Saturday, March 29, 2008

Feds outsource passports to Europe and Taiwan

50-million illegal aliens in USA, IRS paying corporations to export themselves to Communist China, and now this treason. BTW, the punishment for treason is death. But Lou Dobbs still won't admit that only President Ron Paul will save USA from this insanity. Note that city, county, state and fed govt employees are routinely paid "bonus" or "commission" paychecks as reward for stealing from the sheeple, and govt employees must routinely pay 30% of their income in bribes to their supervisors as condition of employment, including these "bonus" checks. Note that the Washington Times is owned by Korean Moonie Reverend Moon, who is reportedly a drug dealer for the CIA.

Outsourced passport work scrutinized

By Bill Gertz
Washington Times
March 26, 2008.

The inspector general of the Government Printing Office today said his office is conducting an "end-to-end" review of the agency's production of electronic passports.

GPO Inspector General J. Anthony Ogden said the review is part of the office's work plan and will look at the outsourcing of some passport components, such as computer chips embedded in travel documents.

The comments follow a report in today's editions of The Washington Times quoting congressional and GPO officials who raised security questions about the use of foreign contractors in the process.

"We do pay close attention to the issue of passport manufacturing. It is a high priority of this office," Mr. Ogden said in an interview.

Mr. Ogden said his office's plan includes the review "to help improve the process of manufacturing passports. That's no secret."

The Washington Times reported that the GPO had contracted with two European companies to produce computer chips with a wire antenna assembled at a plant in Thailand. The company in Thailand, Smartrac, charged in a court filing in Netherlands last year that its technology was stolen by China.

The outsourcing has raised concerns among investigators over the security of passports. GPO and State Department officials have sought to play down security concerns and have said they conduct regular checks of overseas manufacturers.

Mr. Ogden said deficiencies in passport manufacturing detailed in an Oct. 12 report cited by the paper were related to older, non-electronic passports.

GPO profits go to bonuses and trips

By Bill Gertz
Washington Times
March 27, 2008.

Part two of a three-part series on the outsourcing of passports.

When the government's main printing agency booked $100 million in unexpected profit it went on a spending spree: large bonuses to top managers, trips to Paris and Las Vegas, and an official photo of the boss that cost $10,000.

The bonuses, some nearly as high as $13,000, and travel are raising questions among congressional investigators and Government Printing Office officials about whether the agency is misusing its newfound wealth and whether it received the proper authority for some of the larger compensation payments from the Office of Budget and Management.

Additionally, investigators are looking into whether Public Printer Robert C. Tapella paid close to $10,000 for photographs of himself for his office and during his swearing-in ceremony in November.

The spending comes as GPO recorded record profits of about $100 million over the past 16 months by selling blank passports produced by its printing and binding services to the State Department at more than twice the cost. The investigation also has raised security concerns about the use of overseas companies for components and assembly of the computerized electronic passports.

GPO spokesman Gary Somerset said the process for "goal-based performance" bonuses began five years ago and enables employees "to earn bonuses based on performance of the agency as a whole" as well as individual job performance.

The bonuses are part of a 2005 plan by GPO, which is a monopoly printer for the U.S. government, to generate greater revenues under the assumption that a private-sector business model is more efficient, GPO documents show.

Mr. Somerset said all travel was authorized in line with government regulations and funded through GPO's operating budget.

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