Monday, February 18, 2008

Illinois University shooter was a COP

Turns out the shooter was a COP, soldier, took classes in criminal justice, worshipped Satan, and was under mind control of the govt psyop ward.

A former employee at a Chicago psychiatric treatment center said Kazmierczak's parents placed him there after high school. She said he used to cut himself, and had resisted taking his medications.

He had a short-lived stint as a prison guard that ended abruptly when he didn't show up for work. He also was in the Army for about six months in 2001-02, but he told a friend he'd gotten a psychological discharge.

University Police Chief Donald Grady said Friday that Kazmierczak had become erratic in the past two weeks after he stopped taking his medication.Kazmierczak spent more than a year at the Thresholds-Mary Hill House in the late 1990s, former house manager Louise Gbadamashi told The Associated Press. His parents placed him there after high school because he had become unruly, she said.

Kazmierczak had a State Police-issued FOID, or firearms owners identification card, which is required in Illinois to own a gun, authorities said. Such cards are rarely issued to those with recent mental health problems.

NIU President John Peters said Kazmierczak compiled "a very good academic record, no record of trouble" at the 25,000-student campus in DeKalb. He won at least two awards and served as an officer in two student groups dedicated to promoting understanding of the criminal justice system.,2933,330907,00.html

And the ex cop was a Satanist whol liked to cut himself:

The Victim Disarment Zone Massacre was convenient during the US Supreme Court appeal of the Washington DC gun ban.:

Students stop school shooting by using their own guns at Law School

Virginia Tech shooter's sister employed by CIA

Operation Northwoods confession by CIA and Pentagon to perping sniper terrorist attacks in USA

The worst school massacre was perped by a school board member using dynomite, rifle and pistol:

Bath School Massacre

Wendi Deng Murdoch

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piratenewstv said...

Mind-kontrol drugs increase risk of homicide and suicide. Let the lawsuits begin:

"Kazmierczak had been seeing a psychiatrist on a monthly basis, Baty said. She said he was taking an anti-depressant, but he had stopped taking the medication three weeks ago because 'it made him feel like a zombie.'"
-CNN, University shooter's girlfriend: 'I couldn't believe it'