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Commie Chinese RADAR robocops attack Knoxville TN

Commie Chinese RADAR toll roads replace cops in Knoxville TN

BULLSHIT ALERT: Note how WBIR, WATe and KNS always censor the fact that scameras export 90% of ticket revenue to foreign nations, like Australia, England and Communist China. The British Empire bombed USA in the Revolutionary War, and burned Washington DC and the White House in the War of 1812. Britain is now named by CIA as USA's #1 terrorist threat.

The Media Mafia also censors that so-called "redlight" camera system corporations also sell SPEED detection as integral part of the redlight camera, as Morristown TN discovered.

"Automated photo-speed enforcement reaches state-of-the-art with the Digital TMS fully automated, unattended speed enforcement system and easily portable, officer operated LaserCam II. Both systems use the industry leading, IACP approved ProLaser III as the core speed measuring device, yielding ultimate confidence in precision targeting and accuracy. Unlike photo-radar competitors these laser-based systems provide positive target identification and clear images even in heavy traffic conditions at ranges up to 600 feet."

MYTH: "The city of Knoxville stands to receive a higher percentage of future revenues from fines collected by red-light traffic enforcement cameras, according to the terms of a contract approved this week with Norcross, Ga.-based Lasercraft."
-Knoxville News Sentinel, City's red-light revenues to rise, January 29, 2009

FACT: "Lasercraft is a member of the Public Safety Equipment PSE group of companies. Public Safety Equipment (Intl) Ltd, Registered Office, Yeadon, Leeds, England. Beijing Mag Science & Technology Development Corp, Beijing, China."

$500,000 Knoxville Redflex invoice paid to National Australia Bank

"Redflex Group is based in South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Redflex Holdings Limited was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in January 1997. Redflex Traffic Systems Inc has contracts with more then 130 USA cities, and is the largest provider of digital red light and speed enforcement services in North America."

New red light cameras going up in Knoxville

Stoney Sharp

One camera can catch a driver speeding through a red light. Two cameras seem to accelerate speculation.

Many Knoxvillians have noticed an extra camera being placed behind existing cameras.

"Some people think they're just taking pictures, and some people think there is a speed trap also added in to catch their speed," driver Steve Turner said when asked what he thought the second camera was used for.

A bit of dirt marks where construction took place a week ago, at the intersection of Clinton Highway and Merchants Drive.

The same scene will be duplicated at all 15 red light camera intersections by March. New cameras are being planted behind older ones. The new camera will still only be looking for red light violations.

The new cameras belong to LaserCraft, Inc. LaserCraft was selected as the camera contractor after Redflex missed a deadline for proposals. LaserCraft is paying for the cameras that are being installed.

"Once they (LaserCraft) have an intersection installed, and the cameras are ready to go, Redflex will come out and remove their system. The intersection at that time will go over to LaserCraft," said Knoxville Police Department spokesperson Darrell DeBusk.

Violators will still be ticketed during the switch-over.

The new contract also allows for cameras at 10 additional intersections. KPD is studying its statistics before deciding whether to install any more.

Drivers we talked with say there are too many electronic eyes watching them already.

"You don't know when to speed up or slow down," said driver Candida Turner.

"It's really fast (the light), and you don't have a lot of time to think about what to do," driver Pam Killen added.

KPD told 10 News that the cameras produce results. DeBusk said police saw a big drop in crashes from 2007 to 2008.


"It is extremely easy to beat this type of ticket in court. Your easiest defense is to simply throw the ticket away. If it does not come with a return receipt that requires a signature, there is no proof that you actually got the ticket and they cannot prosecute you on that. What the legal system wants you to do is just send in the fine and not ask any questions. This can be a big money maker for some communities. One other form of defense to utilize on your behalf is the fact that when you are accused in court you must be faced by your accuser. Obviously the computer cannot appear in court as a defense method for the prosecution. Also, you do not have to identify yourself as the driver of the vehicle because it would violate your sixth amendment rights against self incrimination."
-Norman G. Fernandez, attorney at law, and Jes Beard, attorney at law in Chattanooga, Tennessee, How to Beat a Speeding Ticket - Photo RADAR

How to Beat a Speeding Ticket - Free Ebook download by attorney Norman G. Fernandez

THE BATTLE OF KNOXVILLE - Knox County deputy sheriffs shoot redlight scameras in Knoxville Tennessee


Snow delays East Tenn.'s first speed cameras in Morristown

Feb 2, 2009

MORRISTOWN (WATE) -- A plan to put East Tennessee's first speed camera into operation in Morristown on Monday was delayed by snow.

Police Chief Roger Overholt says he thinks the camera, which is a speed and red light camera, will go into operation at the intersection of College Square Mall and Crockett Square later this week.

Plus, the city will soon have four more cameras at these four intersections:

W. Andrew Johnson Highway and Highway 160
W. Andrew Johnson Highway and Morris Boulevard
Morris Boulevard and Cumberland Street
Morris and Haun Drive, near the mall

The police department says those four cameras are expected to be up and running by the end of February.

For the first 30 days, drivers who violate speed limits or run red lights at these intersections will get warning letters.

After that, $104 citations will be issued for anyone who speeds or runs a right light.

Signs warning drivers about the cameras will be placed near the intersections.

Redflex is the company operating the cameras.

CTV webpage RADAR Robocops Rob Knoxville for Commie China

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