Monday, February 23, 2009

Glen Beck Predicts Doomsday Revolution

Does alcoholism, opiate addiction and $80-million salary cause ESP, or fear of Eat The Rich?

220,000 stores to close in 2009

Then all hell will break loose... in dead malls.


"We are on the verge of 1860."
-Glenn Beck, Fox & Friends

What we are possibly looking at is something far worse than the Depression," Beck began. "We are in much greater debt as individuals. We don't know how to grow our own food."

"We're also looking at civil unrest all around the world," he continued. "You need to prepare. This is something that could be ... really dangerous. ... My hands, now, for the first time in my life, are shaking. ... We're running out of exit ramps here."

Beck's greatest fear -- which he suggests is shared by his friends in the military and the FBI -- is clearly not the prospect of widespread poverty, hunger, or homelessness. Rather, it appears to be thenotion that worldwide civil unrest could precipitate a civil war between what he calls the "bubbas" and the United States government.

Laying out a convoluted scenario, Beck suggested that the military is preparing for a situation where "something happens down on the border. You've got the rancher who is protecting his land, people are starting to come over ... there's a shot fired, it ignites things. ATF, FBI come in and arrest that rancher. How many people are going to say, 'Wait a minute. ... You people knew this was going on and you did nothing to protect us.'"

At that point, Gretchen Carlson slid down and hid under the coffee table, saying, "Tell me when the world's okay to come back out."

"Yeah, get under the desk, that's where you belong."
-The Animal Farm,

Build your AR15 "and take Obama to the range", whatever that means.

11yo Girl Sets New Record for Field Stripping AR15

Bare naked girl shoots AR15

Yes the AK is superior firepower.

I suspect M16 22-cal was designed to help USA lose the Vietnam and Iraqi Wars. Can't penetrate forests or vehicles at long range.

Beware SWAT now getting 50-cal BMG semiauto Barretts.

Glambo at

US shopowners defend their right to self defense in LA Riots

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