Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Battle of Athens

An American Story by Halmark: The Battle of Athens Tennessee in 1946 DVD

by John Lee, Pirate News TV

America lost the elections on Super Tuesday, defeated by the New World Odor. But winners never quit, and quitters never win.

Recruiting military veterans for Ron Paul with the Battle of Athens TN in 1946: 500 vets with full-auto assault rifles opened fire on 75 deputies, the sheriff, a state rep and election commissioners in the county jail. Much of the hatred of deputies, police and THP was over speeding tickets, to finance the sheriff's personal bank account. The Independent Party soldiers opened fire on the crooked Demorat sheriff and all his deputies, and bombed the jail with dynomite until they surrendered and gave up the stuffed ballot boxes. Arrested cops were jailed in the jail. Automobiles belonging to deputy sheriffs overturned in streets, smashed and burned. Fifteen hundred citizens pour into Athens with firearms to back the new government. Telephone calls from neighboring cities pledge aid if needed in defense of the town. VFW in Blount County said that four hundred and fifty veterans were ready to respond in McMinn County.

The Battle of Athens

by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt

“After any war, the use of force throughout the world is almost taken for granted. Men involved in the war have been trained to use force, and they have discovered that, when you want something, you can take it. The return to peacetime methods governed by law and persuasion is usually difficult.We in the U.S.A., who have long boasted that, in our political life, freedom in the use of the secret ballot made it possible for us to register the will of the people without the use of force, have had a rude awakening as we read of conditions in McMinn County, Tennessee, which brought about the use of force in the recent primary. If a political machine does not allow the people free expression, then freedom-loving people lose their faith in the machinery under which their government functions.In this particular case, a group of young veterans organized to oust the local machine and elect their own slate in the primary. We may deplore the use of force but we must also recognize the lesson which this incident points for us all. When the majority of the people know what they want, they will obtain it.”

“You call yourselves GIs—you go over there and fight for three and four years—you come back and you let a bunch of draft dodgers who stayed here where it was safe, and you were making it safe for them, push you around. … If you people don’t stop this, and now is the time and place, you people wouldn’t make a pimple on a fighting GI’s ass. Get guns… Would you damn bastards bring those damn ballot boxes out here or we are going to set siege against the jail and blow it down! I fired the first shot, then everybody started shooting from our side. A deputy ran for the jail. I shot him.”-Bill White, veteran of the Battle of Athens

Little Rock, Ark., Aug. 9 (UP) — Determined veterans' opposition to entrenched local political machines flared heatedly in several Arkansas counties today, and one GI candidate said the Athens, Tenn., rioting would be "mild in comparison if there are any irregularities" at the polls. At Malvern, William Weaver, veteran and candidate for sheriff in Hot Springs County, charged his opponent, Ed Deere, was "custodian" of the ballot boxes and warned that "what will happen here" would eclipse the Tennessee GI political revolt.

“The government, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.”
-President Abraham Lincoln (Rothschild)

The majority of US soldiers already support Ron Paul for president, since he's the only candidate who wants to immediately end the 18-year Iraq War, and bring all troops home to defend USA from invasion by 50-million illegal aliens.

561,072 Real Americans Who Care: Here comes a brokered GOP convention

Be a precinct leader and get out the Indy vote to defeat President Billary and VP Obama:

A big problem is govt employees who are following illegal orders to vote for established candidates under threat of being fired, which includes a huge voting block of most govt employees and their families. At the primary election yesterday I spoke with a campaign worker who was a 25-year retiree from a Knox County TN govt dept. He said that every payday he was required to pay 1/3rd of his paycheck to his boss, cash only, for 25 years. He was also required to campaign for his boss, and to buy at least 10 tickets to the GOP campaign party. He said this is the standard in Knox County govt. He was disgruntled after being fired by his supervisor who refused to work. Sound familiar?

Do taxpayers enjoy overpaying govt employees by 33%? He also complained that his govt pension plan was mysteriously failing to grow. This is explained by "churning" and looting the govt CAFR pensions, to reduce the net profit. Read a free copy of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (city, county, state, KUB, UT, fed), to catch govt crooks running 2 sets of books. the CAFR is the govt report on profits, the Budget is the report on expenses. Govt crooks use the CAFR as their personal piggy bank, to build Regal movie theaters, Home Depots and Pilot Travelcenters.

Explaining the theft of $70-trillion/year in CAFR govt pensions is one way to win over political lifers.

I also spoke for several hours with a fired Knox County commissioner seeking his first election. He claimed to not know what the CAFR was. He got his ass kicked by the voters. Ha.

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75% of judges are not licensed lawyers - Since judges (prosecutors) in traffic court are not required to have a license to practice law, how can they require citizens to buy a license to travel?

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piratenewstv said...

In 1947, fluoride was added to the water supply in Tennessee, thanks to toxic sludge from the manufacture of nuclear bombs supplied by ALCOA Corp in Alcoa TN in Blount County. Fluoride is the active ingredient in Prozac and rat poison, and added to water supplies in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia, to keep the slaves from trying to escape the death camps. Fluoride lowers IQ 20 points. Coincidence?

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I agree. Killinger is such a pussi. Why is he so afraid of 500 veterans and farmers making citizens arrests and firing machine guns at 300 crooked cops, deputies, THP, the election commission and a state rep, and dynomiting the jailhouse, to rebel against bogus speeding tickets? Oh that's right, he sucks dorks of the Police State death squads every day.

Censoring an entire post, then changing URL links, shows how he wants to change history and control your mind. I suggest a ban on Killinger (rhymes with Dillinger, the career criminal serial killer).