Thursday, October 23, 2008

E Howard Hunt JFK confession video

Tricky Dick Nixon's convicted Watergate plumber, CIA sniper E Howard Hunt, a/k/a Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible, confessed on his deathbed to CIA and LBJ shooting JFK Sr. Creepy bastard brags about it. Emergency release today.

World Exclusive: E. Howard Hunt Details JFK-Plot on Video

Pre-release from Alex Jones' video Dark Sunshine, to prevent assassination of Alex Jones and St John Hunt.

"I don't say this to my people. They'd think I'm nuts. I think the CIA killed Dorothy Hunt."
-Convicted Nixon Watergate burgler Chuck Colson, TIME magazine

CIA agent Dorothy Hunt, wife of E Howard Hunt, died in the crash of United Airlines Flight 533 in Chicago while carrying $100,000 hush money from the Nixon White House.

The last confession of E. Howard Hunt: US government/CIA team murdered JFK

JFK Murder Plot "Deathbed Confession" Aired On National Radio

Rolling Stone: The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt

3 tramps under arrest in Dealey Plaza before arrest of Oswald at a movie theater

CIA sniper E Howard Hunt under arrest at Nixon Watergate trial

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Hunt the 5 Khazar non-Semitic jews in this photo

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