into account the rates both cities pay to fund their retirement packages.

The Police Department, which is about a third the size of Fremont's, spent about $9.5 million on salaries, compared with $27.7 million in Fremont.

The Fire Department spent a little less than $6 million on salaries, compared with $17.3 million in Fremont.

For sworn Union City police officers who made at least $70,000 in base salary last year, the average salary was $105,250 and the average overtime earnings was $8,204. Their counterparts in Fremont averaged $124,226 in total salary and $12,760 in overtime.

For Union City firefighters who made at least $70,000 in base salary last year, the average salary was $138,550 and the average overtime earning was $31,120. In Fremont, average pay for firefighters was $137,404, and average overtime pay was $29,242.

With the vacant Union City Fire Department positions now filled, Cheeves said he expected firefighters to log less overtime this year.

Two of the more surprising names among Union City's top earners were Public Works Superintendents Phil Sachs and Mike Klinkner. Sachs received $184,227, of which more than $73,000 was in deferred compensation, and Klinkner received $162,144, of which $74,000 was in deferred compensation.

Both men retired at the end of 2006, and were due accrued vacation time and other accruals, which in Sachs' case amounted to about 1,500 hours, Digre said.

Former police Chief Ulibarri's 2006 earnings also were inflated by cashing out accrued time coinciding with his retirement last December.

Unused vacation days do not contribute to their pension benefits, Digre said. To prevent similar retirement cash-outs, the city this year capped employee vacation accruals.

Staff writer Matthew Artz covers Fremont for The Argus. He can be reached at 510-353-7002 or

City of Vallejo California Bankruptcy Information

On May 23, 2008, the City filed a case seeking bankruptcy protection and the adjustment of its debts under chapter 9 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. The case was filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of California, Sacramento Division (the "Bankruptcy Court") and was assigned case number 2008-26813. On May 23, 2008, the Honorable Michael McManus, Chief United States Bankruptcy Judge was designated by the Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to preside over the case. The City intends to continue normal business operations throughout the bankruptcy process.

Information about the Bankruptcy Court is available by accessing the Bankruptcy Court's website at You may retrieve copies of documents filed in the chapter 9 case by accessing the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER); a subscription is required. To obtain a login/password, submit a registration from the PACER home page at You will not be able to obtain copies of documents by calling the Bankruptcy Court directly. Additional information regarding the bankruptcy case can also be found on the following links or by sending an email to County now holds the world record.

Statement by Vallejo Unions on their Appeal of the Bankruptcy Ruling

Vallejo Firefighters Local 1186, Vallejo Police Officers’ Association and the Vallejo IBEW Local 2376 have decided to appeal the bankruptcy ruling to help protect the public safety and essential services of our community.

We have consistently maintained that the City of Vallejo must look at raising necessary revenues from a host of sources, not just additional cuts from the paychecks of city employees. This appeal will hopefully grant the City Council of Vallejo the time it needs to develop a truly comprehensive plan that restores the budget while stopping the exodus of city staff who protect Vallejo’s neighborhoods.

Allowing the City of Vallejo to declare bankruptcy so that they can slash the salaries of public safety and key city services will only make our community less safe by driving out the best employees. Vallejo is already dangerously understaffed. We have fifty percent fewer police officers and twenty percent fewer fire fighters than we actually need according to industry standards. As public servants, we owe it to the people of Vallejo to ensure to take every step we can to ensure their safety.


Anonymous said...

Is there a quota system for New Mexico's state police?

NYPD Officer claims pressure to make arrests

Police State quotas

Cops get $200,000 salary, city goes bankrupt

"I'm not going to keep arresting innocent people, I'm not going to keep searching people for no reason, I'm not going to keep writing people for no reason, I'm tired of this. Our primary job is not to help anybody, our primary job is not to assist anybody, our primary job is to get those numbers and come back with them. They have to meet a quota. One arrest and twenty summonses."
-Officer Adil Polanco NYPD

"Things are not going to get any better. It's going to get a lot worse. If you think 1 and 20 is breaking your balls, guess what you're going to be doing. You're gong to be doing a lot more, a lot more than what they're saying! Next week, 25 &1, 35 & 1, and until you decide to quit this job to go to work at a Pizza Hut, this is what you're going to be doing till then. Do you understand?!"
-41st Precinct Patrol Supervisor NYPD

"It is illegal for law enforcement agencies to issue quotas for citations or arrests of individuals.... The Fraternal Order of Police strongly disagrees with this illegal action and respectfully requests you rescind this action of supervisors at the Knoxville Police Department.... If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's still a duck. It's a quota."
--Edward Daniel, attorney at law

"Cops have a[n illegal] quota system."
--Sgt. James Eagan, New York State Police (Retired), from his book, A Speeder's Guide to Avoiding Tickets

"I was put under pressure. It was like a race. How many more people can we get today?"
--arrested Knoxville, Tennessee, police officer describing the government's illegal quota

Leaked KPD emails for illegal quotas

Anonymous said...

Czars to Serfs: Pay Up and Shut Up

The Thin Blue Whine