Thursday, September 11, 2008

21 US troops suicide in Iraq today

Seems that slaughtering women, children and babies during home invasions causes depression. Who knew?

Iraqi security sources have revealed that 21 US troops had committed suicide inside a former Iraqi air force base 27 days ago, Fars News Agency reported on Monday.

According to the sources, the 21 troops were treated in a hospital but only five soldiers have survived and they are in a critical condition. Security officials said they used potent narcotics to kill themselves.

The troops' motivations for suicide are not known but according to Iraqi sources the servicemen belonged to a unit of the US Airborne Division that was behind the massacre of several Iraqi families-- mostly women and children-- in northern Baghdad, said Ali al-Baghdadi an Iraqi security official.

"The suicides took place in the soldiers' dormitory after the dinner time. "The bodies of the US troops became misshapen such a way that they looked like 5000-year mummies," said a witness.

According to Iraqi officials' estimates, some 600 US troops, including senior officers, have committed suicide in Iraq since the invasion of the country in 2003. Half of the suicide attempts have been successful.§ionid=351020201

Joseph Dwyer before his suicide

1,000 US soldiers attempt suicide every month

Let's send all the politicians and neocons and their brats to live in Iraq.

US Gulf War DEAD 73,846 US soldiers, 1,620,906 disabled

"By God we've kicked Vietnam Syndrome once and for all."
-Sir George Bush Sr Knight of the British Empire in 1991, as the Iraq War continued nonstop for another 18 years and genocided 2.6-million Iraqis

Video: Obama says Songbird McCain's "Surge is working!"

Only 3rd party candidates will end the 18-year Iraq War.

NSFW: Censored Images of the Gulf War

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