Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jews ethnic clense Semites in Gaza Holocaust

Israeli troops and Hamas fighters clash in Gaza City. Will Mossad's Hamas kick Jewish ass, like the CHRISTIAN militia massacred the Israeli military in Lebanon, after the Lebanese military stood down? The Israeli defence minister is Ehud BARAK - no wonder Barack Hussein Obama is playing golf in Hawaii with his chief of staff, ISRAELI soldier Rahmbo Emmauel, while Gaza burns.

Depleted Uranium victims made in Oak Ridge Tennessee - Click for Big Picture

Israel using radiactive "depleted" uranium in Gaza genocide that emit gamma rays, x-rays, beta and alpha particles for 35-billion years. Roman Empire called this "salting the earth" to kill future settlements.

Israel founded Hamas in Gaza, Obama's gay Rahmbo is an Israeli citizen.

Israeli Jews try to assassinate US presidential nominee in Gaza

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