Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hit George Bush with a shoe game, win bronze idol

85-million shoes have successfully hit President Bush in the face

UPDATE: Bush shoe man sentenced to 3 years torture in prison - Bush paid $100-million bribe for murdering 1.5-million Iraqis. That's JustUS.

More shoe games

What's your high score?

Would you hit President Bush with a shoe for $10-million and a harem of hotties?

Note that patriotic Americans routinely throw eggs that hit Bush and Cheney's armored limos during coronations in District of Criminals, as seen in Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911.

Dr. Ben Marble, a young emergency room physician who plays in alternative rock bands and does art on the side, needs our help. Since he was the one who told Dick Cheney to "go # yourself" on Sept. 8, that's the least we can do.

His friend videotaped a little bit longer and then came back to Marble’s house. As they were salvaging a few things from Marble's home, two military police waving M-16's showed up and said they were looking for someone who fit Marble's description who had cursed at Cheney.

Was that doctor arrested under martial law in Iraq? No. Seems he didn't like FEMA destroying his home in New Orleans.

2009 Police Report: Informed Americans Are Domestic Terrorists
Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr and voters, libertarians, people who display bumper stickers, people who own gold, or people who fly a U.S. flag are "terrorists".

Saddam's hometown unveils statue dedicated to man who threw shoe at President Bush

Many Iraqis considered it poetic justice when a journalist tossed his shoes at President George W. Bush last month.

Now the bizarre attack has spawned a real life work of art.

A sofa-sized statue of the shoe was unveiled Thursday in Tikrit, the hometown of the former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Baghdad-based artist Laith al-Amari described the fiberglass-and-copper work as a tribute to the pride of the Iraqi people.

The statue is inscribed with a poem honoring Muntadhar al-Zeidi, the Iraqi journalist who stunned the world when he whipped off his loafers and hurled them at Bush during a press conference on Dec. 14.

In the Arab world, even showing someone the sole of a shoe is considered a sign of disrespect.

Al-Zeidi was charged with assaulting a foreign leader, but his lawyer is asking prosecutors to reduce the charges. The trial has been delayed.

The shoe attack spawned a flood of Web quips, satire and even street rallies across the Arab world, where Bush is widely reviled for starting the war in Iraq and backing Israel against the Palestinians.

A Turkish shoemaking company also claimed its sales skyrocketed after some reports said it made the shoes that al-Zeidi tossed at Bush.

UPDATE: Patriot shoe statute confiscated by democratic martial law

Too bad he's still being tortured to death in prison.

Wikipedia: Muntadhar al-Zaidi

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